CPanel web hosting safe

CPanel web hosting safe

Cpanel provides the ability to manage all aspects of your storage account easily and securely. Through the CPanel web hosting safe you can configure mailbox settings, set up MySQL databases, control the definition of DNS records, browse statistics and reports, create addon domains, manage files using a network-based file manager, configure SSL certificates and many other ongoing management functions.

Linux Web Hosting – Linux-Starter includes a full cPanel interface

The cPanel web hosting package is fully compatible with WordPress / Joomla systems and is suitable for image sites, blogs and private websites.

CPanel storage orderCPanel storage order

What web site security tools does cPanel include?CPanel web hosting safe secure system when it comes to the software installed by it and the way it separates customers on the same machine. Apart from the basic settings we run a number of other modules like mod_security, cpHulk and a number of patches to the Apache server that help address the built-in issues of the Linux operating system.

What email infrastructures does the cPanel interface offer?

cPanel includes a fine and sweetened email system, which includes several configurations, including the classic with Exim server for MTA / SMTP, Dovecot for POP3 / IMAP and Spam Assassin that filters spam and functions as an antivirus. CPanel also includes a variety of network mail systems, the main ones being SquirrelMail and Horde. All protocols support SSL / TLS encryption as well as sender authentication protocols such as SPF and Domain Key.

How do I place additional domains on my cPanel account?

Webgate’s business storage accounts are not limited to multiple domains and the cPanel management interface has excellent support for multiple sites / domains. You can add more domains to the account with dedicated folders (addon domains) as well as domain aliases / pointers – additional domains that target a primary domain. In addition, it is possible to place Hebrew domains in the account.

Looking for safe and quality hosting for WordPress sites?

Click here for a Linux package comparison table How is MySQL database accessed outside of the cPanel server?

You can access the MySQL database server off the Webgate network for database management and data backup. Access to the server from the outside is possible after permission from the outside (remote login) and at a special address and port –

What statistics are included in the cPanel management interface?

Cpanel includes four statistics systems – Webalizer, Awstats, Logaholic and Analog. The systems are very common and have high reliability, and can be protected with a username and password.

How to use SSL protocol on cPanel storage server?

cPanel includes support for collaborative SSL protocol and also a complete system for managing certificates and encryption keys. Customers who want to enable private SSL on their site need to purchase a dedicated IP address first.

How to back up a cPanel-based storage account?

Cpanel includes with an excellent backup system through which it is possible to perform daily, weekly and monthly backups, also it is possible to produce a full backup on demand and send it to a remote server via FTP or SCP. Finally, there is an option to back up and restore individually databases, source folder, mail settings and filters.

What is Softaculous? Why should it be used to install management systems?

After reviewing a number of installation tools in the past, including an original cPanel installer – Fantastico we found this year Softaculous – a third party installation management system that performs the job in a very impressive and mostly safe way, including support for more than 300 applications including the famous WordPress, Joomla and Drupal .

Which version of Apache / PHP is installed on cPanel servers?

Our shared cPanel servers run the latest version of PHP 5.4 under suPHP with Apache 2.2. The client can transfer the storage account to work with version 5.5 or 5.6 independently from the cPanel account . Also, the server comes with support for IonCube, GD, Mbstring, Mcrypt, OpenSSL, PDO, SOAP, TTF, ZIP, ZLIB built-in.

What is WHM – Web Hosting Manager?

Hosting Manager is the administrative part above the cPanel interface, given to resellers and virtual server customers who want to install cPanel / WHM as a management system. With WHM you can build service packs, create new users and allow them access to various resources.

What is the difference between a reseller account and a VPS server

The differences between a reseller account on our shared servers and a VPS server with cPanel are in the ability to create reseller accounts and determine the storage environment according to customer requirements. There are a variety of options for setting up cPanel and it happens that our settings do not suit the character of a reseller or any web design company, who are interested in providing services in different configurations and configurations, if that happens, just talk to us and we will arrange it.

Linux SmallBiz for small businesses, content sites and blogs

Linux web hosting for small businesses – 500Mb disk space, 25GB monthly traffic, up to 5 sites (domains) in the account. The package is suitable for applications such as WordPress, Joomla, blogs, WIki and small content sites. CPanel management interface with Softaculous installation manager allows easy, fast and safe installation of the best common open source applications. Technical support is provided via telephone and e-mail and an advanced ticketing support system.
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