What is a unique domain?Advantages and acquisition method using a rental server

What is a unique domain

What is a unique domain

Websites on the Internet have something like an address that points to each location. For example, in the case of Yahoo! Japan, ” https://www.yahoo.co.jp/ ” corresponds to that.The part of “yahoo.co.jp” in this address (URL) is called “domain”, but this is the only one in the world, and it can be used exclusively by the owner or company. I am. This time, I will talk about acquiring this domain independently.

1. What is a unique domain?

What is a unique domain, Nowadays, many people use e-mail on a daily basis, but in the case of individuals, the mobile phone company or Internet connection service (provider) that they use often provides the address for free, so first of all You will often use it. For example, if you have a contract with KDDI, the email address will be “●●●@au.com” and the domain will be the “au.com” part. This means that the address uses a domain owned by KDDI.When using the domain provided in this way, the left side of @ can get what you want on a first-come, first-served basis, but if you cancel the mobile operator or provider, you will be disqualified at that point. I will. This is similar to leaving a company and not being able to use that company’s email address.But what if you want to have your own website? Nowadays, there are many blog sites and tools such as Jimdo and Wix that make it easy to create websites for free or at a low price.However, many services, if free, publish their website in a domain owned by the service provider. Therefore, even if you create your own website, the address will be an address under a service such as “https: //●●●●●.jimdo.com”. This makes the address longer and doesn’t look very good when printed on business cards.In such a case, what is important is the “unique domain” that owns the domain unique to the company, brand, or service.If you use your own domain, for example, in the case of a company called ABC, by acquiring a domain such as “abc.co.jp”, the address will be ” https://abc.co.jp/ “. By entering this address, you can see the ABC website, and if you want to send an email to Mr. Sato, an employee of ABC, you can send it to the address ” sato@abc.co.jp “. In this case, the company name is the domain as it is, so it is very easy to understand.

2. Benefits of acquiring your own domain

What is a unique domain, If you get your own domain, you can use a free domain such as “your name.com”. Some domains, such as “co.jp” and “or.jp” at the end, are limited to companies and corporations, but other domains can be easily acquired by individuals.As is currently done by many companies, by acquiring and using a unique domain and opening a website, you can make the address short and refreshing, and above all, if you can have a website with your own brand name , The impression you give will be improved.Also, if you open a blog site or website using a free service, if the service provider terminates the service, the website opened using that domain will disappear. However, if you use your own domain, even if the contracted rental server company terminates the service, you can move to another rental server company and set the same domain, so that the website can be kept at the previous address. It is possible to continue.

3. How to get your own domain

What is a unique domain, Recently, in addition to the standard “.jp / .com / .net” etc., various kinds of things such as “.asia / .tokyo / .work” have become available, so the desired domain can be obtained. If so, first try searching if you can get it on a website where you can search for a domain.The last part of the domain, such as “.jp / .com”, is called TLD (Top Level Domain) and is divided into several types such as gTLD, sTLD, and ccTLD. “.Com” is a gTLD that means commercial, “.jp” is a ccTLD that means Japan, and “.yokohama”, “.kyoto”, “.shop”, etc. are called new gTLDs, and in 2012 This is a newly applied and registered gTLD. Please be careful when acquiring a domain you like, as there are restrictions on what anyone can get depending on the type, region and occupation.Once you have decided on the domain you want to acquire, let’s actually register it. To register a domain, you need to apply for registration with a registrar who has a contract with the registry that manages the TLD, or a reseller who has a contract with the registrar. Registration applications are made on the Internet, but there are many websites where you can acquire and register a domain.The types of domains that can be acquired differ depending on the website, and some campaigns are held, so the price may vary greatly depending on the time of year and the website. During the campaign, the cost for the first year may be quite cheap, such as 1 yen or 10 yen, but just because it is cheap does not mean that you cannot use it in the middle. Regardless of which domain you acquire, the subsequent handling is exactly the same, so please use it with confidence.What is a unique domain, Generally, when you acquire a domain, you pay the registration fee at the time of registration, but that alone does not mean that you can use it forever. After that, the renewal fee will be charged every year, and if you do not pay the renewal fee, it will automatically expire and you will not be able to use it, so consider the budget when registering. The domain can be obtained from overseas websites, but it is recommended that you first obtain it from a domestic website where explanations and support are provided in Japanese.There is no rule that you have to start operation of your own domain within a few days after acquisition, so you can own it as long as you pay the renewal fee. Therefore, it does not matter if it takes a few days from the acquisition to the actual use on the rental server, and it is also possible to anticipate future use or keep it so that it will not be acquired by others.

4. How to use your own domain on a rental server

What is a unique domain, Actually, setting is required to register your own domain on the rental server and use it. You can assign your own domain to web pages created with services such as Jimdo and Wix mentioned above, or you can assign them to a contracted rental server.You can assign your own domain to a DNS server by registering it with a DNS server, but doing this yourself is a bit complicated. However, recently, the management screen has a tool to do this work, and if you follow the instructions, you can do it easily.However, if the company that acquired the domain and the operating company of the rental server are different, it may be a little difficult to set up. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is a good idea to get a domain from the website of a rental server company that you already use or plan to use. It is safer if the company has a well-developed support system that allows you to immediately ask by phone or email when you have any questions.

What is a unique domain, Summary

What is a unique domain, For those who operate an original website, want to enhance the brand’s appeal and impression on their website, or are thinking of starting a business in the future, acquiring a unique domain will make it easier for them to remember their brand.
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