What is Node.JS

What is Node.JS

Is an open source programming language that allows developers to use JavaScript to write command-line tools and server-side scripts at headquarters to generate dynamic web page content even before the page is submitted to the user’s browser. As a result, Node.js represents JavaScript access everywhere – consolidating web applications around a single programming language rather than using different server-side languages. Node.js is a JavaScript running environment that includes everything needed to execute programming and scripts that are written in JavaScript.Both JavaScript in the browser and Node.js run on the Google Chrome V8 engine of Google Chrome. This engine takes JavaScript code and converts it to faster machine code. Machine code is low-level code that can start your computer without having to translate it beforehand.

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As JavaScript developers expanded the language from something that could only be run in a browser, to something that could also be run on a computer as a standalone application, Node.js was discovered as a means of creating complex software and scripts that were not just for running interactive websites. Thanks to Node.js, JavaScript has the ability to perform operations in other programming languages, as Python can.Node.js has an I / O event-driven architecture: Input / Output. These design options are designed to optimize the productivity and scalability of web applications with many I / O operations, as well as for real-time web applications (for example, real-time communication software (such as chat) and browser games.

What is Node.JS? Where is it used?

Node.js is used by technology giants in the world such as LinkedIn, IBM, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo and more. 
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