Business ideas in the field of creative design

New Year Business Ideas

New Year Business Ideas

New Year Business Ideas, The 2010s became a time of real explosion in the popularity of non-standard design of standard things. What used to be classified as “for jokes”, “for geeks”, “for an exhibition or a museum of applied art” or was considered as an ideological adherence to the design of objects by a studio (and everywhere had “elite” prices corresponding to the level of the latter) became cheap and sold in large quantities on trays and in regular discounters. Probably the most typical example here is unusually designed flash drives. In any kiosk of mobile and computer accessories, you can now find flash media created in the form of thousands of various miniature objects. Vessels for liquids – bottles, flasks, vases, cups – in the genre of imitation molding have also become unusually massive and cheap. New Year Business Ideas, But a number of ordinary everyday objects can also look unusual and you can find similar proposals for startups. In this article, startups are invited to take a fresh look at a number of familiar easy-to-manufacture items – to make a creative version of them and make money on its mass sales.

New Year Business Ideas, Soap dispenser

New Year Business Ideas, Based on the presence of a socket-bell for a soap dispenser, the design in the form of a classic fire extinguisher will look fun and effective. Not bad is the version with a grenade-lemon (the nose will play the role of its handle). In the genre of animalism, a dispenser in the form of a giraffe will be good for children. Or in the form of an elephant with a raised trunk. Finally, it is appropriate to design the dispenser in the form of a mini-shower rack (you can even imitate cold hot water taps at the base of the “shower”). An option is also possible in the form of a “mini-table lamp” with an opaque “light bulb” serving as a dispenser nose.

New Year Business Ideas, Toilet paper holder

New Year Business Ideas, Let’s continue walking, sorry, in the bathroom with reflections on the creative rework of his accessories. The holder for rolls of toilet paper undoubtedly suggests the idea of ​​creating an enlarged copy of a round film packaging. Who does not remember what it is. In addition, the holder can simulate a part of an ATM – with the inscription “take the money” above the paper slot and a simulated hole for a payment card. A classic letterbox with a paper issue where letters were thrown in the original product will also look fun and cute. Also, the holder can represent the head of any animal “spitting out” the paper (option: the slot for the paper is in the “tongue” of the animal). Finally, the holder can look like a horizontally lying “bottle of cognac” (kefir or whatever the startup wants) with a slit-slot at the bottom. The toilet paper itself can represent bills. Or, have a text of an educational or entertaining sort.

New Year Business Ideas, Mirror

New Year Business Ideas, There is no doubt that a folding mirror looks best in the form of a mini-laptop or mini-mobile phone. The top cover of a folding mirror is also appropriate to design in the image of a camera. There are also options in the form of a plump book with a bright imitation name, “certificates” of various kinds, or “a wallet from which a folded bundle of one hundred dollar bills peeps out.”

New Year Business Ideas, Alarm clock

New Year Business Ideas, Finally, a loudly ringing large alarm clock can imitate any household item – a camera, an antique telephone, a TV, a washing machine, a cans (bottles) cupboard, and so on ad infinitum.

New Year Business Ideas, Shaped containers for dipping loose tea into a cup

New Year Business Ideas, On the market for creative gifts, there are containers for brewing dry tea in a cup – which, ideally, should be transparent (to see all the beauty of the container). The products are seen on sale in the form of “notes”, in which the upper bend serves to support the rim of the cup. And also in the form of a monkey, whose hands serve for the same for attaching to the rim, and the stomach is a container for tea. Such devices are sold much more expensive than their prime cost – and are being actively sold. Therefore, we recommend that startuppers who are ready to manufacture stainless steel or food-grade heat-resistant plastics develop their own creative design of the product – it can be either a “beast” (say,“clinging to the top of the cup with its tail”), or “fish caught on the line”, or “bud a flower on a bent stalk ”, and“ a microphone on a wire ”, and“ a computer mouse on a wire ”, and“ a light bulb on a wire ”, and“ a chest caught in a fishing net ”… The creativity here goes on and on.

New Year Business Ideas, Curly corkscrews

New Year Business Ideas, Non-lever conventional corkscrews can represent, again, a “wire”, while the handle of the product must imitate one or another electrical appliance or accessory (again – a “mouse”, “light bulb” and so on). They can also represent the stem, then their “flower” serves as the handle of the corkscrew. Double-arm corkscrews are, again, typical animals with two “paws”, birds with “wings”. An eroticized design is also possible, in which the corkscrew levers depict women’s legs, and the nozzle screwed onto the neck of the bottle represents the head. Finally, we draw the attention of the inventors to the fact that the electric mechanism, which twists the corkscrew into the cork and then unscrews the latter, clearly does not belong to super-complicated developments. The launch of such a device on the market would make it possible to earn serious funds in the markets of the whole world.

New Year Business Ideas, Clip-on note holder looks like a beast

New Year Business Ideas, It is convenient to equip the holder for square mini-blocks of paper (“for notes”) with a clothespin that allows you to attach a well-visible note to yourself or someone else. If you arrange a clothespin in the form of an animal’s head with a mouth and ears, and beat the body of the stand as the body of an animal, it will turn out to be stylish and cute. The demand will be quite high and at a fairly high price. The photo below shows the simplest version of the “donkey”, which should be finished much more beautifully.

New Year Business Ideas, Combs-pistols

New Year Business Ideas, Children’s combs often depict hedgehogs and other animals. Adults, teenagers – work   pseudo-microphones (“round brush” type), or are limited to the figure of the handle without the semantic outplay of the toothed part. Meanwhile, from a comb type “comb” is a funny “gun”. A round brush can represent a dumpy tree (teeth – crown). Take a look at the combs and you may come up with a fresh start-up idea for creative, meaningful design.

New Year Business Ideas, Mini safes – watches and books

New Year Business Ideas, Finally – the most simple to manufacture, but in constant demand category: a mini-safe with a lock or a simple mini-box for “stash”, designed in the form of a book – (“anti-book”), audio speakers, large wall clocks (you can also say this: large watches contain compartments in their thickness that are accessible by opening the case back). It remains to add that the compartments inside such a device can have the size of bills.

New Year Business Ideas, Invisible shelves

New Year Business Ideas, We are talking about thin, but strong metal corners, the horizontal of which is slightly smaller than the standard formats of books (A5 – ordinary books, A6 – small books, pockets, A1 – gift and children’s books). You insert the middle of the book into this thin horizontal corner of the corner – that is, the shelf enters between the page block and the “bottom” cover. At the same time, below the horizontal at the wall there is a narrow (1-2 cm) mini-hook, which does not allow the “bottom” cover of the book to open. This mini-lead is practically invisible from the side – and one gets the impression that the book is hanging in the air. It remains to point such a stack of books on the lower book, which will also cover the vertical of the corner (screwed to the wall). And then a whole pile of books will seem to hang on nothing against the wall. For the manufacturer, the concept is convenient because buyers will buy them in whole sets – five to ten pieces each (you can sell them like that). The materials are simple and cheap – metal – and the selling price per shelf can start at $ 10.

New Year Business Ideas, Notebooks with painted balls texture

New Year Business Ideas, The anti-stress idea is based on the fact that many people crumple a page torn from a notebook into a ball. So why not paint on the pages (inside and / or as a substrate) black and white pentagons of soccer balls or an orange background with black stripes, like basketballs – so that when crumpled, it looks like a ball? At the same time, an advertisement for a product may indicate that it is convenient to crumple “balls” from unwritten pages of a notebook – for mood relief.

New Year Business Ideas, Carrot sharpener

New Year Business Ideas, An ingenious idea: increase the pencil sharpener by ten to twenty times – and you get a device for decorative cutting of carrots. The materials are the simplest, the manufacturing scheme is known “to the whole of China” (only proportionally left to increase). As a result, the cost / price margin is enormous.

New Year Business Ideas, Keyboards and mice with folk ornaments

New Year Business Ideas, The demand for souvenirs in the folk style is huge both among foreigners and among the inhabitants of the country themselves, who give gifts to foreigners or who are inclined to especially warm patriotism. However, this niche has drawbacks: a good half of the “folk” souvenirs are very non-utilitarian, and if utilitarian, then rather out of date. It’s time to fix it. You can start like this: make strong, low-erasure stickers with a powerful adhesive layer – decorated with folk ornaments. You pre-purchase keyboards, mice, flash drives, speakers, and other gadgets – ideally, agreeing with the manufacturer that you will design and rebrand them. Stickers, of course, should take into account the size of the devices you purchased. Stick it on, go to the souvenir market – and make a coup on it. The sales volume will be colossal. Over time, having earned enough capital, you will agree with the manufacturers of gadgets about their initial coverage with your ornaments. And over time, you will enter the markets of neighboring countries with their ornaments – until they, who do not read in time, think of this themselves.

Faucet nozzle – tulip

Plastic petals on the head of the tap and green leaves on its base. It looks very cute. Manufacturing is simple and cheap. The demand is secured.

New Year Business Ideas, Libra with world map

New Year Business Ideas, The idea for gifts for women is a scale with a map of the world on it (and possibly the words “The whole world is at your feet” or “The whole world is at your feet”). Again, you can start by purchasing scales from manufacturers – and make stickers with maps yourself.

Autumn Leaf Shape Plastic Door Stopper

The whole idea is obvious from the picture. Just make the leaves not maple – so as not to violate the inventor’s copyright.

New Year Business Ideas, Spoon, fork, knife – with Lego elements on the handle

New Year Business Ideas, To prevent cutlery from clinking in the bag while traveling or in the drawer of the kitchen table, they should be released with easily fastened handles.