Mini golf and other inexpensive golf business ideas

Golf business ideas

Golf business ideas

Golf business ideas, Why not start your own sports business. Moreover, the interest in golf is growing now. It is played not only by professionals, but also by business partners, friends and just fans of outdoor activities. Several foreign sources write about the organization of business start-ups related to golf.

Business ideas for couch potatoes

Golf business ideas, Opening a mini golf course in town: step by step

Golf business ideas, Designate the region in which you would like to open your mini golf course. The dimensions of the sites in our case do not exceed 15×15 meters. If the playground is organized in the open air, in some park area, then in winter there will be a problem with the attendance of your mini-club and there will be a need to remove the snow. Therefore, it is recommended to open indoor mini golf courses: both in winter and in summer, air conditioning can be used to maintain the same temperature. On the selected site, hills are poured, mini-ponds and other various obstacles are made. To imitate grass, use a smooth green cloth. On one site, usually 5 to 20 holes are placed, indicated by flags. Analyze the demographics of the area (gender, age, and so on) and decide if it is suitable for a startup. Establish a partnership with a local catering company to organize outdoor activities, including a picnic, for mini golf groups. Alternatively, you can equip your kitchen, hire a chef and a few waiters, after having arranged the supply of provisions. Promote the opening of a mini golf course. To do this, use advertisements in the local press, radio, and free Internet bulletin boards. Print the required number of flyers and discount coupons and distribute them to passers-by. Enter the contact information in the telephone directory.

Golf business ideas, Post a recruitment ad.

Golf business ideas, You can inform about available vacancies at the entrance to the complex. Create a talent pool that will come in handy in case of business expansion. Explore the pricing of other mini golf complexes. Remember, an inexpensive subscription is the most effective marketing ploy to attract visitors. Later, when you have regular customers, you can raise the bar. Organize a great show at the opening of the field. Play some season tickets. Offer your event attendees to try their hand at this game for free. Use a discount system and other loyalty programs. For example, buying two golf lessons, you get the third as a gift. There are almost no competitors in this area. The insignificant funds that need to be invested in a business pay off in a maximum of three to four months.

Golf business ideas, Business ideas for couch potatoes

Golf business ideas, In addition, golf lovers can organize business activities from the comfort of their home. Here are some options for couch potatoes: Golf business ideas, Open an online shop with golf themed souvenirs. This is perhaps the most vacant niche for the golf business. Your target audience is golf school students and graduates, game lovers. Having found loyal fans of your store, do not miss them, try from time to time to stir up their interest with new, unique souvenirs; Open an online store selling used golf equipment . Develop the myth that golf is expensive. Connect with sports clubs, sporting goods manufacturers and recycling companies. They will be able to replenish the assortment of your store with goods from old collections, with a small defect, and so on. If you are not ready to create your own website, register on the eBay website, where you can post your earnings; To promote your portal, record a video golf tutorial.