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Why do you need a backup? How to protect important data on the rental server

It is very dangerous not to make a backup while using a rental server. This is because there is a possibility that important data will be damaged or lost due to a slight trouble. Therefore, when using a rental server, consider acquiring backups and automating backups. This time, we will introduce the importance of server data backup, backup types, and CPI backup services.

1. Why do you need a server backup?

Backup is essential because we do not know when and how data accidents such as data corruption or loss will occur. The following cases can be considered as accident examples.-Error operations such as overwriting and deletion- Data falsification due to malware, etc.- Physical server failure due to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and firesEven if such a situation occurs, backup is indispensable in order to restore business quickly. In addition, backing up data has the following advantages.

・ Recovery is possible even if a data accident occurs. ・You can proceed with your work with peace of mind because there is a backup. ・ Data generation management is possible.

Some may think that backup is a tedious task. However, backup is provided as an option of the rental server management company or as standard equipment without having to prepare storage such as HDD or SSD by the user. In addition, automatic backup and manual backup can be easily performed from the server management screen. So don’t neglect to back up just because it’s a hassle.

2. Backup method

There are four main types of data backup methods.1. External backup This is a method in which the rental server management company physically transfers the data to another server and saves the data. Since data is physically stored on another server for external backup, even if an accident occurs on the rental server, data can be recovered from the backup data stored on another server. CPI provides an external backup service.2. Internal backup Internal backup is a method of backing up within the same server, whereas external backup is physically transferred to another server. In this case, there is no need to consider the transfer speed, and recovery is faster than external backup, but on the other hand, there are disadvantages such as not being able to access backup data in the event of a hardware failure.3. Local backup This is a method of backing up to the user’s personal computer, HDD, SSD, etc. of the company server. Local backup is used when you want to keep data at your discretion.4. Cloud backup How to save data in the cloud. It is often used to store local data rather than backing up rental server data such as external and internal backups.Cloud backup is a method that is also used for backing up important corporate data because it is possible to recover data from the cloud even if a disaster occurs and local data is damaged.There are two types of backup: full backup, which backs up all data images, and saving the rewritten contents of data. When you save the rewritten contents of data, it is called a differential backup or an incremental backup depending on the rewritten contents to be saved.Since the data capacity of differential and incremental backups is smaller than that of full backups, the backup time can be shortened. However, there are some disadvantages such as taking longer than a full backup because it is necessary to stitch the data together when recovering.We have introduced four data backup methods, but for example, you can use an external backup for a rental server or a cloud backup for internal data, and the choices you can make will change depending on the application. Check the data you want to back up and choose the appropriate backup method.

3. How to back up the rental server

Most rental server management companies offer backup services, and you can easily back up from the management screen. From a cost perspective, it can be done at a relatively low cost of several hundred yen to several thousand yen per month, so it is not a high cost considering the damage caused by data loss.In addition, CPI has an automatic / manual backup function in a free server tool called “Smart Release”. This Smart Release acquires an automatic backup at the following timing.・ Every day at midnight ・ When the site is released ・ When transferring files from the public site to the test siteTherefore, backup is possible without any hassle.In addition, the optional external backup service allows you to recover data up to 9 days ago. Backup data can be downloaded at any time with the FTP account of the external server, enabling quick recovery work.

4. Backup method on a dedicated server

CPI’s dedicated server service provides an external backup service as a standard feature. As with the rental server, data up to 9 days ago can be downloaded by FTP transfer, so even if an accident should occur, the recovery work time will be greatly reduced.In addition, it will contribute to the reduction of operating costs because it can be backed up automatically and easily from the management screen.


Backup is a must-do task to protect your important data. The backup service is cheap and easy to use