How to change WordPress Password in cPanel

How to change WordPress Password in cPanel?

In this confusing world, when you have your WordPress website, then you need to change your WordPress password in cPanel. When you have a desire to seek “How to change WordPress password in cPanel?” then we, from, are here to come you out from this puzzling situation.A situation comes in everyone’s life, when he has lost his password or link of account, attempts to reorganize the keywords to pin. And while attempting to reorganize the key passwords, an email has been sent to his mailbox, because, maybe couldn’t be reached to his mailbox, just for of being not finalized in conformation.

Why it is advantageous to alteration WordPress passwords in cPanel?

When we have to address the “How to change WordPress password in cPanel?”. We have to acquire about the useful side of secrets key password.
  • The administrator client is enrolled to an email address; your customer does not have control anymore.
  • When your customer lost the administrator secret’s key password, lost your secret’s password. Then, to get over the issue, the mailing cannot be done precisely to the mailbox of the server.
  • Your customer is not able to memorize the administrator secret’s key phrase.

How to change your key password?

This is the same thing, essential to get from your setup to perform the same as you asked. This is a very modest and informal way to reset your WordPress secret key password.Let’s absorb the idea;

Change your key password

In this section, before going ahead to acquire “How to change WordPress password in cPanel?”. You have to ensure about these key points;
  • First of all, you have to appreciate that functional cPanel is under your hosting supervision.
  • You must confirm about phpMyadmin software in cPanel.
  • Secret’s key password.
Here are some directions, you must have to follow to change the WordPress key password in cPanel;
  • Let’s get started, you have to enter by logging in.
  • Move into the edge of cPanel to outlook.
  • After getting into the cPanel, go down to the section of “Database”.
  • Mark the “PHPMyAdmin”.
  • then, you have to mark the choice named “Database” and open your WordPress database.
  • when you get entered into the database section, here “recent tables” section visualize, search out the choice “wp-user” and mark to browse.
  • You will get the option to change your password. Press on “Edit” to make an edition in password.
  • Mark and remove your previous key password.
  • Add in the section of new passwords to get “How to change WordPress password in cPanel?”.
  • Scroll down in the section to mark the option “MD5”.
  • Now you have to come back from that section and log out of the website. Then enter the website by the new password you have assigned.


The world is so bewildering, every person has insecurities, needs to change the WordPress password in cPanel.Here at caprahost, we educate you to make you ensure about “How to change WordPress password in cPanel”. 
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