Brief description on Shared storage or VPS

Brief description on Shared storage or VPS

Suppose you have a website (or an idea for a website that you or someone on your behalf is going to implement). The most important question that should be asked is: What solution is right to host your site? Is it in VPS? Or in a shared storage solution? (I will not refer in this article to a dedicated physical server)

You have several options:

If your site is an image site, or a store, or a blog, forum or the like, a shared storage solution can be a good starting solution. Shared storage gives you a small space to store your code, content, graphics, etc. without paying a hefty amount each month. Why an initial solution?Because the amount of traffic you are given is very limited, and if you have a dynamic site (whose content varies depending on the user for example) then the more users you enter daily, the resources you will need for your site will increase to the point where the shared hosting provider will contact you and offer You have a different storage solution since the resources you require exceed your allotment. When you have a quantity of thousands of people logging in every day / week, you will need a solution that lets you run your site and at the same time provide a service to all those surfers. In this case the usual solution is VPS .

We will now review the benefits of shared storage over VPS:

You do not have to worry about server management and maintenance. This is what the supplier does. In serious companies, shared storage sits on a powerful server that can serve your site to the surfer quickly. You do not need extensive computer knowledge to perform all kinds of operations such as uploading content, managing mailboxes, etc. If there is a problem that you do not get along with the panel, you can always contact the supplier who will be happy to assist you. At any time you can see your utilization, statistics, reports and more. • Cheap price. • Backups are made for you by the vendor so that if there is a malfunction, it can be restored.Here are the advantages of VPS over shared storage:• You are the server manager when it comes to characterization, settings, etc. • You can install any software you want • You have a much larger disk space, greater bandwidth • A good and powerful VPS server can withstand the load of hundreds or thousands of users a day • You Can install on it any management panel you want and with this panel manage the server. • You can install multiple versions of the site (if you are building the site), or host different sites like other customers as part of a site building package for them. • You can update the system in terms of software, security and more. Once we have known the pros, we will recognize the cons. Let’s start with shared storage:• Not every provider maintains its servers well and updates software versions, exposing your site to potential hacking. • Many vendors like to oversell and put many sites into a small amount of servers, which severely degrades performance. • You are entirely dependent on the grace of the supplier’s technical support. • Different versions of software are not available (for example, newer versions of MySQL or PHP). • Some vendors do not have the ability to set important things like memory size for running applications. • If your site is rising slowly, they will most likely be blamed for your code because of which the site is rising slowly (and not mercy because the vendor loaded it above and beyond) VPS also has drawbacks:• Much higher cost than shared storage. • Knowledge of operating systems (whether it’s Windows or Linux) is needed to update the system / maintain / upgrade or configure things. • Even in VPS many vendors “push” customers as if there is no tomorrow, which can lead to a sharp drop in your VPS performance regardless of you.Whether you choose shared storage or VPS, here are some points to keep in mind:• Make sure everything you are offered is written in the contract . Includes support (what support you get and what not) • If your site is intended for surfers from Israel, make sure that the servers in Israel (some providers use the trick: their home site in Israel, the servers abroad, which hurts performance and finds out only too late). • Check Every few days how long does it take for your site to upload (you can use a tool like Pingdom’s ). vendor fix the problem or move your site server availability. If he denies rushed to the problem, start looking for another provider. • it is recommended to register as Pingdom and put your URL in order to have continuous monitoring for your website. If you get many messages site Down, it’s time to switch to a more reliable provider. • Did you choose VPS? Agree with the vendor who handles the maintenance of the server within it, or what solution it offers. • If you are not sure which VPS is good enough for you, ask for a trial version for the day. A provider who is confident in what he offers can give it to you immediately. Other providers will try to persuade you to sign and “you can get your money back within 14 days” (only until you receive the money you will have to go through many persuasions to stay). • Check with the supplier on Google before concluding a contract with him. Unpleasant to find out after signing that the supplier has a long line of complaints from disappointed and resentful customers.
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