Its all about caching your WordPress site

Its all about caching your WordPress site

Objectives of this article:

Understand what it means to cache a website Cache your site automatically First, we will define precisely what caching means in order to understand the usefulness of doing it, then we will see how to do it automatically using very easy to use tools .

What is site caching?

First of all, given the growing number of sites on the Internet, search engines try to sort it out and load time is one of their criteria. So to be able to pass in front of everyone, you will have to take this loading time into account! The loading time represents the access time and the display of the site in question.Therefore, the cache is the intermediate memory system for displaying web pages faster . How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by displaying the last save of the web page concerned . This backup is a temporary file saved on a computer, so you don’t have to wait for a response from the server to display the pages you visit on a regular basis.In addition, increasing the loading speed by caching your site will only improve the convenience you provide to your visitors and increase your SEO.There are therefore several methods to cache your WordPress site. Let’s see in detail what is available to us on WordPress.

Some tools to analyze your site

Here are some websites that allow you to rate the loading speed of your site and all of its pages on all devices. There are free and paid tools, like everywhere you tell me.

Page Speed ​​Insights

The first that I present to you is Page Speed ​​Insights by Google itself. Page Speed ​​Insights analyzes the content of a web page and then generates suggestions to increase page speed .Analyze your site with Page Speed ​​Tools Insights

GT metrix

Then the second is GT metrix , it analyzes your site and offers some practical recommendations on how to optimize it.Analyze your site with GTmetrix


The third and final tool is Pingdom . It’s a paid tool that offers a wide range of things:Monitoring uptime, page speed, transactions Alert Visitors’ point of view (RUM) Server monitor Pingdom is therefore a single platform solution to monitor the availability and performance of your websites, servers or web applications.

Learn more about Pingdom

Finally, there are many paid tools to analyze the performance of its site in depth. If you are looking for a little you will find a lot.

Some free WordPress plugins to improve its performance

Then, if you are on WordPress, I advise you to use some plugins that will cache your site to improve its performance .From July 18, 2018, Google will use page speed in mobile search rankings

WP Super Cache

Without doubt the most used and recommended on the net, WP Super Cache is the essential cache plugin . I recommend you install it on all your WordPress sites / blogs if you don’t know anything about it.Download WP Super Cache

W3 Total cache

This cache plugin also gives very good results but is a bit more complicated to use. If you have time to think about it, go for it! Download W3 Total Cache

WP Fastest Cache

Very easy to use and super efficient, WP Fastest Cache is also a very good cache plugin to recommend. I use it personally because it brings me more results benefits than WP Super Cache. It also has a paid version to further improve the performance of its WordPress site.

Download WP Fastest Cache

Some paid WordPress plugins to improve performance Some time ago, in an article from SeoMix where tests were carried out comparing several WordPress cache plugins , it was advisable to couple two plugins:WP Super Cache DB Cache Reladed But to date, there are even more powerful but paid plugins that allow you to improve the loading speed of your WordPress site without mixing the plugins together at the risk of fatal errors:

WP Rocket

This plugin made by French people is highly coveted for its performance and its enormous ease of use.Price: $ 39

Download WP Rocket

Hummingbird Page Speed ​​Optimization Again, a remarkably well done plugin with detailed and understandable performance analyzes allowing you to understand what to do to improve the loading speed of your different pages but a bit more expensive.It also provides information that can be found with the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool but with much more precision and understanding. It also offers areas for improvement that are really very easy to use. You check a box and the problem in question is only a thing of the past!Price: $ 49 / monthDownload Hummingbird Page Speed ​​Optimization

WP Fastest Cache

Given the power of the free version, you would expect something even better in terms of page load speed on your WordPress website. This plugin combines efficiency and ease of use. It is therefore not to be neglected but rather to be recommended.Price: $ 39.99

Download WP Fastest Cache

Finally, if you do some research on the internet to find out which is the best free or paid cache plugin , some will tell you that it is WP Rocket, others HummingBird or still others WP Fastest Cache… So try to make yourself your own experience testing and analyzing each of these wonderful plugins.On the other hand, if you analyze your site several times with the tools mentioned above, you will see that the statistics fluctuate quite a bit. It is therefore quite difficult to give a really clear opinion on what works best, especially with the regular updates of these plugins.


To conclude, if you do not yet have a budget for this kind of thing, then I advise you to stay on WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache (depending on the results you get) because it is very easy to use with very good results.Then if you are on a budget but don’t have the time to really dig into it, I would recommend WP Rocket or WP Fastest Cache always depending on the results you get.And finally, if you have a nice small budget and the time to devote yourself to it, it will be better to lean towards HummingBird.