Choose the right domain name! That is important

Choose the right domain name! That is important

Objectives of this article:

Know what a domain name is for your website Knowing well choose to represent at best its business and be well referenced In this article, we will see what a domain name is and how to choose it. We will also see what are the important criteria to take into account to be well referenced.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the ” web address ” or URL corresponding to your website . It is mainly thanks to this that your audience will have access to your website , emails, FTP. More technically, we speak of the “mask” of the IP address . Why ? Quite simply because a domain name makes it possible to hide an IP address which is moreover very difficult to remember. It is in a way, a translation from computer language to human language .A domain name can only contain 67 characters (which is already huge). In characters it is allowed to use letters , numbers and dashes . It is forbidden to use periods ( in your domain or even special characters (% * /! & #? + _ £…).Likewise, in recent years, it has been possible to integrate accents in your domain name.

Choosing the right domain name

First of all, note that it is preferable to have your domain name and its hosting in the same place for practical reasons. If you have a problem, everything is in one place!A domain name that’s easy to understand and remember A domain name should be easy to understand and write , this is the first thing to remember.She: What is your site?You: So… it’s… “the” dash “utensils” dash “2” the number and not “two” written in letter, dash “kitchen” dash “2” the number and not “two” written in letter, dash “Mary” with a “y” point “cuiz” with a “z” – “les-ustensiles-2-cuisine-2-mary.cuiz”In this very specific case, prefer “” or “” depending on the availability of domain names .You need to have no trouble explaining how it is pronounced so that people understand when you explain it or when they try to remember it and come back to it.A good thing to do when you are unsure is to ask those around you to write down the domain name in question when you say it and see if there is a gap or not between reality and your personal judgment.In my case, for “” I just added an “l” to “entrepreneurweb” to differentiate myself and highlight the unique side.On the other hand, for my web agency “” I wanted to highlight the name of my company and mix two terms:“Neo” which means new (see Matrix) “Online” which translates, means “online” And if we say it a little more gently, we can say “born online” which means “born online” …

The shortest possible domain name

As we have just said previously, it must be understandable and easy to remember. And the shorter a domain name, the easier it is to remember .Example: OVH, BBC, Forbes, CocaCola, Neonline

Did you know ?

The longest domain name in the world is that of a village on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. It has no less than 51 letters in a single word (the name of the village in question): Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.comFinally, if you want a domain name between 3 and 5 letters, there is a great chance that it is already taken… so innovate without going too far into weird delusions!

A domain name without a hyphen

Putting a hyphen (bar of 6) in your domain name is authorized but not recommended . Google prefers to read a domain name without dashes and can distinguish the different keywords even if you do not put anything in between. Either way, the dashes will be automatic when you publish an article.Likewise, as we have seen previously, putting a hyphen in your domain name is only more complicated to remember and to explain.Finally, if your domain name has several words placed end to end, it is advisable to reserve domain names with dashes between the words for once again security reasons.

A domain name without numbers

Then, as far as numbers are concerned , it is the same as with dashes … it is allowed to put dashes in your domain name but it is not recommended (even penalized).