Websites As A Business: Promising Thematic And Technological Ideas Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Websites As A Business

Websites As A Business

Websites As A Business, There are still endless opportunities to earn money through website building. The stream of publications about technologies and ideas of such a business will never run out Summary and related links.

Websites As A Business, Specialists: banner makers

Websites As A Business, Small errands portal Grocery basket, book basket, further everywhere Portal of employment and part-time jobs for pensioners Stimulating traffic in e-commerceSpecialists: banner makers Let’s start with a business idea that is somewhat different from the one stated in the title, but undoubtedly related to making money through an Internet portal.The “appearance” of website banners, as you know, is usually done by web designers (or simply designers) and webmasters who work either for the site owner, or for the advertiser, or for a large advertising or design agency serving the latter. All these broad-based specialists, of course, are engaged in a million other complex things – having bannermaking only as a makeweight, I must say, of little interest to most designers.Websites As A Business, As a result of this non-division of labor, a huge number of banners on the web are either overly aggressive to the point of complete kitsch, or dull to the complete absence of click-through – especially if there are several of them nearby (“banner graveyard”). The norm – stylishness, modesty, a clear anchoring of the visitor – is rarely successful here.The idea is to start a company dedicated exclusively to web banners – a few of whose designers have a taste and a penchant for this job (and eventually a special skill in it). Of course, the company should be “built on the network”, like an online store for the production of banners – ordering and payment in which must be available from anywhere in the near abroad in a minute (it is possible and distant – with due foreign language of the site and its employees).A good marketing ploy here is the unification of the terms and prices for creating a banner. So, the American, whose know-how we have described here, makes any web banner in 48 hours and $ 49.

Websites As A Business, Small errands portal

Websites As A Business, No matter how many delivery services and home services exist, there is a person who is not satisfied with something in these services, or who is too lazy to look for them; or, finally, who lives in a small town where delivery is still bad.And in the megalopolis – is it easy to find food for pets or, say, sets of screws with dowels with delivery costing up to 20 hryvnia on the network? Will a search engine “dig up” on the websites of grocery stores that have delivery, say, coffee of a certain brand or low-fat cottage cheese (unlikely – most likely, you will have to shovel the assortment of each Internet store manually). And how many handymen will go from the city to your summer cottage for a small and low-paid renovation work, even with a bonus suburban vacation?Finally, how often do we say: “I would have given someone 20 (or even 100) hryvnia, so that only in this place they did this and that.”Websites As A Business, In this case, we should also have portals . It is interesting that the number of visitors and subscribers to it is growing by solid leaps – usually a new adept is in a hurry to persuade neighbors (the largest number of whom are usually known to senior schoolchildren), companions in the hostel, university, work. After all, it is for those who see you often or who are very close to your home or place of work / study – it is most convenient to make money on you: to do for your “penny” what you are not comfortable doing yourself. And at other times you will also earn on them. Even if you exchange these orders for free, the website traffic will grow.Websites As A Business, This and the next ideas for web portals can only make money from advertising – thanks to the very large traffic that will certainly arise over time. But the “smart method” of deducting a percentage of the mini-transactions concluded on it in favor of such a portal should be recognized as unrealistic – especially in our latitudes.Grocery basket, book basket, further everywhere Everyone uses sites that accumulate prices for household appliances, cars and other large items, hotel room rates, rates and conditions of banking services – where numbers and nuances can be compared by choosing the best options.Websites As A Business, The same systematizing and comparative projects for restaurants and lunch delivery are beginning to appear – although even in these areas the existing projects still look pathetic, the niche is still far from being occupied.Sites that allow you to compare prices and nuances of food (at least from stores that have grocery delivery – but ideally from offline networks), books, flowers, and various gifts have not yet been seen. Meanwhile, a service in which the visitor enters the components of a large (“festive”) grocery basket would be in great demand – and receives all the price layouts when choosing one or another commercially available brands and subspecies of these components in various stores. And after the final specification of the brand and the type of each component, the rating of the cost of such a basket in each store is displayed. Of course, with the ability to immediately order the delivery of all this stuff.Websites As A Business, The same is true for many other small-scale online retailers – online price comparisons are still expected by the market.A serious (in the revenue part) advertising budget from the very retailers whose prices you are comparing are guaranteed to you. Yes, and considerable sums can be charged as a percentage of sales through your site, as well as fees for transitions from it to the sites of online stores.

Websites As A Business, Portal of employment and part-time jobs for pensioners

Websites As A Business, The next idea goes beyond the framework of a purely intermediary Internet project: it is not only about combining existing supply and demand, but also about the direct formation of supply after the accumulation of mass demand.Courses of various handicrafts and intellectual pursuits are now more and more popular – they are already really competing with sports, health and other “bodily” activities. However, 99% of these courses are attended exclusively by young and mature people – up to about 50 years old – which makes it not always convenient for older citizens to participate in these classes. The Internet has long conquered this audience too.Websites As A Business, Therefore, a portal for people “aged” would be in high demand, where it would be possible to sign up for certain paid courses, promotions, seminars, tours, all of whose participants are also not young. Before that, the owners of the portal should agree with the current organizers of such actions (so far holding them only for young people) that you will be engaged in recruiting an elderly audience, and they will conduct classes for it if they find through your portal the quorum required by the organizers.Of course, you are entitled to a percentage of the share price or a fixed amount for intermediation. But the placement of advertisements specialized for visitors on the site should also be active.Websites As A Business, In addition, over time, some regular and active visitors to your portal and the promotions described on it will undoubtedly get into the taste of organizing various paid courses and seminars. After that, if successful, they can again share something with the portal.The site, of course, should contain a lot of useful target information and provide an opportunity for communication of its visitors. In the course of the latter, it is quite possible to single out a separate promising direction: offers of small side jobs for the elderly. With proper and persistent search engine optimization, this section can be a very traffic-generating factor – which will have a pleasant effect on your advertising revenue.

Websites As A Business, Stimulating traffic in e-commerce

Websites As A Business, An Internet portal that collects and rates the prices of various goods can agree with a number of large retail chains on a percentage of sales, if those massively (say, more than a certain number per month) “come” to them from your portal. Partly on this, as you know, group discount sites make money.But another wise marketing and traffic-generating move in this case is to pay all visitors-buyers a part of this percentage of yours (directly to the card – or, better, by collecting bonuses up to the purchase price of a certain product, which is already sent free of charge).And then, with well-placed advertising, huge masses of people who could buy goods directly, will make purchases purposefully through you. Which is what you need.Websites As A Business, Directly selling online store can occupy the next half-empty niche so far: a sales center. The method is simple – at first, on a daily basis, collect information from sellers about a product that they urgently need to sell. And then the main “trick” comes into play: you do not cut prices immediately, say, by 50%, as it is convenient for retailers to do – but continuously for a day or several days, a little at a time. Thus, visitors have an intrigue: if you take the product right away, you can overpay (if no one else takes it), if you don’t take it, the product may disappear, its quantity will be single even in a metropolis.With the seller, you should agree on a percentage – or, as an option, a fixed sale-dumping price, all excess over which you get.
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