How to remove WordPress malware

Method to remove WordPress malware

Since WordPress has a large number of users, there are many attacks targeting WordPress, and the number of hacks is also high. The number of WordPress hacks and countermeasures are posted in the basics of strengthening WordPress security measures, so please read them as well.Therefore, if you are using WordPress, it is a good idea to perform regular malware scans and vulnerability diagnosis. If you are a site owner or creator who is worried that there will be no damage from your site, please try it once.

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WordPress scan Remove malware at the end

WordPress scan

Visit Securi’s site check and scan your WordPress site,When the scan is completed, the following message will be output. It’s a little confusing, but if it says “Our scanner did’nt detect any malware”, no malware was detected.If malware is detected, the following warning will be displayed. Follow the instructions to remove the malware.Quote:

Google Safe Browsing Site

Please scan and check the site from ” ” and check the site.Remove malwareRevert from SmartRelease backup The easiest way to do this is to revert from a Smart Release backup to a previous state.(Caution) If you perform this operation, the entire site will return to the past state.Log in to the SmartRelease control panel and open the backup.Restore the web data from the public site tab and restore the database from the database tab (MySQL5.5 or 5.6).All files and folders will be deleted. Message is displayed, but the malware is also removed at the same time.

Manually delete

First, get a backup from Smart Release. Log in to the server console using SSH. For how to use SSH, refer to the CPI online help . Execute the following command and check if there are any recently rewritten files. The following will extract files that have been updated within the last 15 days.find ./ -type f -mtime -15 ./ – Type F – Mtime – 15If you don’t know what the extracted files are, delete them or check them. To check the file, execute the WordPress core file and diff, and check which line has been rewritten. If you find a suspicious file, overwrite it with the file you downloaded from the official WordPress.After modifying the file, check the operation of the site.

Word Press user

Please log in to the WordPress administration screen and check if any suspicious users are registered. Please check it, delete it if you do not remember registering it, and change the WordPress administrator password just in case.

at the end

The quickest way to delete WordPress Maruair is to restore it from a backup. You can get it back up immediately by taking a backup before updating anything and taking a backup after the update.