Good to know about the prices of a website

Prices of a website

Prices of a website

Prices of a website, In this “All About Website Pricing” blog post, we’ll cover several points. To begin with we will see what a website is in detail. Next, we’ll see that a website is an investment and not a recurring cost. Next, we will talk about the price differences between a site developed in raw and a web integration. For the penultimate point it will be on the price of a showcase website. And the last point of this article will be on the price of an e-commerce website. Each point will be detailed and argued.

Prices of a website, What is a website?

Prices of a website, Here we are in the first point of this blog article. “What is a website? “A website, also called a website or even a simple website. Is a grouping of web pages. These will either have content that you have chosen or otherwise they may contain legal notices etc. Each page is linked by a link. This will allow easy navigation on the site. So a website is a grouping of pages (linked by links) and content. Internet users can access your website through the links. They will therefore be able to see the content you share.

Prices of a website, What is a link?

Prices of a website, A link can also be called a URL or even a web address. This is the name of the site that you m ark in your browser search bar to find a site. Take google as an example: “” is a URL. A website is regularly linked to a domain name. That is, the URL of the site in question has been personalized.

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Create your professional website from 0 +100 visitors / day with natural referencing A website is an investment and not a recurring cost Here is the second point of this article. “A website is an investment and not a recurring cost”.A website is an investment when it brings you new customers regularly, new sales, and has constant traffic. It will therefore save you extra money if it is a complement to your real store. Afterwards it can also cause unnecessary costs. If your website is abandoned, you don’t share content regularly, it doesn’t bring you any sales or customers, and ultimately it doesn’t have any traffic, it can become unnecessary costs and embarrassing.

Prices of a website, What are recurring charges?

Prices of a website, These are fees that you have to pay regularly or earn, it depends. Imagine that you buy a website, each year you are going to have to pay fees, whether it is hosting or even the domain name ( OVH ). These are called recurring charges. It’s a bit like a subscription.So a site is an investment as seen above. After creating your website you will therefore have recurring costs which are not that high. If your site is doing well and bringing you customers and sales, then they should not be taken into account. It is only a small sum to pay once a year and which will largely be made profitable by the sales that you will achieve thanks to your virtual store.The price differences between a raw website and a web integration Here is the third point. “The price differences between a raw site and a web integration.

Prices of a website, What is a web integrator?

Prices of a website, A web integrator will have many skills in the web. He will develop professional websites. Will integrate the pages on your site thanks to the model which will have been proposed to you.There are therefore websites developed in raw, that is to say that the creator will code your website in raw. Specifically using code like PHP. This is not practical for the customer when he wants to make changes on his website.Then there is web integration. He is a professional who will use tools such as WordPress and Divi , he will provide you with his tools so that you can easily modify your pages.

Prices of a website, The price of a showcase website

Prices of a website, Here is the fourth point. “The price of a showcase site”.To begin with, what is a showcase site?A showcase site is used a lot by businesses. It can be one page or even many more. It is very useful for presenting the services you offer, contact information, putting a little presentation of you and your company and maybe even putting some presentations of the products you offer. This kind of website will therefore make it possible to bring an online presence to your business. It is the opposite of an e-commerce site that will be created for the sale of products.The creation of a web showcase will allow you to have traffic, bring you new customers and expand your industry. The Internet brings together more than 36 million French Internet users. There is therefore a good chance that your activity will grow quickly thanks to the web.There are two types of showcase sites: Basic sites and customizable sites. For starters, basic sites are going to be made up of a small number of pages. This kind of showcase site will allow you to put the necessary information on your services and on how to contact you online. It is therefore suitable for companies with a limited budget. Its price will therefore vary from 500 € to 2000 €Now consider the “customizable” sites. These are websites with a number of pages which can be high, more information, for example the presentation of the personnel of the company, description of the services in detail, additional photos etc. The price of a website of this kind is between 1500 € and 3000 €.

The price of an e-commerce website

Here we come to the last point of this blog post. “The price of an e-commerce website”.

Prices of a website, What is an e-commerce site?

Prices of a website, an e-commerce site will allow you to create a virtual store by offering all the products you are going to sell. You will also be able to put information on your company and how to contact you. Nowadays, this kind of website is very popular. It’s a bit like an online sales platform. All sales will be done directly online and not in store. Thanks to the CMS dashboard that the site has, the person who manages the site will be able to manage orders, put new products online or even remove them. This kind of website is compatible on any system. Whether on computer, phone, tablet etc …The e-commerce site is therefore useful for expanding your store, for example putting all your products online to have new customers and new additional sales. The price of an e-commerce site can start at 5000 € and can cost more depending on your demand.
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