Its about the OVH kimsufi pooled offer

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, This article explains what the OVH shared kimsufi offer is. It is based on the experience of my web agency, which is why we will highlight its advantages but also its disadvantages.Also consider reading our complementary article on the differences between web hosting and a domain name .

Objectives of this article:

Find out about OVH’s kimsufi web hosting offer Know its advantages and disadvantages

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer,  What is the OVH Kimsufi offer?

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, Before starting, a little reminder on what OVH is .As you probably know, OVH is a web host that offers to host websites on its various servers. OVH is not the small local host, we are talking here about a multinational which holds most of the French market.

OVH offers all kinds of services:

Registration of domain names Public and private cloud solutions (VPS) Hosting of dedicated servers Web hosting (shared) Internet access provision Telephony Now that we generally know what OVH is and the scope it represents, let’s take a look at the offer that interests us.In this article, we will mainly focus on the Kimsufi shared hosting offer, but you should know that this offer extends to VPS and dedicated servers .In addition, this article will only be written around the shared offer for the simple reason that it is the most popular and also the most affordable web hosting offer at OVH.But then, what is kimsufi? The primary concept of Kimsufi is:

The cheap dedicated server

For this, Kimsufi has chosen to keep only the essential components of its servers so that they are as affordable as possible and as less restrictive. This does not at all call into question the legitimacy of the service offered because Kimsufi is an OVH firm, which allows it to take advantage of its data centers around the world.

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, What does OVH’s shared offer really offer?

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, This offer is priced at 1.49 € HT / month or 1.79 € TTC / month, which is really not much. But what is it really worth?First of all, even if this doesn’t speak to you, the compatible languages ​​are:PHP / PHP / FPM optimization Perl / Python / MySQL Then, a database is included with a size of 100 MB which can support 30 simultaneous connections.I also had a client who had shared hosting on OVH and who had to switch to TF1. We therefore learned about the power of shared kimsufi hosting:As an indication, on a low-consumption site (showcase for example), there are a maximum of 25 simultaneous visitors. In some cases, we can go up to 40 simultaneous visitors but beyond that, it will be complicated.Likewise, subscribing to this offer allows you to benefit from the 1-click module system to install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Prestashop in 1 single click.You also “get” 3 support tickets. And yes, the support is chargeable.  I never paid a single ticket when creating my first sites on Kimsufi ! Perhaps this is due to the fact that I subscribed to the Kimsufi offer via OVH? No idea.You also have the possibility of creating 2 professional email addresses of the style “”.

Here are the different specifications of the 2 mailboxes:

Sending limit: 200 emails / day Storage per account: 5 GB Max size per e-mail: 100 MB Email redirects: 1000 Webmail Automated emails SMTP server Sending emails through your site As for the domain name , it is offered. It is therefore only possible to create 1 single site.Finally, you have access to various ancillary services:High security / snapshots Backup / restore High availability Statistics IP geolocation Task planner The “.htaccess” Application firewall Web explorer / FTP FTP security

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, What are the advantages of subscribing to the kimsufi web hosting offer?

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, In view of what Kimsufi offers, we can derive many advantages.The first point to put forward is that it’s really cheap . For less than 22.00 € TTC / year you have a website that works.This offer is really suitable for people who don’t want to spend too much. If you do not want to use a web agency or subscribe to complex offers to set up such as VPS or dedicated servers, this type of offer is for you.Small parenthesis, I suggest to my clients to host them on my dedicated server to avoid worrying about anything in the event of a traffic spike but also to have better performance and therefore indirectly improve SEO.Secondly, speed of installation is essential! With Kimsufi you have web hosting up and running in seconds and a few clicks.The third and last equally important point is the ease of use of this web hosting.You choose your domain name, your hosting, the CMS of your choice and it’s up to you!Likewise, the OVH 1-click installation module allows the installation of a CMS in just a few clicks.Another thing, OVH sends you your credentials to connect to an FTP client like FileZilla for example to have access to all your files.If you already have shared Kimsufi web hosting and want to migrate to a more efficient offering, you can do so with unprecedented ease!Finally, these last two points are not really linked to Kimsufi but really to all of OVH’s offers.

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, What are the disadvantages of subscribing to the Kimsufi web hosting offer?

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, First, do you know why this hosting offer is cheaper than other kimsufi offers? Quite simply because it is a shared offer and the server is inefficient. This means that you are on a server with other websites. You are therefore dependent on the resources of others. If one of the sites on your hosting goes to TV, its hosting will not hold up and your risk of being slowed down at best …Be that as it may, the shared kimsufi web hosting offer is not at all suitable for high traffic in a very short period of time, such as when watching TV .Note: The more complex the requests made by users (eg connection to a user account), the more the site’s resources are used.Second, aside from the poor performance of the hosting, the setup is really low end . Even if on your side you do not necessarily see it, when you have a migration to do, you may encounter problems related to the configuration of this type of hosting.Third, the support. The medium is the real black point . Besides the fact that it is, supposedly paid, it is only done by ticket and therefore by email. So you won’t really get an answer at the time, you’ll have to wait a bit. Even if the time is not long, email support is not the best solution in the event of a breakdown or major problem.Note: I am the first to recommend OVH services but their support is really low end. Sometimes, when you ask questions, the technicians really don’t know more. They refer to a doc nothing more.

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, Conclusion

About the OVH kimsufi pooled offer, The price is minimal, the performance too. But is it really necessary to go for a higher offer?It all really depends on your security, traffic, support and management needs.If I had one last tip for you, I would tell you to go on Kimsufi only if you have a beginner site and want to get your hands dirty. Otherwise, I think you have to delegate the thing because you will waste time solving problems of migration, poor hosting, support that does not answer your questions, etc … If your site grows, you will encounter most definitely this problem.
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