What is Google SEO and how can you make it better?

What is Google SEO

What is Google SEO

What is Google SEO, We will see in detail what Google SEO really is, how to improve it in a sustainable way and how to equip yourself with powerful software to monitor your positioning and indirectly improve it.

The objectives of this article:

Understand the difference between natural and paid SEO Learn how to improve your Google SEO Know the different tools to use to follow your natural referencing What is Google SEO? Google, like its partners, is a search engine. It therefore has a given database on which billions of billions of URLs are stored.What is Google SEO, Did you know that at the end of 2016, it was announced that Google had indexed nearly 130,000 billion sites?And yes, when you write a blog post and publish it, Google robots (crawlers) go over it to index its content. In other words, your article is now in the Google database. He can therefore offer your article to various Internet users who are looking for the keyword or phrase you have targeted.Also be aware that as soon as your content is indexed , it is not necessarily referenced. It has therefore not yet reached its “final” position or at least the position that Google’s algorithm judges just at a given moment.Note: Google is on purpose to change the positioning of the article according to the requests in a more or less random way simply to deceive the SEOs.If you want to know more about indexing your website, do not hesitate to read our article on the subject.Depending on your request (search) Google offers you links, articles and website likely to meet your needs. As you know, they are listed in order of relevance.The more relevant you are, the better you will be referenced. This is just common sense.Then, why Google? Quite simply because Google holds no less than 75 to 90% of search queries depending on the country. So you can easily understand that we will generalize the natural referencing of websites following the one proposed by Google.If you’ve got Google in your pocket, you’ve won the game.

What is Google SEO, Referencing is broken down into 2 categories:

What is Google SEO, SEO natural seo paid referencing sea So now let’s look at these two main categories in detail.

What is Google SEO, What is natural referencing?

What is Google SEO, The natural referencing of your site represents your natural positioning in the eyes of the search engine (Google here).The SEO is very French version of the thing, if it comes to SEO Search Engine Optimization.Let’s take a real example to illustrate the term natural referencing.For example, if you search for “passage tv website” on Google, you will naturally see an article written by us appear on the first page and in second position of the search results

What is Google SEO, How is it possible ?

What is Google SEO, Quite simply because we wrote (only 1 week ago) an article optimized for natural referencing targeted on the keyword passage tv website.But just remember one thing, 75% of people never go after the first page of search engines. So you understand that if you are not on the first page, you lose everyone!If you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist.Now let’s see the other category related to SEO, which is an alternative and / or complementary method.

What is Google SEO, What is paid search?

What is Google SEO, Paid referencing represents your positioning on a keyword thanks to advertising (Google advertising network here).The paid search is also very French version of the thing, if it comes to SEA for Search Engine Advertising.Now let’s see a real case example related to paid search.Are you a plumber and want your website to appear when you type “plumber” on Google? You can use Google adwords (or Google Ads) to run an advertising campaign targeted on the keyword “plumber”.For example here, we see, thanks to the small “advertisement” label that 4 companies (or websites) have paid to position themselves in first position on the keyword “plumber”.To go even further, know that you can target cities as we can see in the previous photo. During this research, I am in a small village called Senouillac between Albi and Gaillac, that’s why I have advertisements related to Albi and Gaillac.Google Adwords or Google Ads is the advertising network of Google, you position yourself on a particular keyword.You must therefore think about the requests of your audience. In addition, another alternative method linked to paid referencing is Facebook’s advertising network: Facebook ads. Why is she so interesting? Quite simply because you are targeting the interest of your audience and not their requests. This is another approach that can work very well depending on your market.Finally, natural referencing is a long term solution unlike paid referencing which is a short term solution. Tomorrow you stop paying Google for your paid search, you no longer exist whereas if you already have a site on the first page, you can stop your activity overnight, you will not see any difference (at least not instantly) .Note: So that your natural referencing persists or at least does not deteriorate, there is still some groundwork to be done.

What is Google SEO, How to improve your Google SEO?

What is Google SEO, If you are asking yourself this question, it is quite simply that you want to improve your positioning on Google and be better referenced. But know that in this case, we are rather looking to improve its natural referencing and not its paid referencing. So now let’s see what are the different important points.

What is Google SEO, An operational and efficient website

What is Google SEO, First of all, know that if you want your natural positioning to improve on each of your pages, you must be flawless. And this implies a well-coded , well-configured, fast, responsive = site that adapts to tablets and mobiles.To know the speed and performance of your site, you can analyze your site with Getmetrix, in a few seconds you will know what your site is really worth with a score out of 100 and you will have great leads for improvement. the whole thing.Note: Be aware that what slows down your site the most are your photos and videos. If you are using WordPress, know that it is possible to optimize each of your photos automatically thanks to plugins like WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer.Then, cache your site in order to decrease its loading speed when visiting your recurring visitors thanks to the WordPress WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache or WP Rocket plugins. Similarly, think about the security of your site. Of course, having a secure website will not necessarily improve your natural referencing, but if it is not very secure, that you have already been hacked or otherwise, your natural referencing will take a hit.This is only common sense, Google is spoiled for choice. He therefore chooses the most relevant sites but also the fastest, secure (or at least not the least secure) and the best coded.Note: Forget one page sites because you are completely limiting your SEO. Why ? Your store has only one front door. Isn’t it better to have several front doors when you have a store?

What is Google SEO, A content strategy

What is Google SEO, To have a content strategy , you need to have multiple pages and articles. As we have just explained, try to multiply your input channels.A website without a blog will have a lot (if not BEAAAAAUUUUUCOUP) more difficult to position itself on the keywords it targets compared to its competitor with a content strategy that writes and publishes 1 article per week (or per months depending on your market).Simply draw the parallel with your professional surveys. When you approach your customers, you don’t just show them your products, reassure me! To interest your customers, give them a lot! Be generous , reassure them, show them that you are an expert that it is with pleasure that you take the time to explain certain things to them. Don’t necessarily put it all over their heads, just be generous. Avoid saying:“Do you want to know that? Beh pays for my training. ” “Do you want to do this? Beh call me, I will not explain how to do it. ” Then when you create new articles, try to answer questions, add value to your audience, and be original.Google penalizes plagiarism very severely so you can forget about it altogether. Even on your site! Yes Yes ! Google penalizes external plagiarism but also internal! So avoid repeating yourself on all your articles.There is even software that lets you know if you have plagiarized, what percentage of your plagiarism is, and what different sources of plagiarism you have used.For your SEO to improve, you need to write blog posts like we did previously on Google’s SEO photo and as we are doing now.

What is Google SEO, Remember one thing, content is king.

What is Google SEO, Also and above all, think about bringing value to your audience rather than thinking about SEO, SEO and SEO!Your content strategy is now operational, let’s move on to your net linking strategy.

What is Google SEO, An external linking strategy

What is Google SEO, In addition to the new content that you bring, you must also have an internal and external linking strategy. Links, links and more links.First of all, the external links. In your articles, make links to other quality articles, do not hesitate to comment on articles explaining that you have just written a complementary article, answer questions on the forums by redirecting them to your article, n ‘don’t forget the You tube tutorials, etc …Try to link your article to other directly related content while avoiding spamming.

What is Google SEO, Google will recognize this and penalize you as well.

What is Google SEO, A little advice that we can give you and also to write and publish invited or sponsored articles with your partners and / or direct or indirect competitors. This way you will have a quality link (made by you) from an article that you have written and from a partner that you have selected. All profit!

What is Google SEO, An internal linking strategy

What is Google SEO, Likewise, you must create a tree structure between your different articles, this is called semantics .For example, you are a lifeguard, you have already written an article on “How to learn to swim?” and you are writing an article on “How to learn to swim fast?” you can (if not you have to) link to your previous article because it is directly related.The ideal is even to create article categories and link all the articles of the same category together.All long-tail articles , that is to say articles on which the keywords you are targeting are little searched for must point to your trailing articles, ie articles on which the keywords you are targeting are highly sought after.Finally, let’s see what tools you can use daily to improve or monitor your SEO and that of your competitors.

What is Google SEO, Tools to improve your SEO

What is Google SEO, There are many tools just as essential as each other, so we are going to give you the best known and most used by SEOs.You can analyze the backlinks of your competitors thanks to:Majestic SEO Ahrefs Semrush Backlinks are backlinks, that is to say links on sites external to yours that point to you.Thanks to these detailed analyzes, you will be able to write guest articles on the same platform as your competitors to have quality backlinks. Then, you can determine the potential or the quality of a backlink thanks to:

What is Google SEO, Woo rank

What is Google SEO, And yes, it is not enough to have links en masse especially if they are of poor quality. The popularity of the links that point to you determines the quality of your own website.Finally, if you want to find keywords and know how competitive a keyword is, you can use:Google Adwords (Google Ads) Yooda Insight They are completely free. So to use excessively!Moreover, Yooda offers very good solutions related to natural referencing like SeeUrank for referencing in directories .
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