How to find great blog contents

How to find great blog contents

How to find great blog contents

How to find great blog contents, In this article, we take a look at what a blog post is, what are the different formats there are, and what a good blog post idea is.In this article we will briefly see together the world of blogging and its issues. Our goal here is clearly to provide you with solutions in your research for blog article ideas so that you can continue to write or at least bring value to your audience and that the SEO of it does not fall. never collapse.First, let’s define together what a blog post is on a website . A blog post or post is a dynamic page in the eyes of WordPress unlike “pages” which are viewed rather statically. You can write a blog post to communicate about your news, how your products or services work, or just to answer questions.Besides, why write a blog post? What does this bring besides feeding his blog?Very good question ! Having a blog allows you to strengthen your professionalism as well as your customer / prospect relationship because you offer them content, added value!

How to find great blog contents, Content is king!

How to find great blog contents,Then a blog post helps create a secondary entry channel for you. Having a  targeted blog post is a new gateway to your site and what you are offering. Now let’s see what blog post format there is.

How to find great blog contents, Choose format

How to find great blog contents, A blog post, as we have just seen, is a dynamic page that deals with a specific subject , so it is text, sometimes we can even say a lot of text. A blog post should be between 800 and 3,000 words long to begin to be optimized for SEO.Now let’s see what format there is to write a post. Also know that this kind of format can be assimilated ideas to use for your various blogs. Choose a format and an idea for an article and let’s go!

How to find great blog contents, The definition

How to find great blog contents, You can write blog posts on different definitions of your topic to attract leads. But note one thing, these aren’t necessarily hot leads as they’re just looking for a definition. Besides, it must be short because otherwise they go away. They just want the exact definition, nothing more. If necessary, they are simply bloggers looking for the exact definition to make an article that answers a question.

How to find great blog contents, Statistics

How to find great blog contents, This format is quite common among bloggers because it allows to talk about current events quite easily while highlighting key figures and statistics.The tutorial / how to do it This format is the format I use the most or at least the one I try to use the most because it directly answers a question that (often) many people ask themselves. It is very beneficial for your natural referencing.

News / news / trends

This format is quite interesting to deal with, but on an ad hoc basis. Why ? Quite simply because it quickly becomes more topical. Prefer subjects of timeless articles.

The checklist

The checklist is a very good first example of a format to be used excessively because it is very catchy, it speaks a lot and it allows you to differentiate yourself much more easily.

How to find great blog contents, Guide

How to find great blog contents, The guide is relatively unknown and badly used. The guide is what is best for your natural referencing because an article in “tutorials / how-to” format doped with steroids! A guide should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words long. A good strategy is to consolidate all the little 1000 word articles that you have done into one 10,000 word article that will be your ultimate guide. And of course without plagiarism!

How to find great blog contents, The comparative

How to find great blog contents, The comparison is a type of format that is very easy to set up because you just have to take the software or products most used in your theme and compare them.

How to find great blog contents, Recurring events

How to find great blog contents, If you are in a nested sector, there is a good chance that there are recurring events such as trade fairs, meetups, meetings, meetings, get-togethers, etc … so note these dates and communicate them through a new article for your audience. This will undoubtedly be of interest to many people! The interview is a format that is not widely used by young entrepreneurs. This allows in particular to make “community exchanges”.

How to find great blog contents, Testimonials

How to find great blog contents, Most of the time, if you have customer feedback, you don’t necessarily have customer testimonials. Moreover, you will highlight them by saying that you have customer reviews. A review or a return is simply much shorter than a testimonial. An opinion is often a sentence while a testimony can almost hold an article.

How to find great blog contents, FAQ / SAQ

How to find great blog contents, You should probably know this format (Frequently Asked Questions) but not necessarily in the form of a blog post. In my case, I often find this format when I’m about to buy training, a product, or subscribe to software. We find this to reassure the customer. But why not turn it another way to have new content? It is interesting for you to set this up if you are starting to have a good small community. To do this, send an email to your prospects / customers, or post a message (text or video) on social networks to solicit people who follow you and who have questions to which you have the answer.Note: SAQs are “Shoud Ask Questions” or literally, questions that should be asked (but are not).

The synthesis of a well-known book

Do you read books in your theme? Do not hesitate to share what you read and what you have retained. It will support your expertise if you read very well known books.

The portrait

This last blog post format is quite common in my theme, we write blog articles about inspiring people or who have already achieved their goal to inspire and attract people.

How to find great blog contents, Find the idea

How to find great blog contents, First, we can ask ourselves the question: What is a good blog post idea ? That’s a good question. A good blog post idea is an article topic that interests people on which to position ourselves.First of all, you have to find a keyword or a key phrase with a fairly high search volume (minimum 100 requests / month).Then you have to check whether the competition is too tough. For example, you have chosen the dog niche (pun intended) do not target the keyword “dog” which will be far too competitive. Instead, choose to position yourself on the keyword “dog walk” which will be much less competitive and on which it will be much easier to position yourself.Once you have chosen the key word or phrase, turn it into a question to be sure to target people who are looking for the answer to that kind of question.Finally, tailor the length of your article to match your keyword competition.BONUS: Also think about links (net linking, backlink, etc…) because a real natural referencing strategy is not limited to content but to content and links (internet and external).To put it simply, if you have found a keyword (and it is not too competitive) you can then find the right question and answer it in an article of more or less 1,500 words depending on the competition for the keyword you selected.

How to find great blog contents, Subscribe to the newsletters of your competitors

How to find great blog contents, Create a fictitious email address (or even gmail) that you will use only to monitor and go to all your competitors’ blogs to subscribe to their newsletter. Be careful though to avoid plagiarism! If the title inspires you so much the better but do not plagiarize the title or the content, it will only be counterproductive in this case.Go to the forums and write down the most asked questions Here is yet another way to find blog post ideas very easily. In 2 clicks you are on the forum for your topic and you have access to a considerable number of questions. It’s a gold mine, don’t you think?

How to find great blog contents, Read comments on blogs and social media

How to find great blog contents, Whether you are on your competitor’s blog or on a social network (Facebook, You tube, Twitter, e.t.c …) carefully watch all the comments (especially those without answers) from your audience because these are ready-made questions just waiting for you their answers. Follow the pages of your biggest competitors because they (for the most part) don’t have time to respond to all the comments, the same on You tube! It’s a godsend for you.

How to find great blog contents, Read a famous book

How to find great blog contents, Go to Amazon, select your topic or search for the word that comes closest to it, then take the best book in your topic, read it and at the same time note what topic could be discussed on your blog. You can also transcribe the topic discussed in the book and quoted it directly, so that it will also strengthen your image.

How to find great blog contents, Use an idea generator

How to find great blog contents, An idea generator is simply an Excel table on which is noted the keyword you are targeting, the associated question and the associated competition. You can start to fill it out by brainstorming around the different keywords or key phrases of your theme.This spreadsheet is scalable, you must keep it handy day and night! For that, I advise you to create it on your Google Drive, so you will have access to it from your computer, phone, and tablet day and night as long as you have internet.

How to find great blog contents, Write down each of your searches when you start

How to find great blog contents, I have not yet found this method on the net. I have been practicing it since I started and have had good results with it, so I will share it with you here. From the moment you launch your activity (even without having a site and even less a blog) write down every request you make on the internet because even if you are an expert in your field (or even a beginner) you are in the process of look for an answer to your question (which is directly related to your activity) then it is a potential idea of ​​article to treat! Imagine, the next newbie who comes by, makes the same query as you and you already have an article that answers that question? Very beneficial, no?🙂Hope this article has answered your question. If you are still reading this blog post, it is probably because you want to go further and develop your online business.
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