What a domain name means?

What a domain name means

What a domain name means

Objectives of this article:

What a domain name means, Determine what a website domain name is Knowing how to choose it well In this article, we will see in detail that a domain name is essentially an address of website and a hyperlink and we will see how good the choice .

What is a domain name?

What a domain name means, First, we will see in detail that a domain name represents an address and that it is materialized by a hypertext link that we will explain right after. We will also see that there is a multitude of domain extensions .

What a domain name means, A domain name is an address

What a domain name means, First of all, a domain name is above all an address pointing to a single website . It is the same operating system as with:Phone numbers Email addresses Postal addresses Etc … Without going too far into the technique to lose you, a domain name allows you to “hide” the IP address pointing to a particular website. What interest would you tell me? Quite simply, having it easier to remember and type the address of the website in question.Him: What is the site of your company?You: Uh… so, it’s 502.65.485.224!Him: Huh ??!You: Oh yes, sorry! “Neonline.fr” …Thus, it is the DNS ( Domain Name System) which ensures the correspondence between the domain name and the IP address of the website.Likewise, the domain name of your website is the first thing to choose when creating a website. But be careful because it does not belong to you . You rent it from a registra for a period of 6 months and 10 years depending on your subscription .We will see later what are the important criteria to respect or at least to take into account when choosing a domain name .

A domain name is also a hypertext link A domain name is made up of several things. Let’s take the example of this site to understand.

What a domain name means, The domain name of my site (as well as all sites) is made up of two things:Prefix Domain name (character + domain extension) The prefix represents the famous “www. Which means “World Wide Web”, it is common to all internet sites.Then, the domain name is composed of the characters from A to Z and from 0 to 9 (with or without a dash) which represent my brand, my company, my identity , my company, etc … or what I just want to highlight on my website. In my case it is “lentrepreneurweb”, it is a mix between my brand and the keywords “entrepreneur” and “web”.Note: Accents are now acceptedFinally, the characters of my domain name are followed by the domain extension (or suffix ) “.com” that I have personally chosen. Now let’s see more precisely what these domain extensions consist of .

What a domain name means, Which domain extension to choose?

What a domain name means, Given the exponential number of websites created every day, hosts are implementing new domain extensions to expand the range of possibilities. It is also referred to as a top-level domain or head domain ( TDL ).Example: If you want to create a website to showcase your passion for aeronautics and you had thought of the domain name “aeropassion.com” and it is already taken, why not try “aeropassion.aero “? There is much more chance that it is still available!

What a domain name means, Four types of domain extensions

What a domain name means, First of all, you should know that there are four types of domain extension:National , composed of 2 letters and representing an independent country or territory Generic , composed of 3 letters or more and representing the activity sector of the site concerned New generic domains , always composed of 3 letters or more and representing a sector of activity different from the previous ones Subtype of new generic domains reserved for companies wishing to have their own domain extension Overview of the list of domain extensions You can choose the extension you want from a huge list. Here is a sample allowing you to realize the range of possibilities:


.aero Aeronautics .africa Africa .Alsace Alsace .art Art .asia Asia .biz Business .blog Blog .cat Catalan .catholic Canonical recognition .co Colombia, communication, community .com Commercial organization .doctor Doctor .dog Dog .edu Education .eu Europe .Fr France .games Games .hockey Hockey .info Information .int International .me I .mil Military .movie Movie .museum Museum .net Network, Network .org Organization .Paris Paris .pro Professional .radio Radio .soccer Football .shop Shop .Taxi Taxi .tech Technology .Phone Phone .travel Trip Note also that each area has its own meaning but that many take for a completely different meaning with the aim of conveying an understandable message.Example: “D8.tv” is a good example! The domain extension that the D8 channel has chosen represents (at the base) the Polynesian archipelago Tuvalu which has nothing to do with the television media. Now this domain extension is very popular with the media./! \ Also note the possible restrictions on the extension of the chosen domain!Then, the price of domain names (when available) is really very different. It can range from a few euros to several thousand euros.

What a domain name means, How to choose the right domain name?

What a domain name means, If you want to know how to choose the domain name for your website , you can read the corresponding detailed article and complementary to this one .But otherwise here is a brief summary so as not to get lost too much.The perfect domain name does not necessarily exist. What will make the difference is the content you bring.But here are some criteria to respect as much as possible so that Google does not penalize you with your competitors:

What a domain name means, Easy to understand and remember

What a domain name means, As short as possible Without number Without dash With the extension “.com” With keywords Without registered trademarks Why prefer the “.com” to the other domain extensions seen previously?Quite simply because a “dot com” or “.com” site is very professional and very reassuring. For example, you are in France and you are used to browsing very well known “.fr” or “.com” sites and you land on a “.be” (Belgium)… unconsciously, you are not reassured !So the masses (including me) still prefer to favor “dot com” sites while it is still possible.Finally, do not hesitate to check the availability of the domain name you have in mind at OVH for free .
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