How to migrate a website from one server to another?

How to migrate a website from one server to another?

 When you have your website, operating it for a long time, then more of the probability to change your website to a new server host. We understand, how difficult and traumatic know-how is in the procedure of shifting to a new server.Here at, you need not worry. We will share with you a few key points to understand easily about “How to migrate a website from one server to another?”.

What needs to migrate your website to a new hosting server?

When most people have some causes with their recent server, feel a shift to the new one. Those problems may be to slow facilities by the host or maybe you need new technical terms in your server to get on.It can be seen, the very overdue spell in shifting to a new server, maybe the terror of repeating the same situation as having done earlier in choosing a server with facilities.To deal with those causes which are discussed above, most individuals take a step, huge cash is given to the hosting agencies to overcome the situation. As they have very limited time to search about their problems and just wanted to deal those problems and get over as soon as possible.But here some, over the place, acquire appointment the hosting agencies to get a new site with the new server. Some are those, who get over their issues by searching for themselves and reading articles.

Here are given the direction to get the solution about “How to migrate a website from one server to another?”.

Migration from one server to a new one is a very easy way. Where you have invested your time in making your website, should take more stress and invest more time to get the knowledge about the shifting procedure to a new host.Here is a forthright direction that can be considered in the shifting process;

Direction # 1. You have to put your files to throw into a holdup.

In starting the section of the shifting procedure, you should make sure to put down all your site’s files on holdup. Normally you should have the habits of doing the same direction to hold up your files in routine life. but here when shifting is required and you have a lot of material to shift and this section will be applied necessarily.The question is that how files can be holdup? They have to get very few plugins that will do their job in making the files throw into a holdup.

Direction # 2. Transfer the WordPress files.

This is a very easy section to transfer your files outside. It may contain very few points have to take for transferring setup.
  • Just get enter the “cPanel” of your host and click into the “phpMyadmin” choice.
  • Then mark the files from your WordPress and press on “Export” placed in the “navigation menu”.
  • When you desire to make shifting more favorable then install “settings” in “quick” export process” and the format with “SQL” are enough for it.
  • By pressing on the icon “Go” shifting will be initiated and all files are disseminated in a folder on your device.

Direction # 3. How to make your files on your new host?

In this direction of moving on to a new host, you have to make a favorable setting for WordPress inauguration. You have to make your files there in a new hosting server where SQL content can be shifted into.Now you have to get enter into a new hosting server with confidentially that is provided to you and link to your “Cpanel” account.Here are some guidelines to make your files on a new hosting server;
  • Open “SQL” files
  • Make a valid name of files.
  • Now make brand new “SQL files” in SQL format.
  • Put the user name into these new files
  • Give all the permissions to it.

Direction # 4. Now you have to make changes to wp-confi.php.

You have to open the files on your device installed into a new database, made for the new server. The wallet that contains a new database is called wp-confi.php. this is a really important file to holdup your database. Let’s move on to make database changes;FilenameDefine(‘DB_NAME’, ‘db_name’);Note down this formula.Here you can see, the section ‘db_name” is the name of your last SQL working file name. and this should be replaced with a new SQL database name.UsernameDefine(‘DB_USER’, ‘db_user’);Note down this formula.Same like in fluctuating of the file name, “db_user” is the section of the last working site and you have to conversion of it with a new one.Passcode Note down the formula given below;Define(‘DB_PASSCODE’, ‘db_passcode’);

Direction # 5. Get the files into the new hosting server.

We have new files to perform our activities so for doing our job with new files, we should have the new files get into the new server.
  • This is the same as the transfer process but the inverse of it. Go on “phpMyadmin” from “cpanel”.
  • Let’s choose the files and press on “import” to get in the files which have to listen to in choosing process.
  • Now press on “choose file” to select the file and mark on SQL format to choose the files which were transferred out before in the above steps. After pressing on the “import” mark, this process starts getting files into the new server.

Direction # 6. Upgrade your new version of the database

After doing all directions to migrate, we have finally a new file that is fully prepared to work on. Now it’s to time to make upgrading the new database files.You should link your device to your latest version of the server and get the holdup program through your database account.Now your website is running on a new server.


If you have the issues relevant to your recent server and its performance and you want to shift your server to the new one. This is your right. “How to migrate a website from one server to another?”. But this is the very wrong part if you choose to go with a new domain site to get over your server problems.Here, at caprahost, we educate you on three ought he helpful strategies mentioned above. For more queries, please contact us.
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