You wanted to know all about ZIP files(Compressed files)

You wanted to know all about ZIP files(Compressed files)

Despite the great popularity of ZIP files (zipped files) and the diverse usage options that such files have, it can still be seen that many people do not know what zip files are and how to open them.In this article we will teach you everything You wanted to know all about ZIP files(Compressed files). We will first explain what a zip file is and what the main uses of such files are, then we will explain to you how to open a ZIP file and we will also explain how to create a ZIP file on a computer.follow these steps on your screenSubscribe to mailing list: E-mail E-mail Add to list

ZIP file

What is a ZIP file? How to create ZIP files How to open a zip file Extract ZIP file using copy paste Extract ZIP files using Extract Guide to ZIP Files

What is a zip file

A zip file is a file that allows you to compress files and folders and insert them into a single file. ZIP files support Windows operating system which means you can open and create ZIP files without the need to download any special software.The name ZIP symbolizes a file compression format that we use to shrink files or to merge different files into a single file.Windows support for files in this format makes the ZIP format one of the most popular formats in the field of file compression, emailing and uploading files to websites.There are also programs that allow the use of ZIP files more easily, there are paid software and you can also use free software.

ZIP files have 2 main uses:

Compression and compression of files

– The first use of ZIP files is to compress / compress files and reduce their weight. ZIP format is basically a format that allows you to reduce the weight of files on your computer. Although this is one of the main goals of this type of file the reduction in file weight is marginal and there are other formats that do a better job in the field of compression.

Organizing files and sending by email

– The second and main use of ZIP files is to organize several files and folders within one file, so if for example you want to email several files and folders and you want to upload the files neatly instead of uploading them one by one you can put all files and folders in ZIP file And send them all using one file.The recipient who receives the file will be able to download it to the computer and extract all the files easily (as we will explain later in the guide). Usually when we send our customers files of various projects such as logo design , website building , etc … we send them in an orderly manner by email using a ZIP file. You can also see across the net that there are many websites that upload games, software and other files in ZIP format.

You wanted to know all about ZIP files(Compressed files)

If you are working on a computer that has the Windows operating system installed, you can compress files and create a ZIP file without the use of dedicated software. If you are working with another operating system then you can test the use of software like Winrar , Winzip and 7Zip .In order to create a zip file in Windows all you have to do is mark the files you want to compress and insert into the ZIP file. Then right-click, select “Sent To” and select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

Create a ZIP file and compress files in Windows

After creating the file you will see another file in the folder and all the files you marked will appear inside the file. Usually the name of the new file will be defined by the name of one of the files with the .zip extension and you can rename the folder to another name. The ZIP file icon will appear in a similar way to the image below.

How to open a zip file?

Opening a zip file is a simple, effortless operation. Let’s start with the fact that although it is possible to open ZIP files using the smartphone with the help of an application, it is still better to open the file on the desktop computer.In order to open the file on your home computer all you have to do is click on the file and you will see the files that appear inside it.

Extract ZIP file using copy paste

One way of extracting files from ZIP is through copy paste. If you want to move the files inside the ZIP file to another folder you can just make a copy paste to the files you want to extract. To copy files from the ZIP file, highlight the files you want to copy, right-click and select “copy”.

Extract files from ZIP file

To paste the files elsewhere, simply go to the folder in which you want to paste the files, right-click inside the folder and select the “paste” option.

Extract files from ZIP file using Extract

The second method that will allow you to extract files from a ZIP is by right-clicking on the ZIP file you want to extract. Then select the “Extract All” option. After clicking on the button, a new window will appear in which you can choose which folder you want to save the files that are inside the ZIP file.After clicking the Extract button all the files from the ZIP file will appear inside the folder you defined.
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