The difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols

When you visit an organization’s website, watch a Youtube video or check your email, the browser and server communicate. This exchange is provided by the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.HTTP (from the English HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a data transfer protocol on the Internet. With its help, the browser receives information from the server and shows the content to the user. This is the first protocol that was created to work in the web space.HTTPS (from the English HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure ) is a secure data transfer protocol on the Internet. This is the same HTTP protocol, but protected by an SSL certificate .For more information about these protocols, see the article What is HTTPS and how it works .You can see which protocol the site is using in the URL line:The difference between HTTP and HTTPSHow HTTPS differs from HTTP Difference between HTTP and HTTPS 2 Differences between HTTP and HTTPS

The HTTP protocol differs from HTTPS in that:

the HTTP protocol does not provide security for the transmitted data. Any personal information can be intercepted by intruders; HTTP works on port 80, and HTTPS works on port 443; sites with these protocols are displayed differently in search engines. Since HTTP does not encrypt data, search engines consider this protocol unsafe and notify the user about it: Difference between HTTP and HTTPS 3 GoogleDifference between HTTP and HTTPS 4 Yandex

Benefits of HTTPS

Security . Neither you nor site visitors need to worry about personal data: card number, passport data, browser history is protected. Has a positive effect on SEO optimization . Search engines put more trust in sites that operate over a secure connection. They rank higher in search results than unprotected sites. Creates trust among visitors . It is important for users that their personal information does not get to third parties, so they often choose sites that work over the HTTPS protocol.
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