CPI shared server "SV-Basic" is chosed as a corporation Features unique to CPI | 2020 capacity upgrade!

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 update includes those users who are currently using it, so I hope we can deliver it to those who are a little worried about the capacity so far.Now, what kind of image do you have when you hear about CPI rental servers?Even in the rental server industry, the operation method is clearly different from others. Since it is difficult to tell what will change due to the difference, we have received various inquiries from many people.What makes CPI different from other servers this time? I will solve the question.

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Table Of Contents

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 In fact, we offer “three server configurations” with one shared contract. Why is the content of one contract different from the others? Benefits of dividing into three :
  • Add multi-domain to provide 100GB web and 200GB email space
  • Operation of the server assuming the use of up to 3TB with one contract
  • July 9, 2020 update increases the capacity of the main contract.
Users who have checked the CPI specifications are surprised that the operation method is different from other rental servers . In the first place, it is not well known what kind of effect this operation method has, and in fact, even those who are currently using it have specifications that will surprise you even if you know it later.

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 three server configurations have the following effects

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Effects:

  • CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 has Stable traffic.
  • It has Separation of troubles.
  • CPI shared server SV-Basic | 2021 is Less likely to be adversely affected by other users.

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Why is the content of one contract different from the others?

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 offers the following three server configurations with one contract.
  • Provides web space composition
  • Provides email structure
  • Provides a backup configuration In other words, one contract offers three configurations with separate web, email, and backup .
The main reason for this specification is to separate “web trouble” from “email trouble” and “data loss trouble” .

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Distributed server configuration

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021, Since the shared server uses the same server chassis as other users, for example, if another company spams, the IP of that server will be registered in the DNS blacklist. If this happens, you may not be able to search the websites of all the contractors who are using the chassis together. (We try to automatically detect and block suspicious movements before this happens, but not all server stores can block 100%.)This phenomenon is a risk that not only CPI but all users who use the shared server have. Rather, it is a fact that many people move to a dedicated server because of this.However, CPI thinks that if the IPs of the mail server and the web server are different, at least mail can be kept available, and we are providing separate environments.Naturally, the backup area is also configured separately to distribute the risk of data loss.Benefits of dividing into threeEven with rental servers that have many business plans, in general, if you rent a capacity of 300GB with one contract, the web capacity and mail capacity will be shared within that capacity. Therefore, it is possible that the web server will collapse together due to the mail bomb.In CPI, the web capacity is divided into 300GB and the mail capacity is 200GB in one contract, so even if a problem occurs in either one, the operation of the other will be protected.In addition, due to this “risk diversification” design , CPI shared servers are often used by corporations that demand strong stability, and the corporate usage rate exceeds 90%.As a result, the bonus of “a shared server with few annoying users” is added, so we can provide more stable server operation.Furthermore, in the shared plan SV-Basic of the above CPI, the way of multi-domain is also designed to improve stability and to be strong against instant access by a special configuration that other rental servers do not have.With the addition of multi-domains, we are also offering 100GB of web and 200GB of email. Many people use CPI without worrying too much, but the specifications for multi-domain handling are also different from other rental servers.As mentioned earlier, if you rent a general rental server for 300GB with one contract, for example, if you rent 300GB, you will add web, mail, and multi-domain in the space of 300GB. You make ends meet in that space.What makes CPI different is that if you add a multi-domain, we also offer 100GB of web capacity and 200GB of mail capacity.

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Multi-domain difference

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Multi-domain difference is very difficult to convey.With SV-Basic, you can add up to 10 multi-domains with one contract.100GB web capacity x 10 = 1TB 200GB email capacity x 10 = 2TBYou can use up to 3TB per contract .Some may think, “I don’t use it that much, so there’s no benefit to me,” but that’s not the case.In fact, CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 this specification has created tremendous benefits.Operation of the server assuming the use of up to 3TB with one contract I’m sure there are many people who don’t use multi-domain, but of course there are people who do. Therefore, we are operating on the premise that the user will add the maximum number of multi-domains.On the premise of “adding the maximum number of multi-domains”, it is not possible to pack the common space to the limit in one housing.

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 Operation with plenty of space in the housing

Generally, CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 is a shared server that can pack the maximum value in one housing is like a crowded train, but if you compare it with transportation, it offers the first class of comfortable space for airplanes. Is the CPI.As a result, the traffic volume is stable and calm operation is possible.As I mentioned at the beginning, we are providing more backup servers from here.CPI provides ” Smart Release ” for backup and restore free of charge. Smart Release can back up up to 30 generations and automatically backs up once every 24 hours. Even if it is a shared server that may be adversely affected by other users, the backup is stored on another server, so you can restore it at any time and operate the site with peace of mind.

Isn’t CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 offering just a server?

CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021, What we at CPI offer is more than just a “web server”. It is an environment where each company can concentrate on site operation in order to increase sales .To be honest, it’s hard to tell the difference between any servers until a failure occurs , and in the case of sharing, it’s influenced by other users or when advertising. I think that you can finally see the difference when something goes wrong, such as going down due to instantaneous access. For that reason, in the rental server industry, it is often talked about how much to stick to the specifications and conversely how much to reduce the cost.When running a site, it often happens that the server causes wasted time and effort, including troubles.CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021 aimed to provide a service that provides an environment and support posture that allows you to concentrate on your original work without being bound by such wasted time and effort as much as possible.All services start from this, and the generous 3-configuration server design introduced this time is only a part of it. For example, we will work on free 30th generation backup as soon as possible so that we can operate with peace of mind, and quality assurance. We provide a system (SLA) , acquire the international standard “ISO / IEC 27001” for information security management systems , and provide 365-day support services (optional).And I think that the result led to the corporate utilization rate of 90% or more.I think that there are many things to worry about when operating the server, such as the 503 error due to instantaneous access and the risk as a shared server mentioned earlier. Nowadays, with the spread of SNS, even a little buzz can easily cause a 503 error on a site. You’re worried that your site will slow down just because other shared server users buzz.In such a case, please try CPI shared server SV-Basic 2021, a shared plan that is backed by “stability”.July 9, 2020 update increases the capacity of the main contract. This update has increased the web capacity of the main contract, which is the first contract, from 100GB to 300GB.The mail capacity is 200GB and there is no change due to this update.If you add a multi-domain, 100GB of web capacity and 200GB of mail capacity will be added, so the main operation site is the main contract, and it may be a good way to operate the corporate site etc. as a sub.
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