Which Server is Best?Linux or Windows?

Which Server is Best?Linux or Windows?

Which Server is Best?Linux or Windows?

Choosing the right hosting for any given website is a common issue . Both options – servers ” pop ” of Microsoft and open source servers ” Linux ” – a very advanced since the beginning of the decade . It is difficult , perhaps impossible , to point to any action at the level of server performance that one system can perform and the other cannot . However, there are differences between the two systems that must be seriously considered when choosing a storage server or development platform .What is the programming language in which your site was created ? What database is he using ? What type of storage does the site need ? How much security does the site need ? What is the level of professional knowledge of the person who runs the site ? What are the software and related services that the site requires ? What is the management interface you will use to manage the other parts of your storage account ? How much budget are you willing to spend on hosting the site today and in the foreseeable future ? How important is the server for the day-to-day running of the site ? In what ways will you back up the content of the site and how will you restore it if necessary ? Finally , the difference between open source access and commercial systems is closed

Linux SmallBiz for small businesses, content sites and blogs

Linux web hosting for small businesses – 500Mb disk space, 25GB monthly traffic, up to 5 sites (domains) in the account. The package is suitable for applications such as WordPress, Joomla, blogs, WIki and small content sites. CPanel management interface with Softaculous installation manager allows easy, fast and safe installation of the best common open source applications. Technical support is provided via telephone and e-mail and an advanced ticketing support system.

Programming language and database in which your site is written

If you have already set up your site , and this is done through programming languages ​​like .NET or ASP, and in databases like MS-Access or Microsoft SQL, then the question has already been decided – you need a Microsoft server . However, you still need to choose the service that suits you best . At SweetHom we use an H-sphere management environment for Windows servers , which operates on several servers at the same time . The role of windows servers is limited to running scripts on rugged web servers and running databases on separate servers . Other actions , such as DNS, e-mail ” to ,The management interfaces of the storage accounts and mySQL services sit on completely separate servers , running on the Linux open operating system . We see this as the ideal solution for providing all storage services .In case the programming language in which the site is written is PHP and the site sits on a mySQL server for the purpose of the database , you can choose between Linux servers ( see below ) or Windows servers . This is also true for sites written in -Perl and -Python and most sites written HC , Eva .

What type of storage does the site need

In order to choose the storage method one needs to make sure the needs of the site in this regard . Some sites have enough shared server . Others on the other hand need a virtual server and more serious and heavy sites will need at least one dedicated server . Between these options there are considerable differences when it comes to information security , cost and performance . It is possible to host WordPress sites on Windows 2003 servers with IIS6, but then the option to use shortened links should be waived , and many additional options will require special customization . On the other hand , virtual or dedicated servers require not cheap management services , and this is of course something that must be taken into account when choosing a server type .An equally important issue is the level of security that your site requires and what management and monitoring tools it uses . If there is no code restriction as in asp / .net systems , the question arises as to which security is desirable for your site . There are sites that will not be a target for harassment and the chances of them being hacked are small . In contrast there are more vulnerable sites . There are types of services , like shared storage , that require open ports to the world , like FTP, RDP or SSH. An average server running Linux with the cPanel interface has a nice IPS system that will block addresses after a certain number of access attempts , a system that protects folders , a systemmod_security for web server protection , separate running environment for PHP scriptsand more . The total cost of software licenses for this type of server is up to $ 45 for a dedicated server and up to $ 25 for a virtual server . The same protection applications on a Windows server will cost much more . A final statistic to consider is the nature of the overall network and the other computers present on it . A networked windows server with special protectionless windows computers will be more vulnerable to spyware and other malware . In contrast , a Linux server , although not 100% secure ( there is no such thing ),However, it will be a different kind of challenge for a burglar to require some learning of human effort , as opposed to a windows server that can be hacked relatively easily by automatic hacking software ( bot ).

What is the level of professional knowledge of the person who runs the site

There are servers , such as virtual VPS servers or dedicated servers , where management remains in the hands of the client . In this case , it is better to have a properly managed and frequently updated Windows server than a Linux server that is left without proper care . Linux servers are more difficult to manage and lack the easy-to-use visual management tools . However , a Linux server entrusted to a diligent technician with average knowledge , who maintains the site on a regular basis , will enjoy higher reliability , durability and stability .

Windows Storage – Starter for image sites, ASP / MS-Access and private sites

Windows storage package for image sites and private sites. The package is intended for publishers who write in ASP or PHP and use MS-Access databases and MySQL databases . The package includes 100Mb of disk space, 10 GB of traffic per month, 3 mailboxes, one MySQL database, technical support via the Ticketing Support system.
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