Open source web hosting as Network technology development

Open source web hosting as Network technology development

Open source web hosting includes two very extensive areas that are intertwined: Web hosting – a technological field that enables the display and operation of websites and online applications on the Internet. Open source – scripts / codes / content management systems, for which there is the possibility of direct and free access to the code that produces the visibility and operation that constitute each of the components of the site.

Open source web hosting is different from closed source web hosting:

Content management systems written in PHP and using MySQL database are open source content management systems and require web hosting on a Linux based server. In contrast, Microsoft content management systems – as well as rented content management systems, are closed source and usually require web hosting on a Windows server.Open source web hosting as Network technology development allows the site owner to install content management systems and change their structure, visibility and operation as he sees fit. This, by direct and free access to files and the database: changing the source code, adding new code, including a new design for different sections or the entire site and more. It is important to understand that open source content management systems also have a usage license whose main condition is the possibility of free editing of the source code and even its distribution without copyright restrictions, but a developer or programmer will not be able to attribute or own the source code and make a fortune By selling the source code.Open source website hosting is at the forefront of network technology development, as it is an activity based on the activities of open source communities that design, build and develop content management systems, improve and refine them, secure them and distribute them to anyone who demands them for free. All this in order to make the Internet more accessible and secure. We will present below a number of open source content management systems and their connection to the field of web hosting.

Content management systems

An open source storage package is designed to store content management systems such as: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and Magento. These content management systems are based on the PHP programming language and also use the MySQL database. Julma, WordPress and Drupal are content management systems designed to build a wide range of websites, from image sites to e-commerce sites. Magento, on the other hand, is intended for the construction and operation of online commerce sites and is not used for image sites. There are many similarities between these content management systems and at the same time, they differ from each other on levels such as: ease of operation, requirements for prior knowledge or experience, file structure, how to manage the system and its various settings and the like.When it comes to open source storage services for content management systems it requires web hosting plans that allow their owners full, easy and convenient access to all types of files from which the content management system is built as well as, to its database. It should be noted that this type of web hosting that provides its customers with a cPanel storage management system, will allow the customer quick, easy and user-friendly access to both the system files and the database. cPanel allows you to edit all types of files directly on the server, without having to download the files to your computer, edit them and upload them back to the server. This way, you can edit the source files, copy or move them from folder to folder and see the editing effect instantly in the browser. Those who work on a local server (on a computer) also have such an option, but after editing the source files, it is mandatory to transfer them to open source web hosting in order for the site to be displayed and run on the Internet.

Hosting sites in open source content management systems

When hosting sites in open source content management systems, it is also possible to quickly install multiple content management systems in the same account. In the case of web hosting for only one domain, open source content management systems can be installed in sub-domains – Sub Domains and in the case of web hosting for several domains, open source content management systems can be installed in folders that are each domain on its own. Open source web hosting will provide access to an open source software installation system, with the most convenient and user-friendly system being Softaculous. This system includes dozens of open source systems for click installation as well as open source scripts that can be used in accordance with the rules and policies of each development company. The biggest advantage of this type of storage is the flexibility and web hosting provider that allows it to its customers, will give them the option to install Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento in the same storage account at the same time.Open source web hosting is one of the specialties of Jetserber web hosting. The company provides its customers with Linux-based web hosting in three hosting plans for open source websites and open source content management systems. Jetserver also provides dedicated web hosting for Joomla, WordPress and Magento. These dedicated hosting plans produce the most and the best of veteran and professional web hosting for open source content management systems. Contact us today and you will get the most out of open source web hosting.
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