Let's drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI

CPI’s server performance is sufficient for the complex processing of customized WordPress.Performance, especially when simultaneous access occurs, continues to improve with each new plan, and it is possible to handle access from more users because of the strong CPI on the line.This time, let’s build an EC site using the WordPress plugin “Welcart” on such a CPI shared server plan .What is WordPress dedicated online shop construction plugin “Welcart”?

Four points of Welcart

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI, Japan’s first WordPress plugin with the largest share Welcart was released in 2009 and has been constantly updated and enhanced based on user feedback since then.With a track record of No. 1 share of domestic EC plugins, WordPress can be easily turned into an EC site, so it is also attractive for its ease of introduction. In addition, there are many attractive templates for design, so you can build your own EC site.It is possible to build an EC site that takes advantage of the characteristics of WordPress, which is strong against SEO. Welcart can take advantage of the characteristics of WordPress, which is originally said to be strong in SEO, so you can build an online shop that is strong in attracting customers. Welcert is also open source, so you can freely customize your original features and edits.Credit card payment and membership registration, which are the basis of online shops, are now possible The EC site needs various basic functions. You can use the credit card payment services of 15 domestic companies required for online shops without the troublesome module installation, and you can use various functions from purchase to membership registration.

Choose a function to strengthen your EC site

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI, For modern payments, subscriptions to products and continuous billing systems such as subscriptions are also one of the functions required to improve user convenience.With Welcart, you can easily introduce a subscription function and automatic renewal billing by selecting various functions. As an EC site, you can select and introduce various functions such as coupon function, invoice linkage, and download sales function.

Installation procedure

The general procedure is as follows.Rough installation procedureHere, we will briefly explain how to install it on the CPI server (SV-Basic plan).

WordPress installation

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI, Please refer to the following support page for WordPress installationYou will first select which hierarchy to install WordPress on, but if you install it directly under the domain, you need to delete “index.html” that is placed by default on the top page.To delete index.html, you need to create an FTP account and connect to the server.See below for creating an FTP account.

Create an FTP account

Always use SSL In order to use Welcart, it is necessary to always use SSL. * An SSL contract is required when subscribing to a separate server. There are various ways to always use SSL, but when using Welcart, it is not recommended to use a plugin that converts WordPress to SSL. You can always use SSL without using a plugin, so please refer to the official page of Welcart for details.

How to set up always-on SSL –Welcart

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI, Install Welcart plugin It’s finally time to install the Welcart plugin. The store is about to open.That said, it’s not difficult anymore. Search for “Welcart” from the plugin and click “Install Now”. The button will say “Installing” and after a while it will change to the “Activate” button. Now click Activatewelcart plugin Once activated, a menu for Welcart will be added to the WordPress left menu bar.Installation completeFinally, if you install the Welcart base template …Design-based template The test site is completed.lwelcart test site Templates are available from free to 12,000 to 48,000 yen, and you can switch to a stylish design at low cost.Design template Click here for a list of themesThe installation is now complete. After that, set the store information, register the product, set the delivery company, delivery method, payment method, etc., and the EC site is already completed.

Let’s start an EC site!

Drive an EC site using WordPress and Welcart with CPI, If you want to try the WordPress plugin “Welcart”, please try it with CPI, which is also one of the recommended servers. The point is that CPI is strong even when access occurs momentarily in advertisements and SNS. With an EC site, the longer the downtime, the more loss you will have, and the server will not go down easily when sudden access occurs.
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