Solution when email attachments are heavy to send | How to exchange files more securely

Solution when email attachments are heavy to send | How to exchange files more securely

First of all, this method helps to strengthen your security policy in terms of treating information carefully. Therefore, among CPI rental server users, it is often used by corporations and is also favored by freelancers who require a relationship of trust.In addition to chat systems such as Slack and teams, email is still used in many scenes as we work.The number of people who attach files by e-mail and send them is increasing year by year. In addition, the original file size is increasing year by year as it becomes easier to shoot movies and the number of pixels of the camera is updated.This is an email attachment that is indispensable for this business scene, but due to restrictions such as contracted providers and rented servers, it may not be possible to send or receive file sizes larger than a certain level.This time, let’s think about how to solve the problem of such attachments and how to exchange files securely.Sending and receiving files easily from a browser “Get a File” Get a File does not require you to attach the file directly to an email and send it. Upload the file from your browser and send it to the specified email address with the email address you logged in to. The recipient can download the file by accessing the URL described in the email.

get a file

Even now that the number of cloud services has increased, it cannot be said that it is okay to easily upgrade to an online storage service. “Get a File” introduced this time is a service on the premise that a shared server is rented, but since it uses the server area you are using, you do not need to deposit the file outside. Therefore, it can also be used to strengthen the security policy.The maximum size of the attached file can be sent up to 1GB. * This method can be used with the shared server ” SV-basic “.

There are five major merits as follows.

1) No need to store files in external cloud storage2) Easy to send from a browser3) Automatically deleted4) Up to 10 people can send 10 files at a time5) A password is automatically issued to access the downloaded file.Let me introduce you one by one.

1) No need to store files in external cloud storage

It’s easy to use, log in from your browser and create a contact book to prevent erroneous transmissions. Specify the person listed in this contact book and upload the file. All you have to do is send it.Unlike regular cloud services, this file is uploaded to the area of ​​your rental server, not to external storage . In other words, even files containing confidential information or personal information can be exchanged safely without using a third-party cloud service. In addition, data can be encrypted by SSL, which makes it possible to send files more securely.

2) Easy to send from a browser

As mentioned earlier, you can log in with a browser and specify the other party to send. In addition, since the transmission history remains firmly, you can follow the record even if something happens.

3) Automatically deleted

Files will be deleted automatically in 30 days.You won’t forget to erase it and the data will remain on the server. So you don’t have to worry about continuing to squeeze the space on your server.

4) Up to 10 people can send 10 files at a time

When you send a file using this service, the recipient will receive a total of two emails, one with the URL for downloading the file and the other with the password.The attached file is not attached to the email, only the URL for download is described, so the email on the receiving side will not be heavy. Therefore, you can send up to 10 files with a file size of 1GB at the same time.

5) A password is automatically issued to access the downloaded file.

Password on the download screenYou will need the password provided in the email to download the file. Therefore, even if an outsider looks up only the URL, the file cannot be downloaded.Also, if the person who sent you downloads the file, you will be notified by e-mail. Therefore, if an unexpected download occurs, you can check it by notification email.Click here for details on “Get a File”If you are using SV-Basic, you can use it from here.Click here if you are using an earlier plan.Often used by corporations as a tool to build trust Companies that have a well-established security policy for exchanging files with the outside are relieved.Even if I take one attachment file of an email, I am worried that it will be okay if a PDF containing confidential information is uploaded to an overseas online storage service that I have not heard much about.In that respect, the area of ​​the rental server managed by the company can be used securely. Get a File is used by many corporate clients as a tool to win trust by introducing these advantages as their own security policy.