Ssl Certificates For Stores / Purchase Of An Ssl Certificate For A Website Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Ssl Certificates For Stores / Purchase Of An Ssl Certificate For A Website Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate allows websites, virtual stores and portals to create a “secure communication channel” between the company’s servers and the surfer on the site and verify authentication between the surfer and a site that claims to operate on behalf of an organization.SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layers, an international standard for information security on the Internet that enables encryption of the information that passes between the web browser of the surfer or customer on your site and the storage server of the site. Typically, Ssl Certificates For Stores / Purchase Of An Ssl Certificate For A Website Doesn’t Have To Be Hard SSL certificates are installed on sites that require sensitive information such as credit card information, passwords, names, e-mail, financial information and the like.

SSL certificates serve 3 main functions:

Private verification and ownership of the site – Through private verification and ownership of the site, users of the site can be 100% sure that this is a legitimate site and not a site that impersonates the original site. Encrypting the information – Installing an SSL certificate on the site encrypts all the information that passes through the browser to the site’s servers so that only the site’s servers can read and decrypt it correctly. Insurance coverage – An SSL certificate is used to cover the insurance of the site’s surfers. If there is any security breach related to SSL, the site’s customers will be entitled to a refund from the insurance company.

What SSL Certificates Can You Buy In Webgate?

Webgate is an authorized marketer of the information security brands . All SSL certificates in Webgate are marketed at the lowest prices according to the level of security and authentication required (DV basic authentication, OV authentication and EV extended authentication).

Main types of SSL certificates

As you can see, there are many types of SSL certificates, but they can be divided into 3 main types:SSL certificate for a single domain – a certificate that is issued at the domain or subdomain level only. SSL Wildcard – A certificate that is issued on the primary domain address and all subdomains that are under the same domain. SSL certificate for multiple domains – a certificate that is issued at the organization level on a large number of domains. Why should an SSL certificate be issued to online stores or websites and what are the salient advantages for you (as a supplier / customer)? As mentioned, any website, organization or company that transmits sensitive information (passwords, financial information, personal information, legal information, etc.) must purchase an SSL certificate in order to fully secure its surfers. The salient advantages of purchasing an SSL certificate are:Reliability and security of the surfers on the site – After purchasing an SSL certificate, the level of reliability, security and calm of the surfers increases significantly. According to recent studies, about 70% of surfers have abandoned the shopping cart on sites that were not secured using SSL certificates. If you have a virtual store, purchasing an SSL certificate is a significant advantage over competitors who have no certificate at all and lose many sales every day! Insurance coverage – Each SSL certificate includes an insurance component that guarantees the site’s customers some financial compensation (in accordance with the SSL certificate purchased by the site owner). Google SEO – As of August 2014, Google’s search engine prioritizes sites that have implemented and installed an SSL certificate. Similar to site surfers, Google’s search engine searches for credentials and an SSL certificate which checks the domain or organization information constitutes a third party stamp of credibility on the site or virtual store owners. In conclusion, purchasing an SSL certificate is not a luxury but a real need. If you have a virtual store, portal or image site that does not have an SSL certificate installed, you may lose a lot of money.
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