main difference between posts and pages in WordPress

Main difference between posts and pages in WordPress

In the past we have heard quite a few customers ask the question main difference between posts and pages in WordPress within the WordPress management interface? In this article we will briefly deal with the differences between posts and pages and provide an answer to the important question of when to use posts and when to use pages when you want to create content on the site or create new pages.Where are the pages and posts in WordPress? When to use posts and when to pages? What is the difference between a post and a page in WordPress? Is it mandatory to use posts on the site? Where are the pages and posts in WordPress? Once you have logged in to WordPress you will see on the right side within the management system the side menu. Among the options you will also find the label of posts and the label of pages. By clicking on any of the options you can create new pages or posts.

When to use posts and when to pages?

For those of you who know less about what WordPress is and what the history of the system is then it is important to know that WordPress started as a content management system for blogging sites. In the past the main use of WordPress was for building blogs and not for building complex websites as can be built today. In the beginning most of the users in WordPress used posts and not pages for blog management on the site.So yes as you probably already understand posts are used for posts you post on a blog and pages are used for regular pages of the site. The process is simple, if you have a blog on the site and you publish guides, news and articles on it, then the pages you want to appear on the blog will be published under the posts tab.If you are interested in publishing regular pages such as a main page, a page about us, contact us, etc .. Use the pages tab and publish your content there and then you can add the pages into the navigation menu in WordPress that you define (usually the top menu).It is important that you publish the pages in the place designated for them so that you can build and develop the site in a good and correct way. Even if at the moment it seems less important to you, in the future when you want to promote or upgrade the site it is important that its infrastructure is well built in order to avoid changes and fixes that will cost you time and money.

Main difference between posts and pages in WordPress

In this article we will not expand on the difference between posts and pages in WordPress because in the following guides of the WordPress series for beginners we will publish a guide on creating pages in WordPress and a guide on creating posts in WordPress and there we will expand on the options when publishing a new page and when posting a new post.On one foot, the use of posts allows you to start a blog on the site. When you create a new post it is automatically updated on the blog. Through the blog you can define posts as categories or tags and you can publish directories, updates, news, etc. כך thus creating a community of users who return to the site to view the changes and new content you have created.On the other hand, a standard page is usually used to create static content that is not updated frequently, such as an about page, a contact page, a services page, recommendations from customers, etc.…

Is it mandatory to use posts on the site?

Of course not, unlike in the past the whole essence of WordPress was to build and manage blogs today using plugins like Elementor can in the process of building a WordPress site build a website without using the functions of the blog at all.Although it is not mandatory, in order to promote the site in a good way it is recommended to build a blog on the site and publish new and quality content. New content and a well-run blog can bring more traffic to your site and promote search engine pages.And with regard to the opposite question, is it permissible to publish only posts and not pages? So theoretically the answer is yes but even here it would not be a good idea. It is recommended to combine the two and build a site that contains both pages and blog posts.In the following articles in our series of WordPress tutorials for beginners we will show you how to create pages and how to create posts in WordPress. After viewing the guides, you will clearly understand what options you have in the posts, what options there are on the pages and when you can use each of the options. In the meantime, if you have a blog, post content there under posts and if you are interested in building only regular / static pages, post them as pages.
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