A Complete guide to writing blog post

Guide to writing a blog post

Guide to writing a blog post

Guide to writing a blog post, Interest in writing blog articles

Guide to writing a blog post, If you’re into content creation and more specifically writing blog posts, you know the value of posting to your blog. But it is still very important to do a little global reminder.

Traffic to your blog

The primary interest is traffic. And yes, traffic is very important because who says traffic, says prospect and customer. Therefore, writing blog posts allows you to attract customers to your website.

Guide to writing a blog post, The legitimacy

Guide to writing a blog post, I know! You don’t need that, you know what you’re worth! But visitors who discover you don’t know your value and expertise. So you have to show them and prove to them by A + B that you are legitimate. That you know what you are talking about and that you have some experience. For this, you can (and should) position yourself as a specialist.

Guide to writing a blog post, Content strategy for blog posts

Guide to writing a blog post, Before you start, you have to establish a square content strategy in order to make the mistake I made when I started: having to start everything again and waste time reworking your blog posts.

Guide to writing a blog post, What is the ideal frequency to post your blog posts?

Guide to writing a blog post, How much are you planning to blog post? And how often u post. This question is also very important for your content creation strategy. Search engines (like social networks) like you to be regular in your post. The more you publish, the more you demonstrate your desire to be visible, the more you will be highlighted. I advise you to start with a publication frequency of at least 1 article / week. The ideal is to publish 1 article / day but it quickly becomes time consuming. You can leave with a goal of 1 article / week and schedule the next publications. This is exactly what I do. Currently my goal is to post 3 blog posts / week. As soon as I have created a blog post, I plan it following the ones that are going to be published.

Guide to writing a blog post, How many blog posts do you need to have on your website to be successful?

Guide to writing a blog post, How much blog post does it take to be successful. Succeed in the sense that I have enough visitors to my website every day to generate enough leads (prospects) and customers to make a living from my activity. That’s a very good question. But it is very difficult to answer it. Why ? Quite simply because it depends on the quality of your articles, the age of your website, the notoriety of it, your niche, etc … But I will still give you an idea. do not worry ! By analyzing several successful bloggers (who make a living from blogging activity), I could see that from 700 (quality) blog posts we manage to make a living from our online activity.  I advise you to have as a goal the 1000 blog articles published on your website . To be broad ,with such a large number of articles, it is almost certain that your business will work on its own.

Guide to writing a blog post, How to write your blog article well to be visible quickly?

Guide to writing a blog post, Have you defined your strategy and are you ready to write your blog posts to be as visible as possible? Let’s take a look at how you should write your next blog posts to be featured by search engines.

Guide to writing a blog post, Pay attention to the keyword’s monthly search volume

Guide to writing a blog post, The first thing to do when you want to write a post for your blog is to do a monthly volume research on the keyword you are targeting. The notion of key word or phrase is very important! For example, on this same blog post, the keyword I’m targeting is “blog post”. You absolutely have to keep your keyword or keyword phrase in mind. It is your guideline, your common thread. Why ? Simply to avoid making the mistake I made. I have written blog posts where I appear first on the target query. This was done in just 2 hours, for sure. Isn’t that great? Except that some of these posts never brought me a single visitor. So a pretty significant waste of time for my taste. If I had done a monthly search volume search, I would have realized that no one is typing the query in question. So no chance that I have visitors.Once you’ve found the keyword (s) you want to rank for, you can finally get started with writing your blog post.

Guide to writing a blog post, Structure your blog posts

Guide to writing a blog post, When you were in school, you were taught the lesson in the form of chapters, sub-chapters and modules. When you read a book, you also have chapters. When you study an online training, it is in module and sub module form. Your blog post should absolutely be structured the same way.First, ie in Title 1 (= H1), you have the title of your blog post (like the title of your book). It must be unique. Then you need to structure your article in the following form:
  • How to do this?
    • Do this
      • Like this
    • But also this
      • Like this
  • What to do after after doing this?
Note that you don’t have to go to “Title 4”, you can simply stop at “Title 2”. On the other hand, there is no need to go beyond “title 4” because Google will not take it into account.Likewise, keep your paragraphs as balanced as possible.

Guide to writing a blog post, Keep in mind the semantics

Guide to writing a blog post, In natural referencing, semantics are very important. Why ? Quite simply because Google does not link your blog post. He doesn’t understand the words. He analyzes and interprets. For him and for all search engines for that matter, words are only vectors. A little exercise to find out if our blog article is coherent and easily understandable by search engines, and to use the blank text method. You take your blog post and delete your main keyword. If you don’t understand anything, you can still improve your post to make it easier for search engines to understand. To do this, remember to work on the (s):
  • synonyms
  • singular and plural
  • etc …
To put it simply, don’t be too redundant, be natural and don’t try to over-optimize your post because you want to be first on a particular keyword.

Guide to writing a blog post, Write a unique and long enough blog post

Guide to writing a blog post, Content is king, we get it!But how do you do a long enough qualitative post? When writing your blog posts, try to pass the 1000 word minimum mark .  Below that, your blog posts will not be long enough.Be careful though! I’m not saying that the longer your article, the more likely it will be to rank first. The key to positioning yourself first on the query you are targeting is quite simply to make a qualitative post. That’s all. Google emphasizes the quality of your post and not the quantity. A very relevant post of less than 500 words can largely position itself in front of a post of 2000 words of very low quality which goes too far and which moves away from the subject just to embroider.Duplicate content is also very important. I still have far too many clients telling me:
Ok, it’s okay I get it, I’m going to copy / paste blog posts that interest me to exceed 1000 words.
Certainly not my pot! You forget that idea!The goal is to be unique! You can approach a topic identical to that of your competitor but in a different way. With a different initial question for example, a different structure and ultimately different content.

Guide to writing a blog post, Put visuals

Guide to writing a blog post, A note is often long and heavy to read. Already, to make your article accessible, you can make a You tube video and a podcast and integrate these 2 formats in your article to leave the choice to your reader.If we stick to our articles, to make them more readable, we must add visuals. You can (and should) also add a featured photo to your article. The featured image is the image that best illustrates your blog post. The rest of the visuals and illustrations will be in the body of your blog post. When adding an image to your post, remember to rename your image with the keywords you are targeting.Be careful not to use special characters or accents. I often retrieve “broken” sites where there are images with accents that are unrecoverable. So no accents on the images of your articles please!

Guide to writing a blog post, How to optimize your blog post for natural referencing?

Guide to writing a blog post, Once you have written your blog post, you will need to optimize it so that it is as visible as possible on search engines.The first thing is to check all the criteria that we have just seen previously. Keyword, semantics, structure, length and readability.

Guide to writing a blog post, The tools to optimize your post for SEO

Guide to writing a blog post, The advantage with WordPress is that it offers you several tools for natural referencing. For starters, I recommend that you use Yoast. This plugin is free and is more than enough to get started. This tool does not improve your natural referencing! It just tells you what to improve based on the keyword you’re targeting. It gives you indications on SEO and the readability of your article. These two criteria must be absolutely green when you publish your article.

Guide to writing a blog post, Categorize your blog post

Guide to writing a blog post, In natural referencing, we often talk about silo and semantic cocoon. I will popularize this very quickly. When you write your blog post it should be in a category. Simply. The name of this category should be thought through beforehand but it is not the subject of the blog post. So just think about categorizing your blog posts.

Guide to writing a blog post, Weave your web

Guide to writing a blog post, Once you’ve done everything I recommend, you need to weave your web. Let me explain. In natural referencing, we talk about internal networking. To keep it simple, you need to make links between your different blog posts. If in one of your articles you mention a subject that you have already covered in a previous blog post, you can link to it.

Guide to writing a blog post, How to enhance and promote your blog articles?

Interest + intro

Promote blog posts manually

Guide to writing a blog post, Promoting your blog posts is mandatory. You can do it on your social networks but also by email if you have enough subscribers. Doing it manually is a real advantage, especially on social networks because you gain visibility. Social networks don’t like automation too much. So make your post unique for promoting your blog post and you will be featured.

Promote blog posts automatically

Why do it manually when you can automate it? There are some tools which allow you to automate the publication of your blog article on all your social networks or by email for example.

Guide to writing a blog post, Make backlinks

Guide to writing a blog post, Backlinks are also mandatory if you want search engines to promote you. Why ? If you have websites with notoriety (more important than yours) that talk about you, it is a guarantee of confidence for the search engines. To achieve backlinks, you can use your professional network and partners, forums and specialized directories.

Guide to writing a blog post, Write guest articles

Guide to writing a blog post, The transition is ready because the guest articles bring you backlinks.A guest article is the act of writing an article and publishing it elsewhere than on your website. For example, you take a very large company that is very active on their blog and you send them an email asking if they are accepting guest posts. A guest post can get you a lot of visitors if done right.
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