How to deindex your wordpress site

How to deindex your wordpress site

In this article we will see together what it means to deindex a website, in which cases it can be useful and especially how to do it as easily as possible with WordPress and the tools we have at our disposal. The goal is not to get lost in abstract things but to clarify all of this and make the information accessible to you so that you can do it if necessary.Let’s start from the beginning and see what it really means to deindex your website.

What does it mean to deindex your website?

To put it simply, deindexing your website is like telling Google and all the search engines that our website should not be indexed. That is to say that it should not be stored in their given database and therefore not visible when searched on search engines through specific keywords.Be careful, I am not saying that the robots will not pass, I am simply saying that we give them the order. In some cases, Google bots still come to your site, scan it and index it. We must therefore find another way to tell Google not to index the site.Note perhaps obvious (at least for certain), a deindexed website remains visible to everyone with the URL. Even if you have chosen to deindex your website, someone who has the URL of your website will be able to see its content.If you are looking to put a message on your website to indicate something, you don’t need to deindex it, you just have to put it in maintenance. They are really two very different things.

Why deindex your website?

Now that we have seen in general what it means to deindex your website, let’s see together why it is interesting to deindex your website and in which case I was led to do it.

The website is in pre-production

If you create a WordPress site , the solution of working locally is not necessarily the most adequate. This is why we work more generally online. A domain name, a hosting, a basic WordPress installation (but up to date) and we start working on the website. From the moment of the WordPress installation, we deindex the WordPress site (which we will see the manipulation ‘just after) in order not to make visible an unfinished site. A website can be created very quickly or very slowly, it all depends on the responsiveness of the agency / client exchanges. So before the site is fully operational and validated by the customer himself, the site will not be visible to the general public but only to the customer.

The site is an old backup

This case is really special. The problem (or the solution, it all depends on how you see it) will arise quite naturally when you will not be able to make a backup of your website or if you do not want to make regular backups but rather restore points. In this case, you will have a copy of your website or an old version of it which should not be visible to the general public.In natural referencing, duplicate content is absolutely to be banned! So if you have a copy of your website lying around, be sure to de-index it so as not to penalize your natural positioning.😉You can also do this if you want to show a before after evolution of your website. At the Agency, we do it for certain clients who come to us with really unattractive sites and whose evolution becomes all the more incredible.

The site is a secret business

This one had never been made to me! But why not after all! Imagine! Imagine… that we have a “secret” website that would only be used by a certain category of people who have subscribed to an offer? But in this case, it is like saying that you don’t know that it is possible todefine certain pages as protected by a password deindex only certain pages Or, you have something to reproach yourself with …

Deindex your WordPress site in 2 clicks

Deindexing your WordPress site is done very quickly! How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s very simple, you just have to connect to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Settings” then “Reading”. At the very bottom, the last point is “Visibility for search engines”. There is a checkbox that says “Ask search engines not to index this site”. If you check this box, it lets you tell the various search engines that you do not want to index your website. This box should therefore be handled with the utmost caution, especially if your website already has a good natural positioning.Be careful, a small note from WordPress: “Some search engines may decide to index it anyway. “. That says it all. As mentioned above, search engines do what they want. Regarding me, I did not have any problem with this box. It works very well🙂

Deindex your website from your server

If you manage multiple websites and administer / maintain them yourself, you may be using a like PLESK server management interface (which I use and recommend). If so, and you are not a professional congratulations! Acquiring this kind of skill as an amateur is not given to everyone.I hope that this article will be useful for you to carry out this manipulation which remains very simple and therefore accessible to everyone without having to get your hands dirty = go into the code through the FTP.