What is Alpha SSL

What is Alpha SSL?

Everything about Alpha SSL

SSL secures your website and protects your customers. SSL security is essential, but it does not have to be expensive! AlphaSSL allows you to display the yellow lock (symbolizing in a browser a secure connection for your surfers) in all popular browsers and mobile devices. This means that all transactions and traffic of your customer data are encrypted. Your visitors have confidence in your security. AlphaSSL certificates are ideal for websites and e-commerce stores at a basic level.

Benefits of using an AlphaSSL SSL certificate

***Fast and simple issuance automatically and computerized. You can issue SSL certificates every day, 24/7.


Upon completion of the approval procedures – you will receive the certificate within a few minutes. ***No paperwork required to confirm details. ***256bit encryption ***Support for all common browsers. ***SiteSeal – You can display a clickable encryption certificate on your site that will display details about the certificate. ***Leading product with the lowest costs in the industry! 
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