Why and how could we use the Dashlane password manager app?

How to use Dashlane password manager app

How to use Dashlane password manager app

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Objectives of this article:

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Discover Dashlane Know how to use Dashlane We all know how complicated it is to remember all of your IDs and passwords . In this article, we will therefore see how to manage your passwords , generate new ones automatically , fill in the information for forms and payments automatically . So many things that save us a lot of time in our work!

How to use Dashlane password manager app, What is Dashlane?

How to use Dashlane password manager app, First of all, Dashlane is secure and very easy to use password management software . It also offers several other features that we will see in detail in this article. It has three offers, but the free offer already offers all the possibilities necessary for our work.

How does Dashlane work?

Dashlane opens when you start your computer and asks you to enter your master password allowing you to unlock your account and be able to access all of its features automatically.

How to use Dashlane password manager app, How do I use Dashlane?

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Then, to install Dashlane, you just need to click on the following link and download it and then install it. Don’t forget to create an account. And once this is done, you will need to download the Dashlane plugin on your favorite web browser (s) to link the software to your internet browsing (accessible via the extension tab on your dashboard at the top left ).

Password manager

First, this software allows you to store all the usernames, e-mail addresses and passwords of all your accounts. For example, on your computer, you and your friend log onto Facebook with your respective username and password that you know by heart. Now it’s over! No need to remember passwords even when you have multiple accounts. In this case, Dashlane, or rather the plugin for the web explorer (chrome, firefox, safari, etc…), offers to connect you with such or such email address associated with your password.

Secure password generator

Likewise, Dashlane not only allows you to store passwords, it allows them to be generated according to several criteria and to assess their level of security . You can therefore generate passwords from 4 to 28 characters with:letters (either lowercase and uppercase or pronounceable) figures symbols no ambiguous characters

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Password change

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Here is another feature of Dashlane. With just one click Dashlane takes care of updating your old passwords with new, more secure ones .It saves them (overwriting old ones) so that they can be reused and entered automatically. This implies that this function is directly linked to the website in question.So there is a limited but growing number of sites! If you’re wondering if a site in question uses Dashlane’s functionality, there’s a good chance it does, but here’s the full list: https://www.dashlane.com/en/password -change-listAnother thing to know, Dashlane assesses the security of your passwords and gives a score out of 100 for each password in order to have an overall score (always out of 100) for all your passwords.And with Password changer, you can go from 0/100 to 100/100 with just one click!

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Security alert

How to use Dashlane password manager app, In addition, Dashlane keeps your account secure at all times and the more information you save, the higher the level of security.If any of your accounts are at risk or have been hacked, Dashlane Security Alert notifies you across all of your devices to respond quickly. It notably informs you which account is affected and which passwords may be compromised. Then you can use the Password Changer to change those passwords and protect your accounts.

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Digital wallet

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Dashlane also offers to store your payment information (and delivery) of your or your credit cards , bank accounts , PayPal data , etc … You get a lot of time when you proceed to checkout to confirm your purchase. And of course no one other than you has access to your payment information.

Dashlane is therefore responsible for completing:

Card number expiry CVV delivery address etc … Once the checkout, you just have to choose the means of payment as well as the delivery address which is suggested to you (in the case where you have several means of payment).

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Auto-entry

How to use Dashlane password manager app, Finally, this last option and for me, the most important after the password manager . I save a considerable amount of time each time a form presents itself to me.The auto-enter function therefore detects what the fields to be filled in correspond to and does the work for you in a single second. Thanks to auto-entry, Dashlane takes care of completing:names addresses emails phone numbers payment methods (stored in your secure digital wallet) generation of a new secure password etc … Another important thing, if several people use one and the same computer and a form is presented to you, all you have to do is choose your contact details among those of the other users of your computer and you’re done! There is a mobile version that allows you to find this auto-complete function on your smartphone.
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