what is managed hosting

What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting refers to the management of the system software, system hardware and service. These are usually in the access of the web hosting providers; these are the hosting plans that are directly managed by hosting service providers. The price of managed hosting packages is different in the market, some are $30 per month and some are over hundreds of Dollars per month. The cheap managed hosting plans usually employs VPS hosting while the expensive ones used the modernized version of dedicated hosting plans. That shows, the price range implies an important effect and limits the services and features of hosting plans.


Managed hosting is a very efficient and advantageous choice for those people who have small businesses and their IT staff is limited and also for those online stores that have high traffic. It is also very useful for those websites that have heavy back-end needs and also for online enterprises that needs to have up-to-date security features.But apparently the managed web hosting plans are very expensive than those web hosting plans that are shared, but you can save your time and resources on maintaining your website by using managed hosting, that’s why it is highly recommendable for business websites and online stores .


When managed hosting plans are advertised by new web hosting firms, they use the term fully managed. This term is usually relative, people might think that this plant is fully managed and the other plans from other hosting firms are not adequate. So this is a way of promotion, but the only rule is, you can get more technical support only when you pay a higher price. So, this article would be helpful if you are looking for an answer of the query, what is managed hosting?When using fully managed hosting plans you don’t need to worry about the server and other technical problems. Because your server and website is monitored by the webmasters, who are experienced in their job. And they do their work on daily basis .so all you have to do is to pay for your managed hosting and receive your notifications from your managed hosting provider.So managed hosting is strongly recommended and you should check the hosting provider’s services before making the final decision.
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