Complete guide to Install WordPress

Complete guide to Install WordPress

Once you understand what WordPress is, it’s time to learn how to set up a WordPress site on your hosting server. In the past the installation of WordPress was complicated and it required technical knowledge and familiarity with the management panel of the storage server (cPanel). Today however Complete guide to Install WordPress on the storage server within a few minutes and without much knowledge or experience.There are two main ways to install WordPress in storage. The first way is through quick installation from the storage server and the second way is through installing WordPress manually (requires technical knowledge and understanding of storage and databases). In this article we will teach you the two ways to install WordPress so that you can choose the convenient way for you or the right way for the storage server you are working with.Install WordPress on GoDaddy Installing WordPress in HostGator Manual installation of WordPress – suitable for all storage companies Download the WordPress installation in Hebrew Upload WordPress for storage Creating databases for the WordPress site Performing a WordPress installation Conclusions after setting up a WordPress site

A few highlights before getting started

First it is important to note that this guide is for those of you who are interested in installing WordPress on a storage server. If you do not already have a hosting server, it is recommended that you first learn how to purchase a hosting server for a website in the guide of uploading a website .For those of you who are not interested in purchasing hosting there is also the option of opening a free WordPress site but this option limits you in many ways, and when you open a free WordPress site your site will have advertisements and even banners that WordPress chooses to display so we less recommend installing a free WordPress site. More information on the topic in the guide of the difference between WordPress com and WordPress org .One of the advantages of making WordPress a system so popular is that today almost every storage server in the country and abroad offers the option to perform a quick installation of WordPress. Manually installing WordPress can be a bit tricky since it requires uploading the latest version of WordPress to the storage server, it requires creating a database user and creating a database and it also needs to update the database information in the version of WordPress you have installed.In the quick installation that most hosting servers offer, the hosting server will perform all the operations required for you and provide you with a user and password with which you can connect to the new site. If you have a choice, it is recommended to choose the option of quick installation.

Install WordPress on GoDaddy

In this part of the guide we will teach you how to install WordPress when your site is hosted on GoDaddy. In most cases the storage management interface is similar so you can follow the guide and perform the installation even if your site is on a different storage server.If you do not have an account in Gaddy to purchase storage from the GoDaddy website, click on the following link: Purchase Gaddy’s storage .To perform the installation, go to the management area of ​​your storage (cPanel) and under the Web Applications label, click on the button that says WordPress.On the page that opens, click on the “Install this application” button to begin the installation of WordPress.After clicking the “Install this application” button, another window will open that will allow you to change your WordPress installation settings. First you will need to choose the domain on which you will install the site and you will also need to configure the installation language of WordPress. If you want to install WordPress in Hebrew, select the Hebrew option. If you want to install WordPress in English, leave the option of English checked as it usually appears at the beginning of the installation.Under the Settings label you can set the username and password with which you can log in to WordPress. You can also set the site name, email and site slogan. After filling in the details, click the Install button to perform the installation.The installation process of WordPress can take a few minutes and at the end you will be able to connect to the new site you have created. In order to connect to the site with a WordPress management system, you will need to enter the domain of your site and add wp-admin to the site’s address.For example: wp-adminOn the login page that opens, you will be asked to enter a password and user and you will be able to enter the password and user that you defined in the installation. Once logged in you can start making changes to the site. For more information, see the guide that explains how to connect to WordPress .As you could see the process of installing WordPress is very simple and does not require much knowledge. Despite the ease of installation in order to build a professional website it is desirable that you have professional knowledge in the field and graphic design capabilities. If you are interested in WordPress website building services we recommend using the services of a professional website builder who knows what he is doing.

Installing WordPress in HostGator

In this part of the guide we will explain how to install WordPress when your site is hosted in HostGator. The installation of WordPress can be slightly different in other storage but in most cases the installation process is similar and almost identical.If you do not have a Hostgator account to purchase hosting from HostGator, click on the following link: Purchase hosting on HostGator .You can start the installation of WordPress in HostGator by logging in to the storage management area (cPanel). And select the Quick Install option to perform a quick installation.In the window that opens, select the WordPress option and then click the Install WordPress button as shown in the image below:After clicking Install WordPress you will be asked to fill in the details of the site you want to build. You will see what data you need to fill in the image below. After filling in the details, click on the green button of Install WordPressWhen you click on the WordPress installation button the installation process will start. The process can take a few minutes and at the end you will be transferred to a new page and at the top of the page you will see a message that the installation is complete. Once you can see that the installation is complete, click on the View Credentials button and you will see the login information for the new WordPress site you have created.After clicking the button, you will see the address of the login page for the WordPress administration area, and in addition, the username and password created for you will be stored in Hostgator’s storage. You can enter the link that appears and enter the username and password in order to connect to the site.

Complete guide to Install WordPress- suitable for all storage companies

Today, almost every self-respecting hosting company has the option to quickly install WordPress. If your storage does not have this option, our recommendation is to find another storage that allows for quick installation.For those of you who are not interested in installing WordPress through quick installation or for those of you who just want to know how to install WordPress manually keep reading this guide. It is important to clarify in advance that unlike quick installation, installing WordPress manually will be more complicated and it sometimes requires technical knowledge and experience working with the cPanel of storage.

Step 1 – Download WordPress installation in Hebrew

The first step in installing WordPress is to download the latest version of WordPress in Hebrew from the WordPress site.If you are interested in installing WordPress in Hebrew, you can download the installation of WordPress in the Hebrew version by following the link below: you are interested in downloading WordPress in English and not in Hebrew, you can do so by following the link below: file you download, whether in Hebrew or English, will be a ZIP file . Leave the file as it is because you will need to upload it later to the storage server.

Step 2 – Upload WordPress for storage

Once you have downloaded the WordPress installation file you will need to upload it to the domain hosting server where you want to install the WordPress site. In order to upload the installation to the storage server you will need to enter the storage management area (cPanel) and click on File Manager.After clicking on File Manager another window will open where you will have to click on the Go button.In the new window that opens, click the Upload button to upload the WordPress installation file to the storage server.In the next window, click on the Browse button and select the WordPress ZIP file that we downloaded in the first step from the WordPress site.Once you have finished uploading the file, go back to the File Manger page and extract the WordPress installation file that we uploaded for storage. Right-click on the installation file and select Extract. In the next window that opens, click the Extract Files button and wait for a new folder to be created with the WordPress installation files.Extracting the files in most cases will create another folder within which the files will be found. We will need to move the files back to the main folder of the domain and we can do this by entering the newly created folder, selecting all the files, right-clicking on the files and selecting the Move option.In the next window that opens you will delete the name of the folder created to move the files to the main folder of the domain or to the folder where you want the WordPress installation files to be found. Then click the Move File button.Now all you have to do is delete the ZIP file and the empty folder created after transferring the files.

Step 3 – Create databases for the WordPress site

The installation of WordPress requires the use of databases and in order to perform the installation we will need to open a user for the database, we will need to create a database and we will also need to give permissions to the database through the user we created. When you create a user and password you will keep the details aside because you will need them later in the process when you perform the initial installation of WordPress.Return to the cPanel of your storage server and click the MySQL Databases button.The first step will be to create the database. Under the heading of Create New Database enter the name of the database you want and click Create Database.The next step will be to create a username and password. Under the Add New User heading enter the username and password you want and click the Create User button.Now what we have left to do is give permissions to the new database we created under the new user we created. Look for the Add User To Database title and select the username you created and the database you created to set the permissions. Once you have selected the correct data you will click on the Add button.In order to grant permissions to the user in the database, check all the options in the window that opens (you can also click on ALL PRIVILEGES) and then click on the Make Changes button.

Step 4 – Install WordPress

The last step is to put the data we created (user and database) into WordPress so that the databases can be installed and so that we can start using the site.To complete the installation, go to the domain (website) to which you transferred the WordPress installation files. On the website you will see the following screen and click on the continue button.At this point you will need to insert the database data we set up in step 3 into the WordPress installation. Enter the name of the database you created in the database. In the username, enter the user of the database you created and below, enter the password you set for that username. Once you have entered all the data, click the Submit button.If you get an error, it means that you entered incorrect data and you will have to repeat step 3 again. If you succeed in this step, you will see an installation activation button, click on it and the installation of the database will begin.The last part of the WordPress setup process is entering the details of the site and entering a user and password with which you can log in to the WordPress site you have installed. Enter the details and then you will be taken to the WordPress login page.

Conclusions after setting up a WordPress site

As you have seen in this guide the installation of WordPress is not a complicated operation and after reading the guide you can do it yourself and easily. As long as you do not have to install WordPress manually like in the Middle Ages the process will be very simple and will take you less than a quarter of an hour even if you have no technical knowledge on the subject.If you are in shared storage there is no reason why you should not have the option of a quick installation of WordPress. We again recommend that if you do not have a quick installation your storage is probably not good enough and you should find new storage.Setting up a WordPress site is just the first step in the process of launching a site. After installation, you will need to make initial settings and optimize the site so that you can promote it effectively in the search engines and so that you can make the site friendly for the surfers who enter it.If you got involved in the installation process I am happy to inform you that we also offer website building services in WordPress . For more information on building a WordPress site, we invite you to contact us and we will be happy to be at your service.For those who need more help, we have a complete category of WordPress guides on the site that will help you learn how to operate the WordPress site you have just installed and how to manage the site yourself without the help of a site builder.
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