Examples of the best pet service and product business ideas

Best pet service and product business ideas

Best pet service and product business ideas

Best pet service and product business ideas, The market for pet products and services is growing at a tremendous pace , but at the same time, many products and services on it are by no means high-tech, and therefore are easy for a startup with a small initial capital.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Animal feed by subscription

Best pet service and product business ideas, Online stores of cat, dog, hamster, bird, fish (and so on) food and themselves – one or two and too many. Of course, this product can be found in an online supermarket – but it is long and unpredictable for a customer to manually search for it on such a site. And a search engine is unlikely to lead anyone there, webmasters will never optimize portals of large FMCG stores for pet products and this gives good chances to beginners.Even less common are online pet stores with order processing and immediate delivery around the clock, or at least working until midnight. There would be money for a startup! Fortunately, the goods here are usually not heavy and oversized, your courier can be a simple student or pensioner and travel by public transport during delivery.Even especially in the daytime, the idea of ​​immediate in 1-2 hours ,delivery in the online sale of pet food will be in great demand in a big city.Best pet service and product business ideas, However, for such a penny product, it is not enough to open an online store , too small and rare streams of profit will be generated by each client. After all, he will come across cheap feed every day without payment for delivery in every nearby grocery store. Of course, if your assortment consists of hundreds of feeds, and not from 5-10 brands, as everywhere, you will look advantageous but this is not enough. You need to take care of linking each client to you (so as not to buy food elsewhere) and bonuses that will force the buyer to share links to your portal with other dog lovers, cat people, aquarists and poultry houses.The best option here would be a subscription , which is a startup fashion hit in any segment. The buyer pays for the required amount of goods for a month, quarter, year and you deliver this goods with one or another regularity, depending on the shelf life of the goods and agreements with the client. In this case, the buyer does not need to think about buying this product, but also does not need to store large masses of goods at home.And most importantly, it is easy and appropriate to give a long-term subscription to animal feed to friends and relatives – which cannot be said about the feed itself.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Cakes and pizzas for pets

Best pet service and product business ideas, Many mammalian owners would like to “celebrate” their “holidays”. Therefore, it is appropriate to make blocks of feed in the form of cakes and pizzas (on a disposable foil bowl), which can cost significantly more than the cost price.

Sales will be big

People like not only to pamper their pets, but also to photograph them. And a cat eating a cake looks incredibly photoginous.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Organic and raw food for animals

Best pet service and product business ideas, The whole essence of the business idea, I think, is clear from the title ,huge masses of adherents of newfangled unconventional approaches to nutrition will pay extra money to feed their pet with environmentally friendly “organic”, “without preservatives and chemicals” and so on.In addition, it is easier for a start-up to produce without chemicals than with such – if you open a restaurant for pets or a portal with the delivery of fresh food of one or another fashionable type, you will not have to preserve it: it will be enough to have a refrigerator.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Vending of goods for animals

Best pet service and product business ideas, Your vending machine with the specified goods at the exit from the supermarket will help those who forgot to buy them in the store’s salon. Of course, vending is more expensive than retail.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Sewing houses for cats and dogs to order

Best pet service and product business ideas, A home business is promising ,possible for women on maternity leave, disabled people, schoolchildren and students, pensioners by sewing and arranging animal houses from fabric chosen by the buyer. You buy hundreds of fabric options, thousands of wooden glazing beads, wooden mini-corners, as well as nails. You develop several of the simplest frame options for houses from planks and begin to stretch your fabric onto these frames, attaching it with the same strips, but from the outside (nailing it to the same strips that make up the frame from the inside). Hand over the goods to specialized stores, or better sell using your own website.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Car wash for dogs

Best pet service and product business ideas, The idea will find great summer demand among car owners, dog owners returning from summer cottages and walks. Many will undertake to wash the dog in the shower at the same time for a little money with the provision of dog shampoo and a hair dryer. After all, bathing a dog at home means the subsequent washing out of the bath from the mass of dirty wool, which is quite appropriate “to leave” to a specialized washing.

Wall-mounted “beds” for cats

This is a slightly concave shelf complete with a nice-looking soft removable blanket. Materials for a dollar, can be sold for 10 of the same units.

Luminous LED collars

To prevent the death of dogs and walking cats in an accident, to simplify the search for animals in the dark (in the forest, in the country) and just for beauty, collars and clothes for animals with LED elements will find the widest demand.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Nursing home for cats and other animals

Best pet service and product business ideas, For a few irresponsible wealthy pet owners, as well as for those leaving the country and who do not have someone to “bequeath” an old animal, it will be appropriate to open a service for the reception of old animals for an adequate fee with a guarantee of their care and treatment, with up-to-date photos and information posted on the Internet about the animal, as well as with the opportunity to visit your former pet. In addition to the rent for the reception of animals, the owner of the “home” can earn from the sale of their photographs and the possibility of testing new developments of animal products on the inhabitants.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Pets for rent

Best pet service and product business ideas, The business idea is to provide customers with a short-term rental option for pets before they decide to buy. These are mainly dogs of all stripes and sizes. Even if the client refuses to buy a puppy, he is obliged to pay for its rent (at least for an hour).As the practice of such undertakings reveals, buyers, having once taken a puppy home, very rarely give it back – but mostly acquire it at the usual cost (thus paying the seller the price of the initial lease with a “bonus”).The most acceptable lease term, which entrepreneurs should insist on, is three days, during which time it is possible to determine whether the character of the puppy suits their new owners

Best pet service and product business ideas, Missing Pets Search Service

Best pet service and product business ideas, If your pet is lost, your service center creates advertisements and posters with a photo of the pet and its detailed description. After that, data on the loss is sent to all kinds of addressees, veterinary clinics, groomers, dog shelters, pet shops, police stations, as well as volunteer funds who help in the search for the missing animal. The announcement is sent by e-mail, fax, express mail within 24 hours.The service workers also conduct field research, communication with residents of the area where the animal disappeared, posting notices in local shops and other public places in the area. Animal search services are paid for the owners, the price of the issue depends on the number of contacts.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Making clothes and various accessories for animals

Best pet service and product business ideas, To open a zoo, it is necessary to rent two premises for a workshop and a salon , certainly in the center of the metropolis, because the glamorous audience (the main target audience of the startup’s products) will not go to a remote area.There will be few employees in the atelier. A designer-constructor, two seamstresses and a sales assistant. Atelier can sew a variety of things for animals ,winter overalls with fur and knitted garments, dress clothes, clothes for pregnant females, as well as highly artistic cozy rugs, bedding, “nests”. For premium clients, “zoo clothes” are decorated with rhinestones from Swarovski and even sew from the best fashion houses.If we consider a budget option for a business, one of the rooms in your apartment can also serve as a workshop.

Best pet service and product business ideas, Breeding animals – top three in terms of profitability

Best pet service and product business ideas, One of the most promising business ideas in this segment is the breeding of exotic chinchillas , which can be sold not only to fur factories, but also taken to a pet store (a choice for more humane businessmen).The advantage of breeding these animals is high profitability, because their cost of selling is higher while the cost per animal is minimal (feed consumption is five times less than for rabbits).You can also breed more traditional pets, such as Chihuahuas and Toy Terriers (“pocket dogs”). These dogs are characterized by their small size (their weight ranges from 200 grams to 2 kilograms), respectively, they take up little space and eat little. The demand for them is also among the most elite strata of society.Best pet service and product business ideas, Highly profitable counting on elite buyers is the mass breeding of large and beautiful aquarium fish, namely, the discus genus , whose dimensions reach 20 centimeters. They are distinguished by bright colors, which, of course, attracts buyers, in particular children.Time-tested business startup – opening a pet store To open a pet store, like any trade business, you must obtain a trade permit and register a private enterprise.
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