Seven Creative Materials Business Ideas

Creative Materials Business Ideas

Creative Materials Business Ideas

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Many people, regardless of age and status, are fond of handmade products, and some are engaged in this professionally. Therefore, high-quality raw materials and semi-finished products for creatummary and related links.How to make edible plasticine How to make edible paint for kids’ creativity How to make polymer clay What to add to wax for making designer candles Production of odorless solvents Easel production Side job with a crayon grinder.How to make edible plasticine.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Making clay at home is not so difficult. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

400 gr. flour; 200 gr. salt; 500 ml boiling water; 1 tablespoon of “Alann” (sold in the pharmacy as a powder, like gelatin); 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Cooking steps:

Creative Materials Business Ideas, mix flour, salt and “Alann” in one cup; pour boiling water and quickly, so that there are no lumps, mix, preferably with a mixer; add a tablespoon of oil; add food paint (a lot to have a beautiful juicy color); when the mass becomes thick and the mixer cannot turn further, you still need to knead it well, like dough. Plasticine is ready. To flavor plasticine, it is enough to add a few drops of essential oil at the fourth stage. Do not overdo it with the scent, it should not be harsh and intense.Storage conditions: plasticine should be kept in a closed jar or in a sealed bag at room temperature.The well-established industrial production of such plasticine, as a turnkey business, can be purchased for 350 thousand hryvnia (the area of ​​production workshops is 1600 square meters).

Creative Materials Business Ideas, How to make edible paint for kids’ creativity

Creative Materials Business Ideas, In infancy, often, the world is learned by assessing its taste. To prevent the child from poisoning, parents would gladly buy edible paints that do not contain chemical dyes (“finger paints”). To make these paints, you will need the following ingredients:0.5 kg flour; 5 tablespoons of salt; 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil; water to bring the mass to the consistency of thick sour cream. The manufacturing method is simple: mix all the ingredients with a mixer, then pour the resulting mass into separate jars, add food coloring (its preparation method is described below), mix again until smooth.You can experiment with colors, because the preparation of food natural colors is simple. Here’s what you need to do to get the most popular palette:Creative Materials Business Ideas, yellow dye is obtained from lemon peel and grated carrot. Carrots are lightly fried. Zest, carrots and butter are mixed in equal proportions and filtered through cheesecloth; brown color can be obtained from strong coffee infusion; green paint is prepared from spinach leaves by passing them through a meat grinder and squeezing the juice from the resulting mass; for blue paint you need blueberries and blueberries; red and pink colors are made from cherry juice, strawberry, cranberry, lingonberry, currant, dogwood, chokeberry and beetroot. To obtain a dye from beets, they are cut into small pieces and boiled in acidified water for 5-10 minutes, then filtered; orange dye is obtained by mixing red and yellow. Or combine lemon juice and tangerine zest.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, How to make polymer clay

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Polymer clay is a mass that is comparable to plasticine to the touch. It has a herbal smell. When heated, liquid clay loses its plasticity and takes a given shape. Polymer clay products are in great demand among consumers. First of all, this is plasticine with new possibilities. That is, the target audience is children. Secondly, these are creative adults who are fond of making designer jewelry, dolls, souvenirs, etc.Ingredients that you will need to make polymer clay (about 350 gr. White plastic mass):1 cup (250 g) white PVA glue, 1 cup (250 g) cornstarch 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon hand cream (non-greasy and silicone free)

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Stages of work:

Creative Materials Business Ideas, pour starch into a refractory bowl, pour in PVA glue and add petroleum jelly. Mix everything very thoroughly with a spoon; add lemon juice and stir everything until a plastic homogeneous mass is obtained; put the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute – maximum power. After the first 30 seconds, stir the mass well. We sustain the second 30 seconds and remove from the microwave; smear hand cream on the surface, on which we will then spread the mass from a bowl; take a bowl of mass, remove the frozen crust from the surface (it formed there); put the remaining mass on a cream-smeared table; knead the mass, as usual kneading the dough. Knead vigorously for 5 minutes, until it becomes pliable; we give the dough a shape, put it on the fabric – it should absorb excess moisture; when the dough is completely cool, wrap it in plastic wrap. The plastic mass is ready for implementation. In order to make colored plastic, you can use the following dyes: fabric paints, oil paints, food colors. It is better to add it in portions, gradually, stirring.Creative Materials Business Ideas, Storage conditions: the mass should be stored in the refrigerator, in a plastic container with a tight lid. It should be borne in mind that the mass dries quickly in air.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, What to add to wax for making designer candles

Creative Materials Business Ideas, The area of ​​use of wax is one of the most extensive. Not only are figurines and homemade candles made from it, but they are also used in sports (they rub various surfaces with it for better sliding), in beauty salons, and finally, in the process of fortune telling.Ingredients you will need to make wax:honeycomb without honey; ordinary household candles; wax crayons; petrolatum sunflower oil; water; lemon juice.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Stages of work:

Creative Materials Business Ideas, melt honeycombs in a water bath to a plasticine state; take a few paraffin candles, light their wicks and wait until they burn to the end. Collect dripping wax in a container; melt the paraffin wax (you can buy it at the pharmacy), mix it with the already melted wax crayons, vegetable oil and petroleum jelly. Take the ingredients by eye, depending on whether you need a soft or elastic wax.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Production of odorless solvents

Creative Materials Business Ideas, The demand for odorless solvents and thinners (for artwork) is very high. But there are only Polish, German and American offers on sale, and even those are very difficult to find. Meanwhile, the purification of oil products and / or alcohols to odorless fractions does not require serious temperatures and pressures – enough chemical reactions that take place under normal conditions (including in a “garage workshop”).Creative Materials Business Ideas, The key to a successful and even highly profitable startup here can be finding your own cleaning method – since the existing manufacturers of such liquids (for example, Kremer) keep their method of cleaning petroleum products in strict confidence, and the Russian method of cleaning coniferous turpentine that is publicly available does not give the desired result (smell in Petersburg “odorless thinners” are very much even present: the diluting ability of gum esters is directly proportional to the intensity of their smell).Note that the retail cost of such solvents for artists at the turn of 2013 reaches 160-200 hryvnia / liter – while the base raw materials used have a cost comparable to the price of gasoline, that is, more than 10 times less.

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Easel production

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Easels are made of various types of wood (pine, beech, birch and larch) and covered with varnish or tinting oil. Beech easels are considered the most durable, but their weight is twice that of pine. The wood must be sufficiently hard, resistant to temperature extremes and moisture. The appearance of the easel and the duration of its service life depend on its density. Knots and any wood defects on the load-bearing parts are considered defective.Creative Materials Business Ideas, To make a conventional tripod machine, the following materials and tools are required:dry planks without knots, window trowel 550 mm long, which will be used as a side of the lower support strip, furniture screw, washers, sandpaper, PVA glue or special glue for wood, drill hacksaw for wood. Creative Materials Business Ideas, Typical easels can be produced that sell well through specialist retailers for artists. But many workshops work to order, developing and creating easels according to individual customer requirements, which include the height, width of the machine, the angle of inclination of the canvas fixed to the easel, the presence of additional work surfaces, a box for paints and art supplies of non-standard sizes, etc.The prime cost of one easel is less than UAH 500, and its market price is about UAH 2-3 thousand.Creative Materials Business Ideas, As the practice of entrepreneurs shows, opening your own workshop for the production of easels will require an amount of at least UAH 40,000. It includes the costs of registering a state of emergency, paying for consultations of specialists, purchasing materials and tools for work, advertising your products (creating a simple business card website, ads in free advertising newspapers).

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Side job with a crayon grinder

Creative Materials Business Ideas, Children are so fond of tinkering with their own hands, inventing and fantasizing, in which a crayon machine will help them. Such an invention is a machine for making new crayons from pieces of used old ones. Moreover, you can come up with color combinations yourself.Creative Materials Business Ideas, The technology of the machine is very simple: pieces of erased crayons must be put in a special container, turn on the timer and wait for 10 minutes until they melt, then all this multi-colored mass is poured into crayon molds and solidifies. Thus, new crayons are obtained. The most interesting thing about this unique mechanism is that in one crayon you can combine different colors, getting multi-colored crayons.ivity at competitive prices will definitely find their buyer. Learn how to make polymer clay, edible clay, edible paints at home and make good money with this and other business ideas.
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