If you use WordPress then pay attention here!

If You use WordPress then pay attention: Boost it like a Pro!

If you use WordPress then pay attention If you use WordPress then pay attention, Nowadays, it is said that about 30% of websites in the world are made with WordPress, which is synonymous with CMS, but companies that use it when creating or renewing corporate websites. Is increasing significantly.

The reason is that anyone can easily update the website without being aware of HTML as if creating a document in Word when updating.

Being able to update the website in-house without asking a vendor makes it possible to provide users with timely information and take advantage of the immediacy of the website.

And the rental server is indispensable when using WordPress. So what kind of rental server should you choose to use WordPress without stress?

What is WordPress?

If you use WordPress then pay attention, WordPress is one of the CMS (Content Management System), and CMS is a system that enables you to create a website without the technical knowledge required to build a website.
In addition to WordPress, there are many types of CMS in the world such as Joomla !, Drupal, and Movable Type, but WordPress boasts an overwhelming share of 60% in the world among CMS.
Also, because it is an open source CMS, it can be used free of charge, and various functions can be easily added by many plugins, which is another reason for its high market share.

Specifications required to use WordPress without stress

If you use WordPress then pay attention, So what are the server requirements for WordPress to work? The latest recommended requirements for WordPress are: (as of January 2019):

  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher, or MariaDB version 10.0 or higher
  • PHP version 7.3 or higher
  • HTTPS support

Currently, many rental servers often meet the above requirements, but just in case, be sure to check the server requirements. Let’s keep it.

Comparison points when choosing a rental server

If you use WordPress then pay attention, Today, there are so many rental servers and many options. So what kind of rental server should you choose when building a corporate site with WordPress?

Server storage capacity

If you use WordPress then pay attention, For rental servers, the storage capacity of the server that can be used is often decided in advance. In the case of corporate websites, the amount of content is often very large, such as explanations using imagesand product catalogs, in addition to text.

In such a case, you may run out of storage capacity on the server, so check the available storage capacity in advance. It is expected that the content of corporate websites will increase daily due to announcements of the start of provision of new products and services and IR information.

Therefore, ideally, the storage capacity is unlimited, but the current situation is that there are very few such rental servers.

Database usage restrictions

If you use WordPress then pay attention, When using WordPress, it is mandatory to use MySQL, but when using it on a corporate site, it is not uncommon to create and operate multiple websites by brand.

Since some rental servers have a limit on the number of databases such as MySQL that can be used, that limit may become a bottleneck when creating and operating multiple sites by dividing the database.

There is also a function to operate multiple sites with one database in WordPress settings, but it is good to check the number of databases used in advance.

Backbone line of rental server

If you use WordPress then pay attention, The backbone is the backbone communication line to which the rental server is connected, but this backbone is very important.
If the backbone is thin, high-speed communication may not be possible, and if the number of accesses temporarily increases on corporate sites, etc., access may not be possible.

Support System

If you use WordPress then pay attention, When using a rental server, it is essential to communicate with the support of the rental server company. Not only when creating a website, but also when you have a problem, you need to contact support.
Many hosting server companies accept email and phone support, but many only support during business hours.

Unfortunately, troubles don’t just happen during business hours, they can even happen late at night. In the case of corporate sites, it is not uncommon for site outages due to server problems to lead to lost opportunities, which directly affect sales.
Therefore, prompt response is required, but we cannot respond if support is only during business hours. Therefore, when it comes to support, it is ideal to be able to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Be careful of such rental servers!

If you use WordPress then pay attention, Many of the recent rental servers are quite cheap, and it seems that some of them can be used for a few hundred yen a month.
However, if you have a cheap rental server, you may not be able to use the database that is essential for WordPress. Before signing a contract, be sure to check whether the database is available.

In addition, rental servers may have an upper limit on the number of accesses within a certain period of time, and cheap rental servers may have a lower upper limit. In that case, the limit will be reached soon and you will not be able to access the website, which may lead to lost opportunities in the case of corporate sites.

What is the best server for corporations?

If you use WordPress then pay attention, What is the most important thing about a corporate site? It is “to operate stably” and “to not stop”.
As mentioned above, the suspension of corporate sites may lead to lost opportunities, and if it is an EC site, sales will decrease only during the suspension time.

In other words, how stable it can be operated is the most important thing for corporate site management.
Also, the sooner you respond to a problem, the better, but in the case of a corporation, it is more important than an individual. In order to avoid lost opportunities due to troubles, it is necessary to properly confirm support when operating a corporate site.
In that sense, it is best to choose a rental server for operating a corporate site that has stable operation and a full support system.


If you use WordPress then pay attention, Once you start using a rental server, you won’t change it very often. Therefore, we would like to pay attention not only to the stable operation of the server, but also to the business continuity of the rental server company.

There are many rental server companies in Japan, but surprisingly not many have been operating continuously for 10 to 20 years. Meanwhile, the CPI of the rental server has been in operation for over 20 years, and it is a very encouraging ally for corporate sites that use WordPress.