The Best Way to change DIVI footer credits?

How to change DIVI footer credits

How to change DIVI footer credits

How to change DIVI footer credits, Objectives of this article:

Edit footer credits in WordPress Put links in the footer credits In this article, we will see in detail how to modify and customize your footer credits so as to have a professional rendering on your website … because having the credit and the copyright by default is a sign of amateurism.

How to change DIVI footer credits, Defining Footer Credits

How to change DIVI footer credits, First of all, the footer credit is the bar that is located just below the footer on your page.When you upload your site / blog, it automatically generates footer credit for advertising. As an example, here is what we see displayed when installing the EXTRA theme of Elegant Themes (DIVI 3.0):In this place, we generally find:the copyright year the name of the site or company and a link to the legal notices Edit footer credits Then, to change the footer credits, you just need to go to the customization settings of your WordPress website. I can’t tell you exactly where you will find this as it depends on your theme but try looking on the footer / copyright side of your theme.Hence, now let’s take the example of DIVI theme to change footer credits.How to change DIVI footer credits, When you are on your WordPress dashboard, you must go to the left column and click on Appearance> Customize, then you will be redirected to a personalization page of your DIVI theme.Finally, you need to click Footer> Bottom Bar and go all the way to the bottom to change the footer credits.In conclusion, all you have to do is put the following personalized line of code for the corresponding year, the domain name of your website or the name of your company and the link to your legal notices :© Copyright 2018 L’entrepreneur web – <a href= » »rel= »nofollow »> Legal notices </a> – A creation of <a href =» https: // »rel =» nofollow »> Neonline </a>You should therefore see this appear in your footer:© Copyright 2018 L’entrepreneur web – Mentions légales – Une création de Neonline But, in the event that this is not your own website and you want to highlight the fact that it was made by your company, I invite you to add this in addition, personalized with the name of your company and the link to your website:– A creation of <a href= » »rel= »nofollow »> Neonline </a>How to change DIVI footer credits, You should then see this in addition:– Une création de Neonline Also notice that the links are all ” nofollow “.
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