baserCMS is a domestic CMS recommended for beginners!

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, There are many services such as WordPress and Movable Type in CMS (content management system) that allows you to build a website with intuitive operations without knowledge of HTML and CSS, and we will introduce “baser CMS” this time. Is one of them.In this article, I will explain what kind of service baserCMS is, the features, advantages and disadvantages of baserCMS, and the differences from WordPress. We will also show you how to install baserCMS on your rental server, so if you are considering installing baserCMS, please refer to it.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, What is baserCMS?

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, CMS is an abbreviation of Content Management System, and you can easily build, manage, and update websites without specialized knowledge. The system. There are many services in CMS such as WordPress and Movable Type, and baserCMS is one of them.Since baserCMS is provided as open source, anyone can use it for free.

benefits of baserCMS

The “baser CMS” can be installed free of charge and is characterized by its high operability and maintainability . Here are some points you should know when using it.

Advantage 1:

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, The entire site can be designed and managed intuitively, making it easy for beginners to handle. It is characterized by being able to operate without stress . The “Content List” screen displays the site structure in a tree format, so you can visually check the connections between pages.It is possible to manage all elements such as mail forms, blog pages, and additional content by plug-ins, as well as pages called fixed pages that you always want to display, such as company profile and service introduction pages.Since baserCMS can display the site structure in a tree format, it is easy to imagine the page structure.

Advantage 2:

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, Free but standard features are standard equipment Despite being free software, “baserCMS” has the standard functions required for website construction from the beginning . If it is a general corporate site, personal portfolio site, blog used by affiliates, etc., it can be created without the need to add plugins, so there is no need to install it.

Advantage 3:

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, ” BasserCMS” is software that has cleared the vulnerability diagnosis by the cloud-based Web vulnerability diagnosis tool “VAddy” .Is there a system that uses SQL such as a login screen or search form that manipulates the database, and is there an attack [cross-site scripting (XSS)] that exploits a vulnerability in a Web application by a third party? Since such checks are performed, you can rest assured in terms of security.In addition, baserCMS allows you to customize the management screen to your liking, and the file structure can be seen at a glance, so operation and maintenance can be performed without stress.

Merit 4:

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, The exchange community is substantial The “baserCMS User Group”, which is run by volunteer volunteers, is engaged in various activities centered on the ” baserCMS Supporters ” who are the operating members of baserCMS .For example, we provide a place that is easy for users to use by operating the ” User Forum “, an exchange site where you can ask questions about operation methods, request improvements, and report problems , hold regular meetings for supporters, and manage and support study sessions. I am.In addition, we are actively promoting activities to disseminate the latest information on baserCMS on SNS and mailing lists.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, The disadvantage of baserCMS is its low penetration rate

The disadvantage of baserCMS is that there are few publicly available plugins and customization themes, and there is little information related to the net. If the plugin provided by baserCMS cannot implement the desired function, you have to develop it yourself.Therefore, if you have trouble with customization or web production, it is recommended to use the “User’s Forum”.

About the difference between baserCMS and WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that boasts the top share in the world. It has a reputation for high degree of customization and offers a wide variety of plugins and themes. Therefore, many web production companies use WordPress, and it is also attractive because it can be produced at a low cost compared to other CMS.However, the structure has many original specifications, it is difficult to develop plug-ins, etc., it is easy to be hacked due to its high share, and it is necessary to spend time and money for safe site operation. There are also disadvantages.On the other hand, baserCMS is safe and easy to use for beginners in terms of ease of plug-in development that makes the best use of domestic production and high safety.OperabilitySimplicityCustomizabilitySecuritypricebaserCMS○○○○free~WordPress△△○△free~

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, Rental server that can use baserCMS

baserCMS can be operated in most rental servers running PHP. Some servers are easy to install and support the database management system “MySQL”, so find a server that has the functions you need.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, How to install baserCMS on CPI server

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, To install on the rental server you want to use baserCMS, you can use the installation function provided by the server side. The method differs depending on the rental server company, so check in advance.It is recommended to check the latest operating environment of baserCMS in the system requirements and check in advance whether it matches the rental server side you want to use.This time, let’s see how to install baserCMS on “CPI SV-Basic” which has been confirmed to work .(1) Download baserCMSFirst , download baserCMSdownload screen for baserCMS

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners,  Creating an FTP account

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, To upload the following files to the folder you want to install using FTP, first create an FTP account using the “CPI SV-Basic” control panel by following the steps below.Open the CPI SV-Basic Control Panel and click Web> FTP Account.Create an FTP account with SV-BasicEnter any “FTP account name” and “Password” and click the [Register] button. You can select “/” as the login directory.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, Create an FTP account with SV-Basic (2)

(3) FTP connectionDomestic CMS recommended for beginners, Use the created FTP account to connect to the server via FTP via FTP client software. This time, I will use “FileZilla” which can be used on both Windows and Mac. If you haven’t installed FileZilla, install it here .After the installation is complete, launch “Site Manager” with File Ziila and set up the FTP connection.

Site manager settings in File Ziila

Enter the IP address for “Host” and the ones you set when you created the FTP account for “User” and “Password”, and click the [Connect] button.

(4) Upload baserCMS file

After the connection is completed, upload the “baserCMS” file downloaded in 1 to the “remote site” displayed on the right side of FileZilla.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, Installation of baserCMS

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, After uploading the file, access the top page of the folder where “baserCMS” is installed with a browser.This time, I uploaded baserCMS in the directory “/”, so access “http: // homepage domain / baserCMS” with a browser.

baser CMS installation screen

When the baserCMS installation screen is displayed, click “Start installation” and proceed to steps 2 and 3. Since you need to enter the database information in step 3, if you have not set the database yet, add the database from the SV-Basic control panel.

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, Completed

Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, In step 4, set the administrator name and password and click the “Finish” button to complete the installation of baserCMS on the CPI SV-Basic server.Let’s create your own site with a rental server that can use baserCMS BaserCMS, which is a CMS made in Japan, has disadvantages such as low penetration rate and few plug-ins provided, but it has advantages such as high operability of the management screen and ease of development of plug-ins. I am.Domestic CMS recommended for beginners, In a general open source project, it is inevitable that the vulnerability will be fixed after it is discovered, and security measures tend to be delayed. In baserCMS, the cloud-based web vulnerability diagnosis tool “VAddy” is used to perform security diagnosis in advance and then perform regular diagnosis, so many people say that it can be used with peace of mind.
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