What types of sites to choose for website creation?

Websites for website creation

Websites for website creation:

Nowadays, website creation is used create a website, according to your activity and your needs. In fact, you have the choice of the type of website (e-commerce site, showcase, blog, professional site, etc.) that you want to create in relation to the use you are going to make of it. Before starting the creation of your site , it is imperative to think about the type of website you want to set up because in fact, the type of website will also define the shared hosting to which it will be necessary to subscribe for the latter.In this article, you will find the different types of websites that you can create according to your needs.

Website creation for E-commerce site

Website creation for E-commerce site, An E-commerce site is a site where your visitors can purchase your products . For most of us, we already use this kind of site for some of our purchases. Indeed, many big brands and many small businesses have one. An online store includes a basket allowing you to view the products you want to buy, as well as a form for recording credit card information.By subscribing to LWS web hosting , you will be able to create your online store to sell your products. However, the choice of hosting plan will depend on the CMS you want to use for your online store.SiteBuilder Pro : If you have no knowledge of web coding, you can subscribe to a SiteBuilder Pro plan to create your online store . With a basket and different means of payment, these formulas are suitable for small e-commerce sites that do not have many products to sell. Woocommerce, Prestashop: The LWS Ecommerce and cPanel formulas will allow you to quickly create an online store. With a customer area and complete management of your stocks, these two CMS will allow you to create websites with thousands of references. In addition, all accommodation options have an SSL certificate , which you can activate in a few minutes.

Website creation for Professional website

Website creation for Professional website, A professional website is a site presenting your company and services . It  became almost essential to have a website for a business. They define themselves as commercial websites, without necessarily selling products.The purpose of these sites is to encourage visitors to contact them in order to obtain more information. WordPress is the most used CMS for setting up this type of site, because it offers many features that perfectly meet the demands of professionals.With LWS, you have the possibility of hosting such sites on various formulas:WordPress : The LWS Perso formula allows you to easily and quickly create this kind of website. SiteBuilder Pro : You can also subscribe to a SiteBuilder Pro plan which will allow you to create your website without coding knowledge, by simply dragging and dropping elements. Portfolio website Portfolio type websites are sites showing the work you have done. This allows you to show your potential clients the quality of the work you are going to provide them.This type of website is very common, especially for companies working in the construction industry. This type of website can be created on:SiteBuilder Pro : The SiteBuilder Pro formulas are particularly suited to this kind of website as you don’t need any knowledge. In addition, you have the possibility to modify your portfolio quickly WordPress : WordPress is one of the most used CMS for creating a Portfolio type site.

Website creation for Information website

Website creation for Information website, “Media” websites are news and entertainment websites . This type of website earns money primarily from the advertisements appearing on the website.They are mainly television channels, newspapers . However, some may be available only online.You have the possibility to set up this type of website using WordPress on an LWS Starter or Performance formula. Indeed, this type of website, having a lot of visitors, it is preferable to have more efficient web hosting than a blog.

Website creation for Non-profit website

Website creation for Non-profit website Just like professional-type websites, it may be necessary to have a site if you are the head of an association or a non-profit organization. Indeed, such a site is a simple way to offer your visitors to know you and to make donations.Therefore, if you have created or are planning to create an association or a non-profit organization, having a website is a crucial step in reaching as many people as possible. Indeed, you can use your site to promote some of your projects.

Website creation a site, you can use:

Website creation on WordPress : as for the creation of many other websites, WordPress will allow you to quickly set up a website on an LWS Perso or cPanel formula. Having many plugins, including plugins allowing donations, it will be easy for you to deploy such a website. SiteBuilder Pro : The SiteBuilder Pro formulas available on LWS web hosting will allow you by simple drag and drop, to create a website for your non-profit organization, without any knowledge of web coding.

Website creation for Educational Website

Website creation for Educational Website, The websites of educational institutions and those offering online courses fall under the category of educational websites. These sites aim to present their establishment and provide educational material to their visitors.Many of these websites offer subscription models for taking online courses. This type of website can be created with:Moodle : Moodle is one of the most used CMS for setting up online courses. Easy to use, it can be hosted on a LWS Starter type plan or higher. WordPress : WordPress can be an alternative to Moodle. Indeed, among the available modules, you can download an LWS type module, meeting the expectations of an educational site.

Website creation for Personal website

Website creation for Personal website, Many of the websites that exist are personal websites. Indeed, these are personal blogs . Many of you are certainly browsing culinary sites, travel blogs or the like.Unlike building a professional website, designing a personal site is easier.You can therefore use various CMS for the creation of such a site such as:WordPress allows you, once installed on an LWS plan, to quickly create your personal blog. You can decorate the latter with certain modules and your visitors will be able to leave comments there. You can also create an online blog with SiteBuilder Pro (available on all LWS web hosting plans).

Website creation, to conclude

Website creation, Regardless of the type of website you want, the important point to consider is the purpose of the site. Once it’s done, you will easily have an idea of ​​the software as well as the suitable web hosting plan.
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