Best Recycling of recycled plastics: the numbers and nuances of a startup

Best Recycling of recycled plastics

Best Recycling of recycled plastics

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, About 300 kg of garbage is thrown out by one inhabitant per year. Of this amount, about one third are plastic products (most often PET bottles). Used plastic bottles can be used as raw materials for the production of flex. Flex is a recyclable material for the manufacture of chemical fiber, from which the same plastic bottles are made, that is, you can go to waste-free production. It looks like white or colored fluffy flakes. In this article, we will tell you how you can make money from recycling. Flex can be used to make other things, for example, bristles in brushes for cleaning machines or for car washes, it is also used to make film, paving slabs and much more. This is a very profitable business also because it takes more than 200 years for 1 plastic bottle to decompose. In our country, this type of industry is not developed, so opening it will be an economically profitable investment.

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, Plastic waste recycling process

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, Initially, plastic bottles are sorted into colored and white. Each color is sorted separately. Next comes the recycling of bottles from unnecessary foreign objects, such as labels, metal, glass and so on. Further, the bottles are compressed and sent to the processing line, the output is already processed material – flex.Best Recycling of recycled plastics, First, the bottles enter the machine, where the label and caps are separated from them, and then the bottles are crushed using special knives. Further, with special equipment, the crushed mass enters the steam boiler, where the remnants of labels are removed with the help of vapors, and so on. Further, the plastic mass enters the polishing machine, and then into the rinsing machine. After all water procedures, when the plastic is considered completely cleaned, it is placed in a dehumidifier, where water separation and air drying take place.

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, Initial investment calculation

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, A fully stocked and fully equipped line will cost approximately $ 130,000. The productivity of such a line is about 1 ton per hour. At the output of the finished product of Flex, approximately 80% of the total weight of plastic waste is obtained. The power consumption of the line is 73 kW per hour.Best Recycling of recycled plastics, Such a line should be serviced by about 8 workers, they will also be busy processing newly received raw materials (primary processing, sorting, selection of rejects), loading raw materials onto the line and unloading the finished product. The approximate speed of one worker is the processing of 130 kg of plastic bottles per hour. The worker’s wages are approximately $ 700. The cost of raw materials for processing is equal to $ 100 per 1 ton. 1 ton is about 24,000 plastic bottles.Best Recycling of recycled plastics, In addition to the stationary line, you can purchase a portable mini-plant for recycling plastic bottles. The entire mini-plant fits in a six meter container. When connecting it on site, water, electricity and sewerage are required. The cost of such a mini-plant is within 180,000 dollars. Such a plant is convenient for those who want to organize this business in several cities. In every city in the landfill, in a month you can collect more than one ton of such bottles. And so, move from city to city and recycle them.

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, The profitability of this business

Best Recycling of recycled plastics, The purchase of such a line or mini-plant requires significant initial investments, but if there is a short payback period, then it is quite possible to risk opening such a business. All workers’ wages will be $ 5,600 per month. If we take an 8 hour day and 24 workers a month, then the total gross profit will be approximately $ 19,200 per month. Of course, there are also such expenses as utility bills – about 25% of gross profit, then the net profit will be equal to $ 14,400. The payback of such a business on average will come in a year and a half.
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