Which VPS plan is best to choose for my website or my project?

Best VPS Plan For Any Website

Best VPS Plan For Any Website

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, More and more of you are in need of web hosting. However, you try to be as independent as possible. This is because when choosing web hosting, the focus is often on the web interface that comes with the hosting. As a result, many providers such as LWS now offer a control panel such as ISPConfig or WHM / cPanel . So, how do you choose the right VPS?Most of the control panels have the same basic functionalities such as:Management of domain names : You have the possibility of managing the domain names added to the server (Management of the domain name, DNS Zones, creation and management of emails) FTP access : Creation and management of FTP access SSH connection to the server Database management : Creation of databases, database users, access to the PHPMyAdmin interface Backup management Access to server logs ISPConfig control panel Choose a VPSISPConfig has become over time one of the most popular control panels. Indeed, the latter can be downloaded and installed for free . Like many control panels, the latter is installable on all Linux distributions. In addition, very light and having features to disable unnecessary functions, this control panel does not need a lot of resources to operate.However installing ISPConfig as well as configuring it on your VPS server can be complicated, especially if you are new to the field. Indeed, the installation of the different PHP versions for example, must be done manually (in SSH command line and through the control panel).ISPConfig does not have online support, so you will need to browse forums and ask your various questions, hoping to get a quick answer.However, with LWS, ISPConfig is already pre-installed on Debian 10 , which will make it easier for you.

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, Main features of ISPConfig

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, The characteristics are numerous and are as follows :ISPConfig works equally well with Apache2 and Nginx You can manage multiple Web Servers using the same interface You have three access levels which are as follows: Administrator, reseller, customers access Let’s Encrypt is pre-installed on ISPConfig, which allows you to activate SSL with one click on your different domains ISPConfig is completely free, both for installation and for control panel updates. In addition to these basic features, LWS also offers :A pre-configured Application Wall with rules adapted to the use of the main CMS such as Prestashop or WordPress. When installing the Server, you have the option to request the automatic installation of WordPress , Prestashop or Magento on your VPS. You also have the possibility to choose the domain that you wish to link to your Server. PHP versions : When installing ISPConfig on your server, PHP versions 5.3 to 7.4 are installed automatically, just like FPM and OPcache You have backup and restore solutions . CPanel control panelcPanel and WHM are separate control panels. Indeed , cPanel is the user control panel while WHM allows the management of the server . cPanel / WHM helps provide an intuitive control panel for both end users and resellers.Many people find that they don’t need a web panel to manage a VPS. However, this greatly facilitates the management of the latter by offering a lot of features.

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, Main features of cPanel

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, For several years, cPanel technical support has been doing everything to make the control panel faster. CPanel APIs are available to anyone, even if you don’t have too much coding knowledge. The installation of Let’s Encrypt is done in a few clicks on your domains. In addition to these basic functions, LWS offers you :Best VPS Plan For Any Website:CloudLinux : CloudLinux will guarantee you resources such as RAM, CPU, IOPS Softaculous : The best auto-installer in existence today allowing you to install over 300 CMS in one click. SiteBuilder Pro: Online drag-and-drop site editor. ModSecurity : A WAF (Application Firewall) optimized for the use of the main CMS such as WordPress and Prestashop. Python : You have the possibility to set up on cPanel, Python applications

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, Conclusion

Best VPS Plan For Any Website, The choice of your control panel depends on your needs and expectations. ISPConfig, although lighter and using a little less resources than cPanel / WHM can be a bit more complicated to learn. Indeed, to perform certain actions such as certain modifications to the level of PHP values, it may be necessary to have a minimum of knowledge.Conversely, a CloudCP server with a cPanel / WHM interface is a turnkey server. You have therefore many features such as adding PHP extension in one click.Hoping that these info were useful to you, all you have to do is make your choice.
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