Common Prejudices About Five Promising Business Ideas In The Sports Entertainment Industry: rental, production, events

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Entrepreneurs have long been making money on the opening and maintenance of sites, gyms, reservoirs for various sports and fitness. But the sports business market is replenished with new business ideas. Several options are available as a microbusiness startup

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Segways

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, The world’s most fashionable gyroscopic electric scooter – in other words, an electric scooter for riding while standing ,is very convenient to rent. A wide demand in western cities for such a service is noted both from tourists (in historical centers) and from local residents. Of course, in this case, you need to take documents as a pledge and write down passport data; to draw up an agreement with the tenant at the most serious level, drawn up and studied by highly professional lawyers. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, A minimum number of people can work at a rental point – say, one family of 3-4 people in shifts – while work is available for both schoolchildren and very elderly people. You can store two to four dozen segways in a private house and even in a city apartment; the rental point may not have any architectural forms (it could be, say, a table with an umbrella). Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, The cost of a segway in Ukraine is 6-10 thousand dollars, abroad – from 5 thousand dollars (but if you have not worked with customs before, it is better not to try to import a batch of segways on your own). The optimal price for hourly rental can be considered 500 hryvnia per hour – while for rental for 5 minutes you can take 50 hryvnia, for 30 minutes – 250 hryvnia (stimulation of a larger volume of purchases). In this case, if the demand for rent is at least 4 hours a day – this is an average number, including days of inclement weather – the electric scooter will bring in income of 2000 hryvnia per day. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, If we consider that up to 300 hryvnia from each segway will be spent on average daily for repairs, energy, insurance, and 200 hryvnia per day from each segway will be taken by the owners of the company, then the remaining 1300 hryvnia will be enough on average daily to payback each segway for less than two years. Obviously, when buying 20 segways (initial investment – at least 40 thousand dollars) until their full payback EBIT of owners will be 3 thousand dollars a month (and if the average demand exceeds 4 hours a day, then even more). In subsequent years, the owners will already receive operating income of up to $ 300 per day or up to $ 9 thousand per month, from which they can purchase new lots of segways or rent a warehouse for them without using loans.

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Production of children’s exercise equipment

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, On the idea of ​​producing children’s sports equipment, smaller and lighter (but not simplified), compared to their adult counterparts, painted in bright colors. They are also much cheaper than adult originals. It makes sense to produce children’s exercise equipment in two sizes – if you use the terms of the company-developer, they can be described as infantile (“preschooler”) and junior (in this case, pre-adolescent age). This marketing differentiation can be expanded by offering special simulators “for girls” and “for boys” for certain future professions or current inclinations of the child. The design can use the motives of popular films, cartoons, computer games. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Three-quarters of the elements of each simulator – as in their adult counterparts, as well as in the manufacture of bicycles – are metal hollow tubes and their ball-and-socket joints, the rest are solid polymers. The margins between retail prices for finished goods and wholesale prices for these materials, even taking into account other overhead, salary and tax costs, are still huge. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Instead of starting their own production, a startup may limit themselves to developing precise schemes for such simulators. And the production of spare parts and the assembly of products from them should be entrusted to several Chinese or domestic factories, choosing among them the production chain that has long been “sharpened” for the manufacture of exercise equipment and bicycles (especially worth paying attention to the children’s and bicycle production).

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Snowmobile rental and related service

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, In the initial stages of the business, it is sufficient to purchase at least three snowmobiles. The best-selling model in Ukraine is the Ski-Doo Scandic SUV-600, which costs 15 thousand dollars. For safety reasons, you can install a speed limiter. Before the rental, a contract is concluded with the client, which must provide for compensation for breakdowns and various damage to equipment, for example, dents, scratches received while driving.

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, You should also spend money on mandatory equipment:

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, helmets starting at $ 250 each; boots worth from $ 100 each To service the snowmobiles, you will need a mechanic and an instructor-driver who, in addition to instructing clients, can ride them on the track as passengers. Before starting a business, you should consult with a lawyer, as your clients while riding a snowmobile will not be fully insured against injury. It makes sense to provide such services at a cost of up to 400 hryvnia per hour.

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Snow tubing as an alternative to traditional sledging

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry,To organize such a business, you only need to choose a place down the hill, purchase the required number of snow tubing, and create the track itself. Tubing is an inflatable sled for riding on snow or on water, made on the basis of a camera. The camera cover is made of durable material, and the areas experiencing maximum stress are additionally reinforced with nylon tape. The special coating minimizes friction with the surface when sliding, allowing for high speeds on low inclines. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, It is necessary to ride such “sledges” on specially prepared slides that will meet at least the minimum safety requirements and will not contain dangerous obstacles in the form of hemp, stones and rough bumps in the way. Almost any slope is suitable for skiing, on which there will be a sufficient amount of snow. Snow tubing trails can be divided according to difficulty and length, for children and adults. The price for the rental of “cheesecakes” (popular name for snow tubing) is usually set for a time interval of 30 minutes. At the same time, the cost of renting single cameras will cost visitors up to 90 UAH, double ones – up to 150 UAH.

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Cognitive running

Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Many citizens want to combine physical activity with cultural development. The next business idea is based on running excursions to local attractions in the city. During the “race”, the guides-trainers leading the group will make an excursion into the history of the observed places; will tell you about everything that the tourist wants to know. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, The main thing is to plan interesting and convenient routes for tourists, during which they can “run” not only into historical places, but also quite modern colorful institutions of the city of Kiev. Routes should be at least ten, they should differ not only in theme, but also in length, complexity, picturesque, richness of visits to historical and entertainment centers . On average, the length of the route can be about 4 kilometers (this distance should be taken as the basis for pricing – the optimal price for a running excursion for such a distance can be considered 300 hryvnia per person). This price should include a traditional sports set: branded T-shirts in the same style, photos of the race. Business Ideas In The Sports Industry, Advertising and direct marketing should be very active in hotels and hostels, in all educational institutions and student hostels, not only in your city, but also in the nearest regional and large regional centers.