Best Marketing Business Ideas For Building Materials Stores :Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Best Marketing Business Ideas For Building Materials Stores :Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Distribution of lamps by luminous intensity, power and base diameter

Since the advent of energy-saving bulbs, they have been branded. And from the point of view of the psychology of the buyer, at the first level, it is necessary to firmly divide the department into two parts – fluorescent lamps and soft light lamps. At the second level, divide the first two sections into “base E27” (wide) and “base E14” (narrow).And at the third level of arrangement within the above-described four sections, group together all (all brands) bulbs by power, say, “up to 10 W”, “10-20 W”, “20-30 W”, “30-40 W”. For especially large lamps and Old Testament incandescent lamps, you can, as now, leave the lowest shelves, near the floor level.And then the buyer will easily find what he is looking for. And do not go over, as now, every shelf and every brand for the type of “energy-saving fluorescent lamp E27 is the cheapest.”And further. A sign of good form is the placement next to the lamps of numerous examples (burning lamps of this type with the signature of all its parameters), as well as empty sockets to check the lamp’s performance. We have such a patron in the hypermarket, usually one per department, we still have to look for it; and burning light bulbs are used, alas, only in the chandeliers sold, but not in the sales department of the bulbs themselves.

Rigid guides for carrying weakly bending lengths

As you know, two- or three-meter skirting boards, the same length of glazing beads, wiring boxes and other long products made of thin plastic, wood, dense rubber significantly bend, loosen, fluctuate when carried manually or in the trunk of a car (top or rear, usually with an exit for its limits).And it terribly interferes with walking / driving. And sometimes it leads to damage to the appearance of the product or to fatal deformations.Therefore, to carry such items, the sales department should offer customers to purchase ,a three-meter thin metal rod – which, with the help of the wires attached to it, can be wrapped in one “bouquet” with semi-flexible skirting boards or boxes.The rod, of course, also bends – but much less than plastic, wood, rubber. And therefore, it makes the transfer of lengths much more convenient, and most importantly, safer for the product and others.

Films and wet wipes on the shelves with dirty goods (gypsum, soil, particle boards)

On shelves with building powders, open particle boards and other goods that get dirty or cling to clothes, it is worth placing large fragments of dense (not torn from heavy weight) film – of course, free of charge, distributing the price among other goods. The client can quickly wrap a bag with construction powder or chipboard edges with such a film.Near gypsum, cement, adhesive mixtures, as well as near garden soils, it is necessary to keep tables for such wrapping. After all, it is inconvenient to wrap a ten-kilogram or thirty-kilogram bag either by weight, or on a trolley or on the floor.In addition, wet wipes must be placed on the shelves with all the dirty goods. Firstly, it is worth placing a reservoir with wet wipes for free distribution – so that customers can immediately wipe dry fingers sprinkled with plaster or cement, as well as wipe the aforementioned wrapping tables every minute.And secondly, a rack with packs of napkins should be here for sale as well – you will see, in this place every second buyer will inevitably acquire napkins so that upon leaving the store, they will thoroughly wipe the characteristic suspension from their hands and face.Well, there is no need to talk about the need for disposable gloves in such departments of the building store.

Samples – “paint” adhesives, construction powders, construction fluids

If colors are used for paints, varnishes, drying oils (and cosmetics) that accurately show the shade and texture of the dried strip of this paint, then why the same service is not available for construction adhesives, putties, cements, gypsum – many of which end up on visible parts of interiors and exteriors?

It is high time to correct this omission!

In addition, varnishes, gloss, primers, wood protective liquids are arranged by brands. And it is necessary – as in the case of light bulbs – by type of product: transparent varnish of any brand separately, primers separately.

Spray test panel

In the spray paint department, it would be worthwhile to have a set of plywood panels for shoppers to sample the spray cans.Disposable “repair film” – on each shelf Here the whole essence of the proposal is obvious from the section heading – and does not even need explanations.

Roulettes on every shelf

On absolutely every shelf of a DIY self-service point of any size – even on shelves with flower pots, lamps, household appliances – there should be room for flexible and rigid rulers, tape measures. This is necessary even when the dimensions of the product are written on the price tag (the experience of any citizen who has done repairs reveals that there will always be a dimension that is not written in the price tag).Roulettes here should, as it were, be sold – but they should not be packed: so that any buyer can use them without purchasing.Roulettes are needed even when the product belongs to the assortment auxiliary for the building store. For example, bottles of household chemicals sometimes turn out to be too high for a customer’s kitchen or bath shelves – but the customer can remember the height of their shelf. So why not give him the opportunity to measure the bottle?By the way, the number of dimensions of large products should be written not only in indistinguishable font on a small price tag, but also stamped in grandiose letters on A4 sheets attached to the shelves with products. And also more often to separate products of the same type with different sizes – on different shelves.

Tables of compatible colors and shades

Finally, to activate cross-selling, post tables of the most successful color and shade combinations throughout your home improvement store (especially in the areas of wallpaper, joiners and doors, floor coverings, various kinds of decor, tiles, curtains and curtains, and so on). Having looked at such a table, a client buying one building element will inevitably think about replacing other obsolete elements “in a matching color” with the first one.