How to make a professional blog?

How to make a professional blog

How to make a professional blog

How to make a professional blog, What is a professional blog?

How to make a professional blog, Without going into too much technical detail , a professional blog is above all a blog on which you publish articles or posts on a regular basis and which makes it possible to earn income notably through the remuneration or monetization of it.

How to make a professional blog,  Successful professional blogging in 10 simple steps?

How to make a professional blog,  Having a professional blog is not something complicated in itself, what is difficult and time consuming is having to manage it and update it regularly . So let’s see how to succeed in your professional blog in 10 steps:

How to make a professional blog,  Know the issues of your theme

How to make a professional blog,  If you want to succeed in your sector, you will have to know it, that’s undeniable!So do not hesitate to find out what is the most problematic for your audience . How? ‘Or’ What ? Everything will depend on your theme. But most of the time, you can go directly to:specialized Facebook groups / pages relevant forums When you’ve found an input channel, feel free to look at the most asked questions or ask questions like:

How to make a professional blog,  What’s your biggest problem?

How to make a professional blog,  Ideally, you can also attach a survey with specific questions for more detail.Finally, you can automatically send your survey to your mailing list .Choose to monetize or make profitable your professional blog For this point, we are not necessarily talking about professional business blogs because most of them offer services and are therefore not directly concerned.Here, we’ll talk about monetizing or making your professional blog profitable .As soon as you create your professional blog, you will have to choose between these two main categories to make money with your blogs. You can also choose to monetize and make profitable your professional blog but I do not necessarily recommend it because it does not look very professional to see advertising inserts appearing everywhere while we are selling training. A professional who tries to grab a few pennies with his ads… suspicious isn’t it?

How to make a professional blog,  Monetize your professional blog

How to make a professional blog,  When you monetize your blog, you use advertising from different advertising agencies . They are displayed according to the preferences of your audience. You must have seen it before, when you are on Amazon and you hesitate to buy a bag, you will find it everywhere !!Monetization is done on an ad hoc basis (CPC). Usually a handful of pennies per click. Unless you have a lot of visits to your professional blog, you won’t fall for a minimum wage at the end of the month! Not yet, in any case.I myself use the monetization of one of my blogs but I don’t have any really positive feedback to give you yet.

How to make a professional blog,  Make your professional blog profitable

How to make a professional blog,  Finally, making a professional blog profitable comes down to selling something with high added value related to your theme. The affiliate can also become a huge source of income if it’s done right.For example, I have a student blog where I sell training to pass a diploma I took. Each purchase earns me € 7, which is better than a handful of cents! If I had used monetization, it would have taken much longer for me to reach the financial goals I set for myself.

How to make a professional blog,  Learn professional blogging

How to make a professional blog,  Most of the time, we start blogging without really knowing… Wrong! Even if you are self-taught , I advise you to train yourself continuously and regularly.I myself thought of doing it on my own in my corner when I was starting out but it quickly becomes a problem because you are all alone in front of your computer without really knowing if what you are doing is the best solution and if it is. legal…

How to make a professional blog,  Today I want:

How to make a professional blog,  a web agency, a student blog , a blog where I explain how to do business on the internet, an e-commerce site. And believe me, I train a little bit every day. In my case, I much prefer video training and training book reading over college or ebooks, but each is different.

How to make a professional blog,  Post regularly on your professional blog

How to make a professional blog,  Google is very picky on this point. It highlights sites / blogs that publish on a regular basis because it is proof that the author is invested in bringing value regularly and topicality . So don’t overlook this!Publish articles or simply content of quality, that is to say that brings value, on a regular basis on your professional blog but also on your various social networks.When you’re done writing your new article , don’t publish it right away! You can schedule its publication on another day .If you plan to go on vacation for 3 weeks, write three posts and schedule them to appear on your blog on a regular basis. Then, it is not enough to publish articles on your blog, you should plan the publication of content related to the social network in question:Facebook: image / video Instagram: photo / image or video Youtube: video tutorial / hack / training Tweet: Action of the moment Pinterest: Image tutorial / hack / training You can schedule the publication of all this content with a very practical software: HootsuiteAnd yes, Community Management is a profession in its own right …

How to make a professional blog,  Work on your natural referencing SEO

How to make a professional blog,  What good is writing articles if it is not for the long term?When I work, I spend a lot of time doing things that will pay off in the long term. And SEO is the first thing.Index and reference your website will take time, lots of time! We will have to write an article, sorry… write a good article , optimize it for SEO and then continuously improve it so that it does not get forgotten and to always be up to date… and yes, it is long… very long … In addition to that, Google will take time to index and reference it in its various search queries.Did you know that if your link has to land on the first page and first link of Google results for a given query, it doesn’t necessarily happen gradually. Your site can go down then, up and down when it is intended to be number one! Google doesn’t want SEOs and webmasters to be able to track the SEO of certain emerging links to understand how it is promoting them.In addition, the structure of your site (code) must be flawless and must not contain any duplicate content so as not to be penalized by Google. SEO work on your site is done using tools called plugins on WordPress . And there, you only see the visible side of the iceberg!

How to make a professional blog,  Make the promotion of his professional blog and Articles

How to make a professional blog,  Why ? Quite simply because your article may be the best, if you don’t promote it as much as possible, no one will pay attention and you will miss the chance that it will be viral!Imagine, you go on social networks and put a post on a group, the admin shares it on his page and BOOM is the emotional rise, of visitors, full of visitors who come to see and click everywhere!

How to make a professional blog,  How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by using:

How to make a professional blog,  social networks forums guest articles Note that it is possible to promote your articles in one shot with Hoot suite on all social networks at the same time.Want even better? Note that it is also possible to send an email to your mailing list saying that you have published such and such an article at the same time as you publish a post on ALL of your social networks saying that you have just published such an article .!Take care of your design Having content is good, but having a slamming site with content is better.You have to give your audience confidence . When they arrive on your site, they must feel at ease …Your site should be fluid and simple. Do not drown them under your Pop-ups on all your pages!For this, you will have to choose the right theme and know how to use it well. If you do not know yourselves there (and even if you do know yourselves there by the way) I recommend the DIVI 3.0 theme which is in my opinion the best existing WordPress theme ! Your site will be beautiful in the blink of an eye and you will be able to modify everything you want very easily. No need for technical knowledge now.

How to make a professional blog,  Have a mailing list

How to make a professional blog,  What is that ? I’ve been talking about it from the start without explaining too much what it was. A mailing list is, as its name suggests, an email list of your prospects .When you have traffic, you should try to capture them or at least capture their email to be able to entice them (later) to come back because you offer other things related to their problem.In order to get their email, you must offer them a deal ! A deal where they are winning and more and more! You can offer to give you their email address in exchange for:an ebook a guide a training video your best advice etc … Make it rare and precious . For example, my theme is entrepreneurship on the internet. I suggest to my audience to offer them a mini video training to help them become a successful web entrepreneur.

How to make a professional blog,  Offer private content

How to make a professional blog,  Private content is a huge lever if you want to fill your email list.Once they got what they wanted by email, it’s over for them!Except for you, it begins. You have to offer them a lot of quality content ! Even more than on your blog. One of the techniques that works very well is to take the article that works the best and extract the 10 tips or just summarize it . By email, there is no referencing, so no need to have emails of 3000 words, on the contrary indeed! Be clear, precise and transparent! Once you have captivated them, they will link your emails regularly and return to your site to take your services or buy your products.

How to make a professional blog,  Stay motivated to succeed in your professional blog

How to make a professional blog,  I don’t know why I put it in tenth condition, I should have put it in number 1.In short, motivation is the most important element as you will understand. Have you seen the ton of things left to do? So imagine if you’re not really that passionate about what you’re doing?Motivation is the key element that will allow you to write and publish articles regularly, improve your SEO, spend several hours looking at an unnecessary problem, train regularly, read articles like this to know where we are, etc …Stay motivated because in life you are either a pilot or a passenger.
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