Internal Server Error HTTP500 Perfect Solution

Internal Server Error HTTP500 Perfect Solution

Have you ever seen “Internal Server Error HTTP 500” while browsing a website? If you suddenly get an error like this, you’ll be thrilled if you’ve done something wrong.In this article, I will introduce what “Internal Server Error HTTP 500” is and how to solve HTTP 500.

What is Internal Server Error HTTP 500?

Internal Server Error HTTP 500 is an error code in which an error has occurred on the web server you are browsing and the website cannot be displayed correctly.Visitors to your site can’t do anything, so wait a while and then reconnect.

Solution for PHP errors

If PHP causes an HTTP500 error, change the PHP error output to On and see where the error is occurring. (Caution) If you make a mistake in the description of this setting change, an error will occur on all pages, so be sure to verify it on the test server.

For CPI server

Place the php.ini file on your web server and modify the code below. (For how to install php.ini, refer to CPI online help ” How to change PHP settings “)display_errors = Off = Off ↓ ↓ ↓ Changed to the following display_errors = On When writing in .htaccess * Does not work for CPI servers.Add the following code to .htaccess.php_flag display_errors onIf you add the above code, the cause of PHP error, file name and number of lines will be displayed. Use this error as a hint to correct the program.After clearing the error, turn off PHP error output.If there are other errorsIf there are other errors, it is a good idea to check the server logs. For CPI server, check “/ log / ssl-error_log” or “/ log / httpd-error_log”.[Date] [alert] [client 60. ***. ***. ***] /usr/home/****/html/test/.htaccess: Invalid command’php_flag’ [ Alert ] [ Client 60. *** *** ***..] / Usr / Home / **** / Html / Test /. Htaccess : Invalid Command ‘Php_flag’ If you can confirm the error as above, please correct the source code using the log as a hint. In this case, there seems to be an error in “.htaccess”.

At the end

If you get an HTTP500 error, it’s likely that you made a typo somewhere in your program. It is a good idea to check the error output, log, or check the recently modified file. You can check the recently modified files by logging in to the server console and executing the following command.

find ./ -type f -mtime -15./ – Type F – Mtime – 15