Passage TV and website: How to avoid the worst ?

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Objectives of this article:

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Know how to manage the consequence of a TV show on your website Know what benefits to get from a TV show thanks to your website In this article we will see how to avoid missing your TV show because of your website .Small note: Many of my clients (neophytes) still ask me the difference between a domain name and web hosting. If you don’t know the difference yet, here is an article that will enlighten you: What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?We will see how to ensure that your server does not overload and that all your visitors can browse your platform without any problem.This article is based on a real experience of a TV passage from one of my clients on TF1 in Grands Reportages.

1. Estimate the number of visitors during the TV show

The first step is the most important step because it is from there that you will act on it. Everything else is based on this! So don’t overlook this step.If you have no idea of ​​the estimated number of visitors, do not hesitate to ask the reporters who came to film you or contact the first people who came to you to do this report, they will undoubtedly know how to enlighten you.In my case, my client contacted the project manager and he went no further than:

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, A few million viewers

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Which is not very useful because we are not talking in terms of visits or visitors but of viewers.Do you know the percentage of people who, by watching a report, google the name of the company concerned? No ? Beh, neither do we!So we did our best, we improved the performance of the site and we chose a more consistent hosting.Here are some interesting little statistics on Internet users.Source:

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Improve website performance

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Here is the second step, moreover, not necessarily linked to the first.Currently, your site is what it is, do an analysis on GtMetrix to see what it is.Here is the result after optimizing the site’s performance:See if the charging time is okay and if you’re getting good grades.Based on that, upgrade the points to upgrade so that its loading speed will decrease.To do this, you can cache your site, optimize the size of images / photos, minify the code, use a CDN, etc.Some free or paid plugins offer to do all of this. With just one click the performance of your site will be optimized, it will be faster and improve the comfort of your users.Important Note: Did you know that a well optimized and fast site improves the site’s trust in the eyes of Google and other search engines? So not to be neglected under any circumstances!Note: Sometimes, the customer prefers to keep certain features on his site which slows him down, hence the rather long loading time. But it is a choice.

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst,  BONUS: Announce the TV passage on social networks

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, This step is really a plus in this article because we are starting to move away from the subject.But in my opinion, this is part of the launch of the project and it is very important!If you are reading this article, it is because you will do everything to make your site work when you watch TV. It will therefore be operational “regardless” of the number of visitors. So let’s go even further to attract even more people and get even more people talking about us.Go to your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram page and make a wonderful post to announce your TV visit on such and such a date and time. This makes it possible to condition the audience to the TV passage and to strengthen customer confidence even before the passage. What better ?In addition to that, given that we completely redesigned our client’s site before his TV show on TF1 , it is very interesting to talk about it in addition to the TV show.I took care of it and this is what it gives:The post was posted on my old professional page and shared on our client’s page.

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, Upgrade web hosting

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, This step is crucial because we are no longer on the theory but rather on the practice.Now is the time to choose which hosting plan to choose.I’m assuming that you already have your website and that there is web hosting already in place. But is it sufficient?For my part, for people who are completely new to them, who only want a small showcase site and who don’t want to bother with complicated terms, I recommend them the offer of OVH Kimsufi , which like its name the indicates, suffices.This offer is the basic offer at OVH (approximately 1.79 € TTC / month), it is a shared hosting , that is to say that you are dependent on the resources of others because you share your server with others websites. But rest assured, this is more than enough for small sites!I just contacted the OVH sales team to get some figures and here’s what comes out.As an indication, on a low-consumption site (showcase for example), there are a maximum of 25 simultaneous visitors. In some cases, we can go up to 40 simultaneous visitors but beyond that, it will be complicatedNote: A greedy site is a site on which there are a lot of rather heavy requests such as, for example, all that is customer account, etc …Coming back to our sheep, the kimsufi offer is not suited to our TV show.We will therefore have to switch to a higher offer. OVH and I recommend that you switch to performance MINIMUM 1 , it is still shared hosting, but… less shared because you can switch several of your sites to this one.To do this, simply go to your OVH manager, in the left tab web hosting, general information, offer then change offer:Note 1: Switching from a kimsufi offer to a Personal, Pro or Performance 1, 2, 3 or 4 offer is just a click away and is instantaneous.The performances are now increased , you can now go up to 175 simultaneous visitors (estimated)… which is still little for a TV show (especially on TF1), what do you think?It is therefore necessary to boost performance 1 through performance 4 for a month in order to have maximum efficiency at a lower cost. Because, as you know, the TV passage is only ephemeral, if you have a lot of visits the same day , be reassured (or not) that it will pass.To do this, you must go to your OVH manager, in the tab on the right hosting, Plus + and Boost my offerPerformance 4 can accommodate up to 500 simultaneous visitors, which is starting to do a lot. In all cases, we are at the maximum level of shared server at OVH .Otherwise you have to switch to dedicated, which is more complicated to process and more expensive… whatever, to see!Note 2: Do not stop boosting performance 1 until the end of the month in order to benefit as much as possible from performance 4.In the end, you will have to do this kind of manipulation as soon as you go on TV. So it quickly becomes expensive and quite time consuming …For this, I therefore suggest to all my customers to host them at a lower price for more serenity. No headaches during the next TV shows! Your server will hold up because I take care of it. Your site will have a quality server, its performance will be improved and its loading speed reduced. Contact us to find out more .

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst,  Check, when switching on TV that everything is working in real time

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, You now have your new web hosting, you are in front of the TV and you open your Google Analytics mobile application to see in real time the number of simultaneous visitors .For my part, the announcement of the report (15 minutes before) generated 25 visitors simultaneously from the first announcement. The kimsufi would not have been enough …Note: Whether before, during or after the report, it was never mentioned that the company had a website.This is where we realize the power of the thing …When the report was launched we were around 300-400 simultaneous visitors to more than 560 simultaneous visitors when they stated the name of the company.And  when viewers hear the name of the company it is easier to find it on Google.Finally, performance 1 boosted in performance 4 did not flinch! I personally went to the site in question to verify that everything was working and everything was perfect with over 560 simultaneous visitors.

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst,  Note the result at the end of the day to better anticipate the next TV show.

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, For my part, it was a great victory because before coming to see me, my client had passed on M6 in 66 minutes and in the 12:45 newspaper. All of this ended in saturation of the server. The site was not working. Communication was therefore useless. My client has lost several dozen (if not hundreds) of clients at this time.But thanks to our intervention, our client’s site is much more professional, attractive and efficient. A successful work in the friendliness and professionalism.

Here are our results at the end of the day:

Passage TV and website, avoid the worst, To be more precise, here is what it gives in terms of visits and visitors:We can therefore see that in 45 minutes, there were 7,669 visits for 2,249 visitors, which gives nearly 3.5 page views / visitors. Which is good or even very good for a 6 page site.Finally, to finish with this story, my client called me to tell me that his phone was about to catch fire! To give you an idea of ​​the number of calls, orders and reservations received …
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