Cheap domain name, All you need to know

Cheap domain name, All you need to know

In this blog post, we will see together:
  • what is a domain name
  • why there are price differences in domain names
  • what to focus on when starting out
  • if a cheap domain name is professional
  • when to use a cheap domain name
  • how to use a cheap domain name

What is a domain name?

To put it very simply, a domain name is a URL in which there is your name, your brand, the name of your company or a keyword that you have defined beforehand. A domain name can have multiple domain extensions. For example, you can have,, etc… These domain names may not belong to the same people.Finally, when you have your domain name, know that it does not belong to you. It belongs to the web. This is only time rental. Even Google rents its domain name. Therefore, you cannot buy a domain name but only rent it annually.Note: Some domain names are for sale on secondary market platforms because they have been “bought” by a company (they pay their rental annually like everyone else) to resell it to you for a certain price. This type of service is not a scam, I did this test myself. These are companies looking to find domain names that could be very popular depending on the niche in question. Some have fun doing it with (future) politicians. They know a lot about politics and as soon as they see a rising head, they rent the domain name for example and wait until they want a website for their electoral campaign and sell them very dear … Why not after all, there is business to be done everywhere.

Why are there free domain names?

Excellent question!

Why bother renting an expensive or inexpensive paid domain name for life when you could avoid it and have a free domain name?Simply because there is nothing for free. If you choose a free domain name, it is usually a subdomain of a website.For example, is a domain name offered by WordPress. WordPress rents its domain name like everyone else and offers the possibility of freely creating a subdomain. This manipulation is completely legal and free. I apply it myself when my clients do not have a domain name and we need to start creating a website quickly.In this low world, nothing is free. If it’s free, it’s just that you are the product. Let me explain. If your domain name is free, there may be advertising everywhere (left, right, top and bottom). And it’s not professional. No matter what your activity, even if you’re an association and don’t want to spend a dime, it’s unprofessional. There are free alternatives without advertising how to:
  • Google site
  • etc …

Why is a domain name cheap?

There are several reasons why a domain name is cheap. But this is not a sign of low “quality”.A cheap domain name is often a domain name:
  • very little competitive
  • long
  • without specific keyword
  • with a rarely used domain extension
I recommend that you still go for a domain name that is not free. Know that you can get by with a professional domain name for around 40 euros per year … It’s not death, we will not lie to each other to have something that holds up …

Is a cheap domain name professional?

A professional domain name is a domain name that looks like you without over-optimization.In my case, I could have taken but I want to take a domain name that looks like my trademark = my name.Here are my tips for having a professional domain name:
  • Short (or not too long) domain name
  • No over-optimization with keywords
  • Take the .com if available
  • If your business is 100% national, you can take a .fr, .en, etc …
  • Otherwise take a more innovative domain extension like .io, .agency, .fun, etc …
Know that to have a professional domain name, you do not need to spend 100 and 1000. As explained above, you can start on a basis of 40 € / year and have a professional domain name to start. . In my opinion, it is useless to spend more than 500 € for a domain name when you start your activity. Unless you are a startup and want to break everything and compete with GAFA.

Why use a cheap domain name?

If you want to take a cheap domain name, it is with almost certainty that: you have a small budget (otherwise you will have typed free).At the risk of repeating myself, know that you can easily get by with a professional domain name for 40 € / year. If you want to start your business, grow your business, and make money with your website, you don’t need to break the bank.If you are a non-profit association that you don’t want to spend money on it and your website is more the icing on the cake than a means of making money, indeed, I do not recommend you not necessarily to go on a paid plan. After, to see… Let’s imagine that your professional website brings more “cash” to your association, you can use this additional cash to cover the costs incurred.

How to get and use a cheap domain name?

The first thing is to check that it is available. For example, you can see if your domain name with the domain extension you want is available. If it’s green and available, fire at will!If your domain name is not green and available, it is probably:
  • orange = transferable = potentially available
  • red = non-transferable = unavailable
To find out if your transferable domain name is available for “sale” and transfer, all you have to do is go to that same domain name and see if you are offered anything. If it is for sale you will see it quickly. If there is nothing or a website. He is not available.In the event that your domain name is not available, you will have to choose either:
  • another domain name
  • another domain extension
  • both
Once you have your domain name, you can also subscribe to a web hosting offer attached to this same domain name, install WordPress and Divi and the adventure can finally begin! The easiest is done!