what is my server name

What is my server name?

What is the server? Your device or system or your setup, run properties, data, facilities, software, or any other curriculums to other setup or system in separately or in linkages, termed as a server.At the point, when you track down onto the web or associate with any type of huge organization through your PC, your specific equipment is recognized from the heap of different PCs being used utilizing a server name. like, every individual is named definitely to recognize him in billions of billions of individuals. Same like, PC systems are also named precisely to recognize in billions of systems.if you have a desire to seek knowledge about the “what is my server name?”, here at caprahost.com, we will educate you precisely in a very definite proportion.

Make sure to get the location of your server name.

When you wish to locate your server name, then you have to go for PC system names and sceneries. To make more simple for you about understanding “What is my server name?”, we point out the location of from where you can get names and settings. Just go and press startup. At one moment, when having reached there, you will explore your system name with other details. Here, you can get whole detailed info related to your system and network.

About server address.

It is located into two sections;

1. External address

The IP address is given from the Internet service provider (ISP) to any system. And by which the linkages or system recognize you from your address, when you make an approach to that system or try to get access to that system.

2. Internal address

The IP address is given to you from the area linkages. This address can b detected by other systems using the same area linkages but can’t be seen by the external servers.

Make sure about my server address?

In this section, we will explore the location of the server address from which your system is recognized. as we are discussing “What is my server name?”. Server is the setup where different systems are connected and when you make access to any other system, then that’s server locate you and get your IP address.Here is some direction towards the location of the server address

1. Shared web hosting and retailer versions.

In section, you will get addresses in “Welcome email”, “cPanel”, and “Customer Portal”, when you have shared web hosting services.

2. WordPress hosting

in WordPress hosting, with the hosting correspondences, you will get the server address from;
  • Welcome Email
  • Customer portal

3. VPS and dedicated web hosting.

When you have the services related to VPS hosting and Dedicated web hosting, you will get your server addresses from;
  • Welcome Email
  • Customer portal

4. Windows accounts

Here, in this section you will get your server address from;
  • Welcome Email
  • Customer portal
  • Plesk control panel


Here in this lecture, we have learned about “what is my server name?”. how to get access to my server name. How to make changes to the server name?Caprahost.com provides you best solution to your concerns.For more queries. Please contact us.Thank You.
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