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Right domain name For You

Right domain name For You

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Zones and levels Word game Procedural issuesRight domain name For You, The domain name (the name of your site) is the “dress” by which you are met on the Internet. Mistakes and miscalculations in his choice can not only complicate site promotion, but also create very unpleasant situations, and when changing a domain name, all previous SEO optimization efforts will go down the drain. Therefore, when naming your web resource, be careful and creative.

Right domain name For You, Zones and levels

Right domain name For You, Domains come in several levels. First-level domains or domain zones are, for example, .ua, .ru, .co.uk (the so-called territorial, denoting the geographic area of ​​the company’s operation) or .com, .org, .net (thematic, indicating that the site owners – these are commercial firms, public organizations, etc., operating without territorial restrictions). If your site’s name is www.site.com , then site in this case is a second-level domain. Domains of the third level are very common – www.site.com.ua , describing both the nature of the organization and the territory of work, or www.site.kiev.ua , which define a specific region.Right domain name For You, Your best bet is to register a second-level domain, but on .com or .ua it can be tricky as the names you want and trademark registration requirements will be taken over. Then you can consider domain zones .biz (for business resources), .info (for information portals), .tv (for television) and others . It is also necessary to take into account the factor of unspoken rules. For example, a French consumer is more likely to trust a site in the .fr domain zone, many will be alarmed by the domain zone of some Cape Verde Islands, and .com is traditionally trusted more than .org or .net.As for third-level domains, some website developers, hosting, especially free ones, may offer you to register a third-level name on their domain – for example, www.site.narod.ru . We strongly advise against it – there will be no trust and serious attitude towards such a site, and when the site is moved, all accumulated indexing in search engines will be lost.

Right domain name For You, Word game

Right domain name For You, If your company is already a well-promoted brand, no doubt the domain should be the same as its name. It is advisable to avoid abbreviations, except when they are inextricably linked with the brand. However, now the site is being born almost simultaneously with the company, so it is worth paying special attention to naming.The title should be short and memorable. According to the rules, the minimum characters in a domain name is 2 (maximum is 64). However, you will not find free domains shorter than 5 characters in first-level domain zones. Also, the name can include numbers and hyphens (the latter should not appear at the beginning and at the end of the name or two in a row). Web experts argue whether a hyphen is needed in the name. Search engines will treat two words as keywords if they are hyphenated, but they can ignore them if they are written together. However, the hyphen is difficult to remember, dictate to the client, and the peculiar fashion for him has passed. Numbers are also not recommended.Right domain name For You, The catchiness of the name, the unusual association, the rhyming is wonderful. There are even special programs to help you “play” with rhymes and allusions (for example, http://www.nameboy.com/ ). However, avoid ambiguity and confusion. If your company is called Analytic Forum, and such a domain is already taken, do not call the site www.analforum.com . And, of course, you shouldn’t register a domain name that coincides with the name of someone else’s promoted brand. Having found on the website www.nestle.kh.ua (domains of Kharkiv and the region), for example, an online store of food additives, neither the visitors nor, let alone Nestle, will be delighted.Right domain name For You, It is better to choose the English correspondence to the Ukrainian name of your company, than to transliterate the difficult and differently transmitted zh, ї, c and other letters. And if transliteration is really necessary – in order to avoid losing part of the traffic (those customers who typed the address with typos), register all possible spellings of your domain (so-called mirrors) and redirect traffic from them to your site. However, there are nuances here. First, it’s expensive. Secondly, some of these domains may already be taken, and you will make a gift to their owners by adding your customers. Not to mention the fact that these domains may have, for example, a porn site, which will not have a very good effect on your reputation. Thirdly, the option you missed with typos,Right domain name For You, It’s good when the domain name contains a keyword that indicates the type of business of the company and, moreover, is often repeated in the content of the site. In this case, search engines are better at indexing such a resource. Google takes into account both transliteration of a keyword and its translation when searching. That is, at the request of “gold”, he will give both www.zoloto.ru , and www.gold.net , and even www.asiangold.biz . Yandex will take into account the Cyrillic spelling of the domain, but so far there are still more difficulties with Cyrillic domains than convenience. Indexing may benefit from the fact that the domain is “old”, already belonged to someone and has a certain statistical weight.

Right domain name For You, Procedural issues

Right domain name For You, When you have chosen a domain name for the site, you need to check if it is not occupied in the domain zone you need and what is its history. Is the domain free – check on the websites of registrars ( http://www.ukrnames.com/ukr/ , http://www.imena.ua/ , http://www.webnames.ru/ , etc.) or hosting companies who will sell you both the domain and hosting. If you are busy, you can find out who owns it ( www.whois-service.ru ), and, if necessary, try to buy it. True, if its owners are a competing company or cybersquatters (people who specifically buy up successful domain names to further earn money on them), then the acquisition can be very expensive for you.The domain may be free now (some hosting services even offer a reservation service for domains that are about to become free), but it was previously used. Find out by whom and for what, with the help of a special program ( The WayBack Machine ). After all, earlier there could be a resource with an unacceptable reputation for you or from a completely different field of activity, and people know about it, there are links to it on the network.Right domain name For You, A domain name can be purchased from a domain name registrar (remember to choose trusted companies) or through a hosting provider. Good hosters will offer you a domain name for free when ordering long term hosting. However, when registering a domain through a hoster, make sure that the domain is registered to you, and not to the provider, otherwise it may even be that you will be required to pay for it when changing hosting. If you registered the domain yourself, then you will need to “bind” the domain name to the hosting by changing the DNS server names to the hoster’s DNS servers in the domain control panel.Right domain name For You, The domain name is not given to you once and for all. The purchased domain must be renewed every year. Usually the cost of renewal is lower than the purchase price. One month before the expiration of the domain use period, the registrar will notify the user by an official letter by e-mail specified during registration of the need to renew, which should be done immediately.Right domain name For You, We all remember that “how you name a boat – so it will float.” However, even the best domain name will not save you if you are releasing low-quality goods and your managers are rude to customers.
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