log in WordPress and enter the management interface

Log in WordPress and enter the management interface

The first action that comes after installing WordPress is log in WordPress and enter the management interface. The login process is quite simple but can be a problem for the new user working for the first time with the WordPress management system . In this guide we will explain to you how to perform the first steps in the system and we will explain how to connect to WordPress, how to log out of WordPress and how to recover a password if you have forgotten the password.How to get into WordPress Password recovery in WordPress How to log out of WordPress How to login / log in to WordPress In order to enter the WordPress administration interface, all you have to do is enter the main domain of the site or a folder on the site where the WordPress system is installed and there you will need to add the caption wp-admin.For example: If the WordPress system is installed on the site at the following address: http://www.website.co.il Add the wp-admin URL to the end and you can enter the following link to connect to WordPress (replace the URL with your URL):Http://www.website.co.il / wp-admin If the URL is not the primary domain are in a folder on the primary domain, for example Http://www.website.co.il/ en so you can connect to the WordPress interface by logging on to the next link (replace the domain name corresponding data folders to your site ):http://www.website.co.il / en / wp-admin Once you have entered the link according to the instructions, you will be taken to the WordPress login page, where you can enter the password and user you have defined.

Log in WordPress and enter the management interface

After entering the user and password and clicking the “Login” button, you will be automatically transferred to the WordPress administration interface, where you can start editing the site and make changes to it.

What if I forgot my WordPress password?

We are all human and there may be a case where you have lost your password or WordPress login information. As long as you have set up the site in the installation with your real email you can easily recover the password. To perform a password recovery go to the login page as described at the top of the article.On the login page, click on the “Password Recovery” button. You will then have to enter your username or e-mail and you will receive a password reset link to the email address you set up in the system.If you have not set up your real email in the installation then password recovery will become a complicated process. The password can be reset from the database, but it is not a simple process that requires knowledge. If you have used the services of a website builder, contact him for help. If you installed the site yourself and have not yet used it, then you can reinstall it and this time set a password and a user that you will remember.

How to log out of WordPress

As long as you are logged in to the WordPress system at the top of the page a black top bar will appear. When you want to disconnect the user you are connected to, click on the button with your username on the top bar on the left side of the screen and select the “Exit” option:After clicking Exit the system will disconnect you and in order to reconnect you will have to go through the process of connecting again as we explained at the beginning of the article.Logging in to WordPress is only the first step in running a website. You have completed the process of building a WordPress site for the business and you want to get more information and even free WordPress guides that will help you do that.
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